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Francisco writes:

Dear Sajeev,

Regular reader here. To the matter at hand:

On a recent visit to Mexico, this Mariner was in front of me begging for a bad cellphone pic. Don’t get me wrong, after-market badge-upgraded cars are pretty common there, but this already badge-engineered Ford Explorer (Mercury Mariner – SM) badge-engineered once more to a “Lincoln Mariner 4wd V6” was too ironic to let go. Please note the extra Lincoln badge thrown in for good measure on the dealer license plate cover. Make no mistake, it is a Lincoln.

I assumed that this would bring a smile and a chuckle to an ardent Ford guy like yourself. Hope you enjoy it and keep up the good work!

Best regards from Sweden,

Sajeev answers:

Oh yes! How lovely it is to behold the splendiferousness that is Mexican Ford products. Even if this is a modification done by the owner. Obviously!

Now that Lincoln Mexico has more Lincoln-y products than the USA–dare I admit that I miss the Mark LT, since it was at least RWD with a V8–I’m glad the Lincoln line up expanded to older Mercury vehicles too.  It’s much like the South of the Border Ford’s rebranding of Mercury products like the Ford Grand Marquis…and of course the disturbingly cool Ford Cougar.


Now that’s how you sell a car!

Ford Cougar = RAWR!

Por favor, let this Lincoln-Mercury Fanboi enjoy this moment. POR FAVOR! It’s nice to see that the Lincoln brand is loved enough to be rebranded on large and stately vehicles outside of the US.  And yes, the Mariner is a big time Lincoln-like machine compared to what most people drive down there.  And about the Mexican Mark LT…well, it’s still cooler than spending $60,000 (or whatever) for a Harley Davidson F-150.

And with that, today’s Damning With Faint Praise session ends.



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16 Comments on “Vellum Venom Vignette: Lincoln Mariner (Hecho en Mexico)...”

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    It gets even worse. The Mariner was based on the Escape, not the Explorer.

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    Yea, but the Harley truck comes with the 6.2L (even though towing is limited to 7500lbs). The Lincoln truck is only available with the 5.0L.

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    el scotto

    There was a Mariner setting next to the Escape I bought. I couldn’t justify the money for a little more bling on the Mariner. The Mercury wasn’t really a separate brand, just a trim upgrade.

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      Actually unless you were going for the total stripper model the Mercury would have likely been a better deal since Leather and other items were included as part of the base price. When we bought our Mountaineer it was almost 4K less than a comparably equipped Explorer and they were offering a rebate on the Ford that they weren’t on the Mercury.

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    Mercury to Lincoln badge engineering is tame compared to my high school buddy’s Toyota Starlet R/T, XSC, Brougham.

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    A fun aspect of living in San Diego is that I get to see cars never offered on this side of the border. For instance I saw a Toyota Hiace passenger van yesterday.

    A friend of a friend had the BMW 120i 5-door hatchback in 2004, a few years before the coupe was even offered in America. I saw a 120i last week, still prefer the hatch design!

    Not uncommon to see Peugeot’s, Renault’s and of course all types of other vehicles from manufacturers that are not offered in the states. So close but so far!

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    “Now that Lincoln Mexico has more Lincoln-y products than the USA…”

    How do you figure? I see five in each country — Mexico gains the Mark LT, but loses the MKT.

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    I want that Mark LT! Well, just the hood/grille…I’d slap that on the F150. I’ve seen a few previous Mark LT grilles slapped on single cab or extended cab F150s…

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    That ad is so freakin’ sweet.

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    Definitely an owner or dealer badge job. It still has the Mercury “M” badge. The Mexican market Mercuries carried the proper Ford Oval despite every thing else being the Mercury specific parts as seen in the US. The Canadians, since they lost Mercury years before the US, also sold the Ford Grand Marquis after the retail Crown Victoria went away in the US.

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