Junkyard Find, Part II: 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find part ii 1975 chevrolet cosworth vega

After seeing today’s Junkyard Find ’75 Vega, the members of the Vega Jihad are doubtless pounding out 10,000-word screeds about The Greatest Car Ever Made (never underestimate the suspension of disbelief required to be a member of the Vega Jihad), and I’m sure that the Cosworth Vega will be mentioned numerous times during said screeds. That’s why it’s fortunate that I have a bonus Junkyard Find today, a genuine, one-of-3,508-made junked Cosworth Vega, which TTAC reader and historically accurate 80s minitruck road racer Jesse Cortez found and photographed at a Northern California wrecking yard.

This Cosworth Vega’s engine was spun a little too enthusiastically, which sent a rod through the side of the block.

However, it comes with a couple of spare blocks and heads. Maybe they’re good!

With its Cosworth-designed cylinder head and fuel injection, the 2,400-pound Cosworth Vega had 110 horsepower under the hood. Compare that to the 75 horses of the base Vega.

I haven’t seen a Cosworth Vega in person since the mid-1980s; most got used up and discarded.

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  • MRF 95 T-Bird MRF 95 T-Bird on Feb 18, 2012

    Vega-victim of the tyranny of the bean counter. Back in the 70's I knew a bunch of people who bought these, mainly used. Same issues on all cooling problems head gaskets, bodies that rotted because they were never dipped or used galvanized steel. It was a shame GM did not just use its small car technology from overseas Opel, Vauxhall and Holden which was far better.

  • Golf25Radioman Golf25Radioman on Jan 17, 2015

    Where is this car located? I must have missed that.

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