NAIAS 2012: Hyundai Veloster Turbo And Genesis Coupe

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
naias 2012 hyundai veloster turbo and genesis coupe

With spotty Internet coverage at Cobo, some of the photographs and stories created for TTAC’s readers during the day are just now making it our desk. So, here are some comments on the Veloster Turbo and Genesis Coupe from Speed:Sport:Life’s Byron Hurd:


To be honest, I had to remind myself more than once leading up to the conferences today what Hyundai actually had in store for us, and given the no-brainer that is the Veloster Turbo and the long lead on the mid-cycle refresh of the Genesis Coupe, can you blame me? In the mind of many enthusiasts, these cars already existed. We just needed Hyundai to validate that for us. And that they have.

The Veloster comes exactly as-expected. The 1.6L 4-cylinder engine in the base car gets a simple, non-sequential, single-vane turbocharger that bumps the horsepower from an unremarkable 138 to a healthy 201. From my experience in the NA model, more power will cure a great deal of its problems, but the key difference between the Veloster and Hyundai’s claimed competition is in the handling. While they’ve come a long way in ride quality, the chassis is only about 80% there. There’s only so much Hyundai can do with a twist-beam rear end, so I’m curious to get behind the wheel of the boosted version and see if they’ve buttoned it down to boot.

Hyundai also insists that the matte finish on the show car will be available on the production model, and for a “reasonable” price. What’s reasonable to you or me may not be such to a Hyundai buyer, so I suppose that remains to be seen as well.

Gen Coupe:

As for the Genesis Coupe, this refresh was a long time comin’. The base model gains a twin-scroll turbocharger and 64 horses, for a grand total of 274. Not to be outdone, the the V6 model adds direct injection to the list of the 3.8L’s tech specs, and between that and some additional tuning, now has 348hp (previously 306). Even without any chassis or transmission updates (Cliff’s notes on the press release: there are revisions), this should be enough to trounce a 370Z (don’t even ask about a G37) and put the V6 Mustang back in its place, if only just. Bigger game (your 5.0s and such) will still put the Genesis in weeds on a a track, provided you’re not planning to go more than a dozen laps, by which time a V8 pony’s brakes will be gasping for fresh air.

As for the styling, the front end refresh on the Genesis works surprisingly well. Early pictures emphasized the overwrought grille and hood, but they’re far better integrated than the photos let on. It may not be pretty, but it works.

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  • Daveainchina Daveainchina on Jan 10, 2012

    Holy crap, first car I've seen where I'm thinking vacuum cleaner and not car. That grill is just ridiculous.

  • Stryker1 Stryker1 on Jan 16, 2012

    My one big complaint with the new Genesis Coupe. What is that bulbous hunk of plastic in the middle of the grill?! Get rid of that, and have a normal grill.

  • Bader Hi I want the driver side lights including the bazl and signal
  • Theflyersfan One positive: doesn't appear to have a sunroof. So you won't need to keep paper towels in the car.But there's a serious question to ask this seller - he has less than 40,000 miles on some major engine work, and the transmission and clutch work and mods are less than 2 months old...why are you selling? That's some serious money in upgrades and repairs, knowing that the odds of getting it back at the time of sale is going to be close to nil. This applies to most cars and it needs to be broadcasted - these kinds of upgrades and mods are really just for the current owner. At the time of sale, a lot of buyers will hit pause or just won't pay for the work you've done. Something just doesn't sit well with me and this car. It could be a snowbelt beast and help save the manuals and all that, but a six year old VW with over 100,000 miles normally equals gremlins and electrical issues too numerous to list. Plus rust in New England. I like it, but I'd have to look for a crack pipe somewhere if the seller thinks he's selling at that price.
  • 2ACL I can't help feeling that baby is a gross misnomer for a vehicle which the owner's use necessitated a (manual!) transmission rebuild at 80,000 miles. An expensive lesson in diminishing returns I wouldn't recommend to anyone I know.
  • El scotto Rumbling through my pantry and looking for the box of sheets of aluminum foil. More alt right comments than actual comments on international trade policy. Also a great deal of ignorance about the global oil industry. I'm a geophysicist and I pay attention such things. Best of all we got to watch Tassos go FULL BOT on us.
  • El scotto No one and I mean no one on here is a UAW member or a salaried employee of the Big 3. Then again if someone identified themselves on here they would pilloried every time they posted.The comments on here are like listening to the overgrown children who call into sports radio shows.