The Worst Manufacturer Videos… Ever

Steven Lang
by Steven Lang

There was a time when car salesmen had to sit in dark windowless rooms and watch the worst infomercials ever imagined. Take for instance…

This lovely gem. Two men who sound like they’re on the cusp of corpsehood trying to figure out what their last ride will be.


Why bother encouraging an honest approach towards selling when you could simply offer ‘corn and cheese’ to the frontline. From the circa 1990 Chevy Celebrity Wagon…

To the 1998 Toyota Corolla. Complete with humor inspiring laugh track.

The one above is not exactly a salesman’s promo. But it’s very well done. Reminds me of how Chrysler once aspired towards greatness. Just like Poland did before World War II.

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  • Acuraandy Acuraandy on Dec 04, 2011

    This reminds me of the video we had to watch from Acura corporate (they shut down the dealership for two hours so everyone from sales, service, the office, even the receptionists could watch it) circa 2008. I wish I had a copy! This was the one that the CEO of Honda at the time (I believe it was Ito-san) basically told us all they expected brand sales in the US to exceed 150k units per year by 2012MY. Let's just say that hasn't happened. Those expectations sort of went away along with people using their homes as ATMs. Well that, and the whole tsunami/nuclear holocaust thing...

  • Pb35 Pb35 on Dec 04, 2011

    That Aspen video was so awesome to see. My Dad sold Chryslers in the 70s and he brought me home a super 8 projector that they used to watch these videos at the dealership along with a whole collection of them. I spent hours sitting alone and learning the advantages of torsion beam suspension and the lean burn system. I really wish I still had those films, it would be a kick to see them today. At the end of each one it would have the tagline "Extra care in engineering makes a difference." Oh, and I had a 78 Aspen. My Dad took it in as a trade; it was a blue coupe with the slant 6 and ZERO options. Not even power steering. Thanks for my automobile addiction Dad, RIP.

  • Bimmer Bimmer on Dec 04, 2011

    Laugh all you want, but I want a wagon today that can handle a 4x8 sheet between wheel-wells. Also, if Celebrity could tow, why new cars are not able to, but just in North American market. And, no, I don't want to buy a pick-up for towing. I just don't get why 'luxurious' Chrysler come out with unpainted black mirror cups? Where fleet favorite G-IV Taurus had them in the body color in all trim levels, save for LX.

    • Th009 Th009 on Dec 04, 2011

      All kinds of cars can tow ... regardless of the market. My friend tows his Evo race car with an Audi S4. No pickup truck needed!

  • 28-Cars-Later 28-Cars-Later on Dec 05, 2011

    The first one begs for the MST3K treatment.