Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood "Not Running For Public Office Anymore"

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Having had an unexpectedly action-packed couple of years as Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood has had enough. The Chicago Tribune reports that

the Illinoisan who heads the U.S. Department of Transportation, said today that he is staying in that job for one term only and will not run for public office again.

And no wonder. LaHood has created controversy over his vehicle-tracking proposal, his Toyota comments, his agency’s database quality problems and private information-leaking, his quixotic “War On Distracted Driving” proposals and hypocrisies, weak grasp of safety data, endorsement of toll roads and more. No wonder the man wants out of government… but what comes next for LaHood?

Per the Trib,

He said he expected there will be some “wonderful opportunities” for him in the private sector when he leaves government.

Ah yes. For the bureaucrat’s true reward lies not in government, but in the revolving door to K Street. But wait, isn’t this the guy who once said

I think we should have the highest standard possible which would prohibit NHTSA employees from working for car manufacturers for a period of time


Just thought we should put that out there. Meanwhile, we’re gonna miss you Ray, you crazy, magnificent bastard!

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Ciddyguy Ciddyguy on Oct 15, 2011

    Is it me or is the exposure funny as Ray's face looks rather orangy or did he get an awful instant tan? Either way, Adios Ray and don't let the door close and bite you in the tuckus.

  • RRJ RRJ on Oct 15, 2011

    Obama's appointment of LaHood was a firebell in the night to most citizens of Illinois. No surprises here about LaHood's performance.

  • Ronnie Schreiber Ronnie Schreiber on Oct 15, 2011
    He said he expected there will be some “wonderful opportunities” for him in the private sector when he leaves government. What does LaHood bring to an employer? He's been a professional politician for over 30 years. After working his way through junior college and a teaching degree, he taught school for less than six years and then went into politics. I suppose he's capable of teaching school, but beyond that, I can't see that the guy has any marketable skills outside of government. The man is a fool. At his press conference last year the autojournos were openly laughing at him and his ignorance of the auto industry. I can think of at least a half dozen of the commenters here @ TTAC that would make better Transportation secretaries. Hell, I can think of at least a half dozen politicians that I wouldn't vote for but that I think would make better Transpo chiefs than LaHood. Sometimes I think that Pres. Obama nominated LaHood specifically because he's not very bright (LaHood, that is. Obama's a smart guy - no genius for sure, and nowhere near as smart as he and his acolytes think he is, but certainly smarter than average). Some politicians are smart. LaHood isn't in that cohort. I think it would be fun to ask politicians the following questions: What is the form of a quadratic equation? What is Avogadro's number? What's the difference between an electron, an atom and a molecule? What are the building blocks of proteins? What's the difference between a tack hammer, a framing hammer and a ball peen hammer? What's the difference between a Allen screw and a Torx screw? What is the relationship between pressure, temperature and volume of a gas in a sealed system? What is mitosis? What's the difference between a virus and a bacteria? What is Ohm's Law? What was the Magna Carta and when was it written? What are the pen names of Samuel Clemens, William Porter and Eric Arthur Blair?
    • VanillaDude VanillaDude on Oct 17, 2011

      I know Ray and I know he is a very bright capable man. He took the job because he did not wish to turn down a president, especially one from his own state. He is at a point where he has done what he wishes to personally accomplish within government. Being Sec of Transporation was a poor fit for him. As for his comment regarding his political future, Ray has a future in Illinois because he is not an incompetent, corrupt boob like the last few Illinois governors. We will be happy to take a mediocre governor right now because we've had worse over the past decade. Ray's party in this state is DOA and it has nobody to promote for any statewide office capable of winning an election. That is why he has been getting asked about future runs. Ray is bright enough to know that coming back to Chicago and Springfield to run this state would be worse than being an Obama cabinet officer. Since 2009, Ray has seen the absolute worse days of his long career. He doesn't want any more.

  • RRJ RRJ on Oct 15, 2011

    "What is Avogadro’s number?" Ray wants to know, "Cell or land line?"