Topless Golf R Cabrio Pulls Her Tops Off

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
topless golf r cabrio pulls her tops off

For those who want a topless car that can render passengerettes truly topless, Volkswagen introduces the Golf R Cabriolet. The über-powered R models never were available as a ragtop, no it is. “Tremendous propulsive power” (so the press release) is generated by a 2.0-litre turbo TSI engine that develops 265hp. Maximum torque of 350NM (258 ft lb) is available from a low 2,500 rpm all the way to 5,000 rpm.

The car reaches 100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds. The car’s top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h, but your friendly Volkswagen Partner can probably be talked into talking care of that detail. The 6-speed DSG promises to shift quickly and without any interruptions in power transfer.

Even the soft top is fast: The electro-hydraulic mechanism that opens the roof in 9.0 seconds.

Careful: Like the 2012 Golf Cabriolet, the Golf R Cabriolet is based on the Golf Mk6, not on the new Mk7. Car & Driver was perplexed to learn that the Cabriolet “is based on the current Golf MkVI and arrives curiously late.”

C&D: Since I have known the Golf, and that’s a very long time, the open top version always extended the life-span of the previous generation, so to speak. The first Golf Cabriolet, launched in 1979, based on the Mk1, extended the life of the old generation through 1993. The generation before the current Cabrio was based on the venerable Golf Mk3.In observance of the tradition, the current Golf Cabriolet recycles previous-gen stampings.

The über-powered Golf R Cabriolet will cost 43,325 euros (58,000) in Germany.

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  • Durishin Durishin on Feb 11, 2013

    Meh! They'll make a BRZ convertible and everyone will forget about this.

  • Steve65 Steve65 on Feb 11, 2013

    Funny, when I type "topless Golf" into a google image search, I don't get many pictures of this car...

  • Ajla "a brake upgrade"Unless you are racing it I doubt that is needed. Stopping from 85mph with 700hp isn't much more taxing than stopping from 85mph with 400hp. And the F-150's brakes are already capable of stopping with a 9000lb trailer.
  • MaintenanceCosts Great, a clumsy truck that can go faster without any commensurate upgrades in stopping or turning ability. I'll look out for these in a ditch near me in the near future.
  • SCE to AUX I'm sure everything aft of the flywheel is up for the challenge.
  • Lou_BC this link shows number of units waiting to be sold: are 7630 Renegades rusting on dealer lots. 7 of the 9 on the list are Stellantis products. The Chevy 4500 chassis cab high inventory reflects what I see in my world. Ford and Ram have the chassis cab market well in hand.
  • MaintenanceCosts We need a system to get unsafe hoopties off the road. But the existing state inspection systems relying on corruptible private garages ain't it. It needs to be federally overseen, consistent, and cheap.