F.A. Porsche

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
f a porsche

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the designer of the Porsche 911, died today in Salzburg.

His parents called him “Butzi.” Amongst his colleagues, the son of „Ferry“ Porsche was known as “F.A. Porsche.” He left Porsche in 1972 to start Porsche Design, a company that created watches, pens, lighters and a multitude of other products.

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  • Vap65689119 Nice car, I think I'd rather have an SC430
  • Theflyersfan They might not be convertible friendly, but if they work on getting the last of the winter crud off of the car during the first spring wash, it's worth its weight in gold. So many of the self-serve car washes seem to have some kind of mechanical problem with one of the nozzles, or out of some chemicals - want to do that at home.
  • Bill Wade It's worked perfectly for me. Google maps is quite good and music streaming is flawless.
  • TheEndlessEnigma How much is TTAC getting from the Amazon referral links? Once again, nice ads camouflaged as an article.
  • Prabirmehta Great review! Brought back memories of my 2005 Z4 - loved it! I recently drove the 2023 Z4 and it felt similar in many ways to my 2005 (despite the much nicer and updated interior). Now your review has me rethinking whether to buy another one? :)