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Apparently, some communists freedom haters blue-state-residents people partial to Ford trucks are pissing and moaning over a pretty tame Chevrolet Truck spot that aired during the Super Bowl. I thought it was a dumb ad by GM, both in terms of content and because nothing can ever top the “Like A Rock” ads that aired during TNN’s Saturday Morning Powerblock Television lineup of Car and Driver TV and the other shows about decimating wild turkeys with shotguns.

Turns out Ford made an ad back in the 1980’s that’s pretty vulgar and offensive to Chevrolet trucks. The ad was dug up by our own resident Panther-lover, Sajeev Mehta. You can check it out below – it’s pretty funny, but still lacks the rah-rah post-Reagan jingoism of the 1990s “Like A Rock” campaign. And just to pre-empt any pinko Canuck remarks in the comments, the F-Series is the best selling vehicle up here too, even with higher gas prices.

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39 Comments on “Ford’s Own Offensive Pickup Truck Ad Is A Retrograde Reply To Chevy Superbowl Spot...”

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    ‘Shittiest; pissing and moaning’ Derek – would you like someone to send you a vocabulary list?… You’re out of middle school now.

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    Derek…..Did we ever point out to our American friends,that the powers to be won’t let us watch the American ads. Our cable company switchs us to the local signal,complete with the Canuck aproved politically correct, boring ads.

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      I always liked Canadian ad rules. They’re funny. Like how you can’t have people drinking beer in a beer commercial, or how in drug ads you can say either what the product does, or it’s name, but not both.

      That said, I suppose this spares us the legion of drug ads that Americans are subject to. Geeze, Americans are an ill bunch.

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      I thought Canadians near the border could fudge things by usingUS equipment with a US address. Has this tactic been completely thwarted by embedded GPS chips?

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    I, too, thought the ad was pretty lame, but I’m not a truck guy so go figure.

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      Sorry, this was meant as a reply to “Mikey”

      To avoid unnecessary advertising…

      The satellite provider that’s owned by the cable company out west (not the one owned by the phone company in the east) let’s you watch the real feed (with real commercials) if it’s on a US station.

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    The GM ad was crappy but had the desired effect: It got Ford whining like a sore loser and this generated a lot of press about the commercial. It was a dick move but when you’re selling trucks, anything that appeals to alphas and (more importantly) wannabe alphas is a win.

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      Oren Weizman

      Like a rock … Ohohoooo like a rock

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      Wannabe alphas describes most of the “Cowboy Cadillac” owners that I know.

      You are 100% right. The Chevy ad was so stupid, it shouldn’t be dignified with any kind of response. Ford needs to STFU.

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      Commercials like these exist to make sure those who feel small and unimportant know which vehicle to buy. Based on the number of ridiculous lift kits I see on late model pick-ups, I assume there is a large population of omega males who are apparently outranked in society by five year old girls, universal remotes and one gallon milk jugs full of used motor oil.

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    Ford must’ve been on a roll. This video won’t load for me, but did it air in 1986, by any chance? That was the year of the infamous “Valet” ad that mocked GM’s look-alike FWD flagships:

    Youtube: watch?v=w_v1onUZ8r8

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    “because nothing can ever top the “Like A Rock” ads that aired during TNN’s Saturday Morning Powerblock Television lineup…”

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, the only reason the 80’s ads were better is because, most likely, you were young. To me, the best ads were Dinah Shore driving a nice Chevy across the Golden Gate Bridge. Why? Because I was young – and she was beautiful, to boot! I also watched Bonanza too. Disney stunk…Why? Because Mickey and the gang couldn’t and still can’t hold a candle to Bugs and the gang over at Warner Brothers! Now there’s a subject that’ll generate genuine interest!

    TNN who?

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      I’m still a young dude and I don’t know about many of the things you wrote about, but I absolutely agree about the Warner Brothers cartoons. They’re funny when a person is a kid for one reason, but they’re funny when a person is an adult for a completely different reason. I used to be able to watch those cartoons all the time; now the airwaves are full of a bunch of garbage that gives me a headache.

      Is it true that many of the old Warner Brothers cartoons were pulled from daytime time slots, fairly recently (I remember watching them as recently as 13-15 years ago), because they were considered too violent for the current crop of young people? I think I’d heard that somewhere, but can’t remember.

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        I believe that’s correct. The Looney Tunes were meant for the movie theater – that’s where they were initially shown. They were all over the television airwaves like a cheap suit when I was a kid. In fact, the Bugs Bunny-Roadrunner Hour on Saturday mornings was the best reason to get up!

        They show up on Turner Classic every once in a while.

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        Warner Brothers theatrical cartoons (1930-63) were made for a mass audience, never just for kids.

