NAIAS 2013: LEAKED – Say Hello To The 'Urban SUV Concept', Honda's New Juke

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
naias 2013 leaked say hello to the urban suv concept honda s new juke

The more they try to stop people from talking, the more people want to talk.

These are the leaked images of the new Honda ‘Urban SUV Concept’. Think of it as what a CR-V used to be, but for a new generation of buyers.

After Nissan’s surprising success with the Joke Puke Juke, Honda is getting into the ‘awkward looking, car-based SUV with a tiny engine’ niche everyone seems to be shopping in these days.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait for more details, if you are remotely interested.

What do you think, B&B?

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  • Polar Bear Polar Bear on Jan 15, 2013

    The Toyota Urban Cruiser is in this segment in Europe, a B-size crossover. I rented a diesel one for a week and drove it 1.000 km. It was surprisingly competent for such a small car, the handling and the high seating position making it feel bigger and more stable than I had expected. Sure, it was narrow and short and the interior was grim plastic. But I found myself liking that small crossover. For a Toyota it had personality, and the 1.4 diesel went uphill like a rocket at 2000 rpm. In Asia, the Toyota Rush/Daihatsu Terios is popular in this segment. It makes sense for Honda to introduce a similar model. Like the Urban Cruiser, I imagine this Honda can be a fun city car, with good visibility and being easy to park. I see a winner here. The key to this segment is low price, but don't give it an un-Honda slow engine please.

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    • Polar Bear Polar Bear on Jan 15, 2013

      @Squares Yes, I knew there was a Scion sister version, but since I haven't been to the US for years I have not seen it. I think a big part of the charm of my rental Urban Cruiser was the pleasing torque of the diesel engine. All that pulling power at low rpm made it easy to drive. Stay between 1500 and 2000 rpm and keep going. And being in Europe, this car was a manual. Driving the rental I was thinking I could have an Urban Cruiser like this one as my daily driver and be happy with it. This is assuming a car for 1-2 adults and little cargo is all you need for a commuter car. Normally I avoid small cars, as I feel I can't fit inside them, but the hight and the headroom made the Urban Cruiser acceptable. I look forward to seeing if Honda can make a competitor with a nicer interior and a higher fun factor. When the Honda arrives at the dealer and they exhibit it at the local mall I will go have a look, if only to satisfy my curiosity. And if they offer me a test drive it would be rude to refuse, right?

  • Jamez9k Jamez9k on Apr 19, 2013

    Looks much better than the Juke but then again this is a concept. I expect the production version to be ruined with a long overhang, goofy/disproportionate headlights and awkward black plastic triangles ahead of the side mirrors. As ugly as it is, the Juke has one thing going for it ; a decent engine. I fear Honda may pull another CR-Z with this one. Let's hope it at least gets the Civic engine.

  • Inside Looking Out The next 4Runner will be BEV.
  • The Oracle This is a proper Italian red sauce turd.
  • Carson D This isn't a notice of a wait time for 4Runner fans. This is a deadline for the opportunity to buy one new before they're gone. Whatever comes next, there is no possible way that it will be as good at doing 4Runner things as what is available today.
  • Bkojote There's a lot "just right" with the current 4Runner, and having spent time in more contemporary equivalents for road trips, I completely understand why they sell a ton of these.Here's some topics that aren't super common among 4runner owners - excessive carbon buildup in the engine after 40,000 miles (Audi/VW), bent valves (Bronco) , failed oil coolers (Jeep), cracked engine blocks (Jeep), dead vehicles from OTA updates (Chevy Colorado), being stranded due to opening the door too many times (Defender), malfunctioning engine sensors (Defender, VW), dead batteries due to electrical system malfunctions (Jeep), unusable defoggers (Jeep), waiting for seat heaters to boot up (Subaru), randomly catching fire (Kia/Hyundai), crappy build quality (Ford, Tesla).The interior feels solid and rattle free, and everything feels substantial in the way a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Kia Telluride does not. 14 year run means accessories are plentiful and well sorted. The control inputs from the radio to heated seats to climate control work better than 99% of the cars you can buy new at this point and are dead simple and ergonomically satisfying. Even dynamically (I drove a model with the KDSS system to be fair) it is a surprisingly composed vehicle on mountain roads- it's far more civilized than a Bronco or Wrangler, and hell, it was far more pleasant than the past two peastant-grade Benz crapmobiles I've been in.So I get it- car journalist rags whine about how overly complicated and tech-heavy modern vehicles are while their substance is cost cut, but here's the literal definition of 'don't fix it if it aint broken.' . It's a trusty Ford Econoline in a world of craptastic Ram ProMasters.
  • Frank Sounds like they dont want to debut it at the same time as the new Land Cruiser, which is probably smart. The new 'runner is ready to go I am told, so there's a reason for this delay.