Super Piston Slap: A Love Supreme, A Traveling DashMat

Sajeev Mehta
by Sajeev Mehta
super piston slap a love supreme a traveling dashmat

TTAC Commentator supremebrougham writes:

Hey Sajeev…

I just got done reading the Ranger piece on TTAC, and I decided that I want to ask you something. A few months ago I lost my Father, and last week my Mom gave me his ’03 Ranger to use as a trade for a new Escape.

I kept the DashMat out of it. Dad got it for the 1995 Explorer we had way back when, so it’s of much better quality than anything you can get today. It’s light grey and looks like new. Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of the Explorer handy, but I’ll include one of the Ranger, and the new Escape I traded it in on.

I really don’t have a need for it anymore, so I thought I would see if it would be of use to you. After much thought, I figure if anyone would take care of it and appreciate it, it would be you.

Sajeev answers:

I am not a big fan of DashMats, and (after purchasing embroidered, super thick, NOS Ranger floormats for cheap on eBay) I learned that the older gray is a lighter hue than the 2006-2011 models. (See photo above for proof.) But I would still love to have my Ranger wear it during the winter months, when I’d park in the sun (sans windshield reflector) for the greenhouse effect, but would prefer to not make my dashboard to pay the price. Plus, I can’t resist a part with a good story behind it.

Tell me more!

Supremebrougham writes:

Dad’s truck story isn’t all that remarkable in and of itself. He was just one of those people that couldn’t stand not having a truck of some sort in the family.

Even though we lived in central Florida, he just had to have something with four wheel drive. In 1994 my parents bought one of the new Windstars for our family car. It was pretty nice, but the new 1995 Explorers were out, and he kept talking about them. So, in December of ’95, he traded the Windstar for a rather nice left over Explorer XLT, black over grey with the Premium Cloth interior. (those sport buckets were amazing! Maybe the best seats in any Ford branded vehicle!– SM)

He and my mom both loved that thing, so much that when it was time to replace dad’s 1990 Nissan 4×4, he bought a new 1998 Ranger XLT Supercab 4×4 in Autumn Orange. It was a looker and he really liked it, until he realized that he couldn’t haul much in it, it had the flairside bed. So after roughly six months or so it got traded for a slightly used 1998 F-150.

I finally convinced Dad that we didn’t need 4wd, and he agreed. Ironically that fall we moved to Northern Michigan, so it got traded for a new Silverado 2500 4×4. A week later the Explorer was traded for a new 2000 Taurus SEL. After the Silverado came yet another F-150, a 2002 model. He liked that one, but when the gas started getting crazy in 2004 it got traded for a Subaru Outback.

Soon after that his truck lust kicked in and he sent me to pick out a truck. I brought home for him to see a 2003 Ranger XLT FX4. He liked it and mom’s Taurus got traded for it. He was happy-somewhat, as he decided he no longer liked the Subie. So off it went in exchange for a 2005 Mercury Sable LS, which my mom still has. It’s been quite a ride around my house, so to speak!

Dad and I didn’t have a whole lot in common, but we enjoyed cars, and spent a lot of time looking and talking about them together. We had fun together. I miss him.

Sajeev answers:

I received the DashMat and it fits like a glove! My Ranger will be shuttling me to and from the airport for the next month, so I know the DashMat will get a good workout in the long-term parking lot. :)

Supremebrougham answers:

I’m glad to hear that it made it safe! Thanks for taking care of it for my Dad; I’m sure he’d be glad to know it went to a good home.

Sajeev answers:

I will try to get you some PR-sourced Ford swag for your generosity, obviously nothing Ranger related as that rig has finished its course. But maybe they got some soon-to-be-expired Escape crap lying around up in Dearborn…(cough)

One last remark: someone out there in Ranger Land would appreciate this DashMat more than yours truly, so I will give it to someone that appreciates it…if there’s a convincing reason given to the email addy below. If not, I will add it to my cache of Ranger parts as I modify and tune this wee-beasty in the future. Considering the truck and its owner…it shall be a long, long relationship.

Send your queries to . Spare no details and ask for a speedy resolution if you’re in a hurry.

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  • Wheeljack Wheeljack on Jan 19, 2012

    "those sport buckets were amazing! Maybe the best seats in any Ford branded vehicle!" You my friend have never experienced the glory of the Merkur Scorpio bucket seat. Supple Connolly hides, just the right amount of bolstering and plenty of plus-padding = supreme comfort. Closest thing I ever experienced in a Ford product were the Mark VIII LSC seats used the last couple of years they were made.

  • Texan01 Texan01 on Jan 20, 2012

    You are right on the Explorer buckets. My '95 XLT will provide me with 12-13 hours and 800 miles of driving without feeling tired or fatigued. Unlike the park bench in my Chevelle, but that could be that the springs are gone and the seats are worn out. .

  • Redapple2 Cadillac and racing. Boy those 2 go together dont they? What a joke. Up there with opening a coffee shop in NYC. EvilGM be clowning. Again.
  • Jbltg Rear bench seat does not match the front buckets. What's up?
  • Theflyersfan The two Louisville truck plants are still operating, but not sure for how much longer. I have a couple of friends who work at a manufacturing company in town that makes cooling systems for the trucks built here. And they are on pins and needles wondering if or when they get the call to not go back to work because there are no trucks being made. That's what drives me up the wall with these strikes. The auto workers still get a minimum amount of pay even while striking, but the massive support staff that builds components, staffs temp workers, runs the logistics, etc, ends up with nothing except the bare hope that the state's crippled unemployment system can help them keep afloat. In a city where shipping (UPS central hub and they almost went on strike on August 1) and heavy manufacturing (GE Appliance Park and the Ford plants) keeps tens of thousands of people employed, plus the support companies, any prolonged shutdown is a total disaster for the city as well. UAW members - you're not getting a 38% raise right away. That just doesn't happen. Start a little lower and end this. And then you can fight the good fight against the corner office staff who make millions for being in meetings all day.
  • Dusterdude The "fire them all" is looking a little less unreasonable the longer the union sticks to the totally ridiculous demands ( or maybe the members should fire theit leadership ! )
  • Thehyundaigarage Yes, Canadian market vehicles have had immobilizers mandated by transport Canada since around 2001.In the US market, some key start Toyotas and Nissans still don’t have immobilizers. The US doesn’t mandate immobilizers or daytime running lights, but they mandate TPMS, yet canada mandates both, but couldn’t care less about TPMS. You’d think we’d have universal standards in North America.