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Andrew Lok, a.k.a. contestant #28, won the Thursday round of the TTAC Future Writers Week by a wide margin. His epos on stolen GPS machines, and his pilgrimage to the Valhalla of Speed, the Nürburgring der Niebelongen, received 45 percent of all votes on Thursday.  In the following week, when the full results of TTAC’s Future Writers Week were published, Lok was gone.

Instead of Lok, William Simonsick found himself standing on the podium. His treatise on the demographic stereotypes for Subaru buyers, with a focus on the People’s Republic of Boulder, originally had deposited him far back in the pile on place 5 when all the votes were counted. A few days later,  Simonsick suddenly was the cat’s meow. Scandal!

“Statistical abuse at its worst,” barked TTAC watchdog Pch101, who called  for a public hanging of the responsible. “Toad” APaGttH said this is “undoubtedly a case of severe bias.” Actually, nobody had noticed. Except Wild Bill Simonsick, perhaps, but he kept his own counsel, a retired professor of the Marquette Law School.

Today, we received an email.

“I got hosed!” writes Andrew Lok, “I won the Wednesday round and didn’t make it to the final assignment. What happened?” We immediately started an investigation, and determined that due to my stupidity a computer error, Lok was falsely dropped, and Simonsick was falsely named as a winner, along with a general jumble of the Thursday results.

Having already crowned Simonsick, we don’t want to send him back to the ranks of the unloved. Therefore, William Simonsick becomes Editor’s Chocie #2. He will cover demographics in Boulder for TTAC.

Here is the corrected and hopefully definitive listing:

TTAC’s Future Writers
Name Contestant Ranked Day
Michael Trainor 4 1 Monday
George William Herbert 7 2 Monday
Grant Tillery 1 3 Monday
Matthias Dean-Carpentier 20 1 Wednesday
Andrew Nevick 16 2 Wednesday
Evan Reisner 19 3 Wednesday
Andrew Lok 28 1 Thursday
Matt Oppen 22 2 Thursday
Sean Scoggins 24 3 Thursday
Jeremiah Cayce 32 1 Friday
Jeff Snavely 35 2 Friday
Thomas M Kreutzer 29 3 Friday
Keith Kostecke 39 1 Saturday
Derek Young 41 2 Saturday
Michael Stephenson 36 3 Saturday
Billy Pollock 49 1 Sunday
Dan Reitman 46 2 Sunday
Matt Horsfield 48 3 Sunday
Editors’ Choice
David Hester 31 3 Friday
William Simonsick 23 5 Thursday

PS: Andrew nearly caused me a heart attack. After his email, I immediately raced to the Wednesday round which Andrew said he had won. Neither Andrew‘s nor Bill’s names could be found. I feared total data corruption, Chinese hackers, or worse. Turned out that good Andrew also isn’t perfect either. It was the Thursday round.

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