        Many have been re-edited or pulled off TV entirely.

        Just get the DVD series instead, where they’re in their original theatrical glory…except the ones where the original titles were replaced with “Blue Ribbon” ones for theatrical re-release.

        Hopefully they’ll all wind up on DVD before I die…

        I remember as a kid in the 60’s Chevrolet TV ads well and truly sucked. Ford had some cool campaigns and Dodge/Plymouth tapped pop culture better than any of them, turning hits by Sonny & Cher, Dionne Warwick, Spanky & Our Gang and others into jingles. Voila! “Do You Know The Way To San Jose” becomes “Dodge is turning up the fever NOW!” And then there was VW…classic stuff. Even AMC had better ads than Chevy.

        I’d read over on Ate Up With Motor that much of Chevrolet’s ad budget in the late 60’s was funneled off to “side projects for division management”…and was among the most ineffective in the industry. Guess you can do stuff like that when one out of every four new cars sold bears your Bowtie and the biggest worry your corporate overlords have is arousing the ire of Mr. Sherman’s anti-trust act.

        In the 80’s, “Heartbeat of America” and “Like A Rock” were great campaigns, too bad so many of the cars “Heartbeat” was attached to were, in my opinion, craptastic. (B, F and G-bodies…and ‘Vettes notwithstanding)

        At least the trucks/SUVs were better built.

        It’s good to finally see some imagination and mojo from Chevy advertising…with the product to back it up. I thought “2012” was a hoot, right down to the Twinkies and cheesy Barry Manilow soundtrack. An obviously tongue-in-cheek approach to the Chevy “Longest-Lasting” branding message…one that Ford helped drive with their whining over it.

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        Don’t forget the Dodge Rebellion (1966-67) and Dodge Fever (1968-69) campaigns. The Dodge Rebellion television ads featured blond Pam Austin, while the Dodge Fever ads featured brunette Joan Anita Parker.

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        Classic Sesame Street episodes now come with a warning scroll. It warns viewers about Stranger Danger and the horrors of Going Outside Alone.

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    Agree with you, I thought the ad was lame & goofy. Nevertheless, the sniping at each other by Chevrolet & Ford has been going on for decades.

    Back in 1969, Chevrolet ran a TV ad for its truck (C-10?) where a pitchman exaults the virtues of the new Chevy truck and then tells the audience to go check it out at your nearest Chevy dealer and tell the salesman that, “Ford sent you.”

    I wish I could find it on Youtube or someplace similar; it obviously made an impression on me if I still remember it after all of these years. It’s all pretty harmless.

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    The F-Series may be the best selling vehicle up here in Canuckistan, but let’s not use this fact to obscure our pinko tendencies. We all know there are still at least ten functional Lada Nivas crawling the back roads of our great nation. On a quiet day in Kandahar (Saskatchewan) I’ll bet you can still hear the mournful call of a Soviet transfer case. While our American friends chew on this little nugget of reality I’m off to spit shine the tires on my collective’s Lada Samara.

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    “Dave didn’t drive the longest lasting most dependable pick up truck on the road”
    With a lame line like that it’s got to be tongue and cheek response to Ford, they should lighten up.

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    Can anyone post a link to the ad since I can’t see it.

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    Carlson Fan

    I drive a GMC PU and I think it was kinda lame. Everytime I see the current F150 I can’t get over how bad Ford “F”‘d up the styling on that tank. It was a pretty decent looking truck. Of course it still sells like hotcakes so I guess people want the Mack truck styling. Paint it orange, fill it with shovels and brooms, and put DOT on the side of it!….LOL

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    I was looking for the disclaimer at the bottom, in a nice small font: ‘Do not attempt. Professional drivers on a closed course. Your tax dollars at work’.

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    Perhaps Chevy is still sore about a Ford ad I remember seeing in the 90’s: A Chevy tries and fails to pull a boat up a ramp before rolling back into the drink. Two observers comment “I can’t believe how fast it sank!” “Like a rock!”
    I’d love to see that one again.

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    John Horner

    Lighten up Ford Fans. I thought that Chevy ad was an over the top riot. I doubt anyone is going to actually buy a Chevy instead of a Ford so that they have a better chance of surviving an alien invasion apocalypse (complete with a crashed Star Trek Enterprise!)

    It was creative, fun and attention getting without once suggesting anyone was going to have more, better or different sex thanks to their choice of truck!

    I’m sure Chevy isn’t going to build an ad campaign out of this piece. I think it was just a fun one time tweak of Ford’s nose.

    If Ford Fans are angry about it, then it worked!

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    Twinkies for the win!!!

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    What about the Sheriff from the Dodge commercials back in the 60’s-70’s, he was in 2 James Bond films – Live and Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun. Cool guy!

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