The Greatest- and Sexiest- Car Ad of All Time: 1980 Black Gold Datsun 280ZX!

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
the greatest and sexiest car ad of all time 1980 black gold datsun 280zx

The latest crop of Super Bowl car ads boasted some high-production-value salaciousness, but no car advertisement will ever come close to the perfection of the Quaaludes-and-disco Black Gold Man and Black Gold Woman and their gorgeous 10th Anniversary Edition 280ZX. Yes, many of you have seen this ad before, but I will not rest until all have experienced Black Gold (plus I’ve included a few Bonus Sexy Malaise Era car ads after the jump).

The only 10th Anniversary Edition Black Gold 280ZX I’ve ever seen in person was about to get crushed, and I was still in junior high when this car was new, but I still crave a car so lavishly appointed that there are virtually no options. Driven to the ultimate!

A few years before there was Black Gold, there was a very slinky Farrah Fawcett and her pet cougar taking her ’75 Cougar XR-7 to the beach. Glove-soft vinyl on deeply padded bucket seats! Poised opera window!

For ’78, the Cougar had Cheryl Tiegs in her padded-tire-deck-equipped XR-7… and an appropriately disco soundtrack.

The competition sort of gave up, once Black Gold Man and Black Gold Woman roared into a Martian sunset in their 280ZX; here’s the ’81 Mustang and its white-powder-fueled 90-pound driver heading to the disco.

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  • Parkwood60 Parkwood60 on Feb 08, 2012

    Wait a second, they took all the instruments, and put them in a cluster?!?! Genius!

  • Obbop Obbop on Feb 08, 2012

    Around 1975 or so disco descended upon the USA landscape and the format change among so many FM radio stations was all-too-obvious. Many of the warship's crew lamented the change and cassette tapes became increasingly popular and communal vinyl record "burns" were conducted across the USA instigated by still-rockin' FM stations and other sundry groups. Not that rock-n-roll "died" but disco was rather intrusive. A cultural change was also occurring; from the quasi-unique late 60s and early 70s "radicalism" to a new fun-seeking climate. Underground newspapers disappeared. Some head shops closed. Various changes. Many historians believe the end of the military draft was a BIG cultural changer within the USA and I, the Disgruntled One, agrees. Of course, one's geo-cultural-political location within the USA was mightily influential. The kin within rural Nebraska still existed at what many would consider a pert-near pre-industrial era. Those of us floating across the heaving seas were well-aware that the Cold War was still ongoing despite the lack of so many mostly-minor events receiving little to no media coverage in the "real world." Crazy times, kids.

  • HenryHill HenryHill on Mar 09, 2012

    i got a nosebleed just watching these videos.

  • La834 La834 on Jan 26, 2017

    Is that an arm or a leg alongside the 280ZX passenger seat near the end?