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… most, if not all of them seem to land in the moderation queue at the moment. This appears to be caused by a computer problem of so far unknown nature, and is not due to some baton-wielding police action.

Our tech  crew is working on it. Please do NOT repost comments if you don’t see them after hitting send. We have them, they just don’t appear on-screen. Hopefully, this will be rectified soon. We will try to release as many as we can by hand.

In the meantime, please enjoy the movie.

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20 Comments on “Your Comments Are Important To Us, But …....”

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    I was wondering why one of my comments went into moderation.

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    Thanks for keeping everyone up to date, nearly in real time, Bertel.

    ‘Tis another change I’ve noticed on TTAC that separates it from the lesser sites out there, and really improves the user experience (especially since I had been wondering why two of my fairly benign comments were put in queue for no apparent reason earlier).

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      This site-to-user interaction is very unusual and much appreciated. Instead of pretending the site isn’t broken for months on end *cough*AB*cough* or just not caring, you guys actually communicate, sometimes on an hourly basis.

      Very refreshing, in a good way.

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      I noticed that there seemed to be some difficulty during hand-offs between data elements loading, in both directions (up and down, during acknowledgements of data elements received), especially when receiving data from ad sites.

      I could get most of ttac data OK but the stuff pulled in from offsites/sponsors/click-revenue seemed to require many retries (from what I was able to see).

      At first I thought my firewall was detecting a problem with data received from ttac but I found nothing in the traps. And I knew it wasn’t my speed, cause I tested it against other sites (MS Essentials updates, Kicking Tires, Autoblog and PUTC.

      I know assuming is a dangerous thing to do, but I was forced to conclude that the problem was actually at the ttac server or in one of their data handlers managing ad-data flow.

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    DC Bruce

    No comment (of course!).

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    What’s the criteria for moderation btw? Would be good to know what we should avoid.

    Edit: Ha, this comment is now awaiting moderation!

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      Off a Cliff

      I believe the criteria are things such as a lot of posts in a short amount of time (spam check), having a new account, and probably other things as well

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        If you drop an F bomb it will flag it.

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        Since it was flagging everything, I availed myself of the opportunity to drop a gratuitous f bomb, and it worked. Strange thing is, that at the time I could see the moderated comment. But now, on checking back, I don’t even see that. Pfooey! (but I really wanted to say something else.)

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    Japanese Buick

    Heh I posted a comment to the Progressive thread about how strongly I recommend my insurance company, I figured it had gone into moderation because it sounded too spammy. Thought maybe my praise was so fulsome as to be suspicious :)

    If it helps debug the problem, I’m seeing something else I’ve never seen before: Every time I comment I get an error “you’re posting comments too quickly, slow down”. I wait a few minutes, resubmit, and it works. It even happened on my first comment of the day so it’s not because I’m actually commenting too fast :)

    Methinks your spam defenses have been turned up to soooper sensitive.

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    I am not even sure if this comment will be published!

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    I see what you mean by moderation. I got put in moderation when I went back corrected is a misspelling.

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    Felis Concolor

    Having had a few comments stuck in moderation for a day or longer, I am not surprised at the occasional long delay between posting and seeing the comment appear, although by then I have often duplicated my prior post.

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    I use Safari on Mac via comcast. I’m not having any problems.
    Oh and Im retired so NSFW is OK with me!! I’m glad there is a younger version of Madona.

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    I came, I saw, I left.

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    geez am i really the first one to comment on the airbags?

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    This is unrelated, but I have never been able to edit my profile. Ever since I registered, every time I try, i get this page:
    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

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    That video is horrible.

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