A Second Look At Bill Caswell

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
a second look at bill caswell

Bill Caswell, of the $500 Rally E30 fame, may not have “ beat $400k rally racers” as Jalopnik’s headline, but the original feature by Sam Smith is definitely one of the “classics” of automotive journalism. Sam’s look at Mr. Caswell and his efforts at rallying now have an equally important corollary – an interview with the man himself, conducted by a journalist who is no stranger to rally racing.

Brian Driggs at Gearbox Magazine is no stranger to the US Rally scene, and has a 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (or three) to help enable his addiction. Driggs sat down with Caswell for a pretty lengthy interview that delves in to Caswell’s background as an investment banker (selling Mortgage Backed Securities – yes, the ones at the heart of the financial crisis), his segue into auto racing and what the future holds for himself and his motorsports efforts. Take a look at another example of good journalism on this Good Friday.

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  • Faygo Faygo on Apr 06, 2012

    I've always found the level of slavish love for Caswell and his "$500" car exploits on the part of Jalopnik to be more than a bit immature, trending to completely blinded by man-love. I knew he'd made his money in banking of some sort (and or from family wealth) and was the farthest thing from the motorsports Robin Hood he was made out to be, the fact that it's in the less seemly side of that industry is something else entirely. article seems to be down at the moment, will be interested to see what it has to say.

  • DR1665 DR1665 on Apr 06, 2012

    Of COURSE something would go awry with the hosting the day I get a link from TTAC. I hastily activated a CDN from my phone and it looks like it resulted in all kinds of redirects. Deactivated it. Site seems to be working now. Sorry about that. Appreciate the kind words, Derek. Coming from you, they mean a lot.

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    • DR1665 DR1665 on Apr 10, 2012

      @Alex French Thank you for the kind words, Alex. Really appreciate them. TTAC is indeed the trusted source of industry news. If I catch word of a story possibly affecting the enthusiast/aftermarket scene, this is pretty much my first stop for the unbiased truth on the matter. Very short list. (Plus, I kinda look up to Baruth and Kreindler. One knows how to drive. The other knows how to dress. Both know how to write.)