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The best movie so far this summer is not really a film. Jaguar just revealed its new platform to promote the new Jaguar F Type. A 13-minute short film called Desire. It’s not original but it’s still better than GI Joe: Retaliation.

Should you see this new film? Hell yeah you should; it’s awesome. As if you were do something important today. HD version here. If you REALLY don’t know what to do today, here are a few more car movies worth watching.

I know right? Better than Oblivion at least, and it was free. Admit it, you want a Jag now don’t you. No? Let’s try the stunning and seductive music video from Lena Del Ray.

But Jaguar isn’t the first to do this. Back in the early part of this century, BMW released a series of brilliant films starring a then unknown Clive Owens as the ubiquitous “Driver”. The films were simply amazing. Yes, they were shameless promotion devices to sell their products but they featured big name stars, most notably Madonna.

As directed by her then husband Guy Ritchie, and it showed all three of them had a sense of humor. At least two of them still do.

Which brings me to the second brilliance behind the BMW “The Hire” films were high powered directors. My favorite of the series being this masterpiece from Kar Wai Wong, not because it’s a great car chase but because it is visually stunning and the story is sensual.

As you have no doubt guessed I am huge fan of the series. Originally it was released on the internet only. After the hype, the BMW Owners circle would send you a free DVD simply by typing in the VIN of your BMW.

Mine was en route the first week it was available and I subjected many a house-guest to the finer points of Clive’s chase scene in “Chosen’ via Dolby 5.1 surround.

The second “season” was centered exclusively on the newly released BMW Z4. I loved this one directed by Joe Carnahan called “Ticker” with Don Cheadle.

Later, Joe would bring us “The A-Team” and “Smokin Aces.”

This second series was produced by Ridley Scott, and he even directed a few. Which wraps this bit into a nice package, because this new short film, Desire, is also a Ridley Scott Associates Film. So original idea? Not at all. Entertaining? Certainly.

“There is always something waiting at the end of the road, if you’re not willing to see what it is, you probably shouldn’t be out there in the first place.”

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10 Comments on “Sunday At The Drive-In...”

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    These BMW films are awesome. I remember paying $3-$4 for BMW to send me the DVD when they were still selling them. Other than the films you already listed here, there are also ones made by John Frankenheimer, John Woo, Alejandro Gonzalez Innraritu, and Tony Scott. Great package of entertainment! And this was the series of films that almost made Clive Owen the next James Bond over Daniel Craig – had Owen accepted the role when it was offered to him.

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    I didn’t like the Jag film. 13 minutes of tedium with no payoff. He didn’t even get the girl for God’s sake.

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      I thought it was fun.

      It played on a lot of cliches and California-isms.

      My 3-year old son is into fast cars and has a flair for emotional drama, so I’ll have to show it to him later.

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    These thematic ad campaigns always seem to strike a chord in the populace. Why local dealers stick with price-focused sales techniques is puzzling. There is a small town dealer here in our area that uses the “trunk monkey’ gimmick without ever mentioning price. I believe their “Q” rating with the public is equal with the local fourth-generation family owned group that airs something hourly. Whether it has translated to a higher sales volume is another story. Creativity is not automatically rewarded. But, I applaud any manufacturer that tries something new, especially when they submit their oversight to the artists, not the suits.

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    Lana Del Rey.

    I approve

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    All I could think of while watching this is what’s wrong with the Jag that it can’t lose that old Caddy?

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      That was brilliant! I was always surprised that BMW didn’t follow up with more shorts after the 2 series got such word of mouth or that another company didn’t try something similar. It’s nice that Jag has followed finally.

      Sgt, did you not watch the movie? He wasn’t trying to get away. And M3? He got what he came for. It wasn’t the girl.

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        Did I watch the Movie? I started it but didn’t finish. Sometimes if I don’t buy a premise I can’t follow the story. New Jag couldn’t ditch the maybe as much as 30-year-old Caddy, so I lost interest. Similarly, the movie “Great Balls of Fire.” Never watched it because it was rated PG 13. I figured how accurate could that movie be about the life of Jerry Lee Lewis if it was rated PG-13, so I didn’t watch it.

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    “BMW released a series of brilliant films starring a then unknown Clive Owens as the ubiquitous “Driver”.”

    Owen with no S. If you were British, he was well-known well before that. However, internationally, it probably took Croupier in the late 90s to make him known. It was more of an art-house flick, so lower circulation. He wasn’t Academy Award-eligible for a technical reason — something about it being on TV in certain countries, IIRC.

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    I forgot how much fun the Guy Ritchie short was.

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