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If things seem a little slow around here today, it’s because I’m in the Detroit area, away from the productive calm of my office sanctuary. I’m in town for quite an exciting event: tomorrow, I’ll be conducting an extended interview with the industry’s most infamous executive, “Maximum” Bob Lutz. And though I can’t extend an invite to Lutz Farm to TTAC’s Best & Brightest, I can offer the next-best thing: an exclusive post-interview debrief. If you’re going to be in the Detroit area tomorrow, hit the jump for more details. If you can’t make it to Motown, but you have a burning question for Mr Lutz that didn’t make it into the relevant thread, go ahead and leave it in the comments here.

Starting at 6:30 tomorrow evening (8/25), I’ll be at Copper Canyon Brewery in Southfield (click the link for directions). If you’re free, I encourage you to come on down, say hi and join the conversation. We’ll have a few beers, talk cars and the car business, and I’ll share some of my thoughts on my meeting with Maximum Bob. I always have a great time chatting with our Detroit-area readers and commenters, so I hope some of the usual suspects, and possibly a few new faces, stop by.

Finally, since it occurs to me that this will be the third Detroit-area TTAC meet-up, and because I know we have quite a few readers from my adopted hometown of Portland, OR, I thought I’d take this opportunity to gauge the interest in holding a PDX meet-up sometime. If you’re located near Portland and this sounds like something you’d like to do, either leave a comment or drop us a line at our comment form and we’ll take it from there!

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13 Comments on “Don’t Miss TTAC’s Detroit-Area (Southfield) Meet-Up Tomorrow...”

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    Southfield? I don’t get it. Why not a) at Maximum Bob’s spread in Ann Arbor so you could take a look at his classic car collection (including Pinzgauer), or b) out to Willow Run Airport, where you could do the i/v from the back-seat of his czech jet trainer?

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      They are meeting at the former headquarters of American Motors.

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        I know the building well, it is about 2 miles east, and a bit south, of where I grew-up.

        Ed, by all means ask, no demand, to see and get photos of the “Board Room”, the fittings of which are from the board room of IIRC the Nash Motor Co.

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    Does Mr Lutz think new GM should still bear some responsibility for maintaining parts inventory for cars old GM made?

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      Just speculating, but I think they would do that as a matter of course as long as a) the parts are common with other GM cars, or b) there is money to be made on them.

      Given that there are a huge number of Old GM cars on the road, probably many more than new GM is responsible for, thats a lot of potential parts & service revenue.

      If New GM wants to keep their dealer principals happy, they would want to be able for them to sell parts and service for as many Old GM cars as possible.

      Is there a part that you are no longer able to get?

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        What about dealers/brands that new GM no longer gives a flyingF about? And yes, now that that you mention it, there is an ignition switch that is fouled by armorall monkeys worldwide, Saab/GM # 12801010 that are needed.

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    Ed, I would love to come down for a visit, but I am three hours north, and my father is in the advanced stages of Lou Gehrig’s Disease, so I am having to stay close to home and help my mother with him. However, if you should ever get a sudden urge to tour northern lower Michigan, I’d love to have you stop by!


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    Ah, so close! I’m in Auburn Hills this week, and was going to be here until Friday, but the guy I am working with at our client got nabbed for jury duty! So I am flying home tomorrow afternoon. I would have loved to met Editor Ed in person. had I seen this a couple hours ago, I would have told the office there were no seats on the flights and stayed another night.

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    A note about directions. Copper Canyon Brewery is a bit hard to get to. It’s on what’s essentially the service drive to the Northwestern freeway but you can’t get to it from the highway. Either travel west on 11 Mile Road from Lahser (which everyone pronounces Lasher) and follow the road as it curves around Shaarey Zedek synagogue, or take Telegraph and turn off onto the service drive where the car dealer is located, just north of Toys R Us and go south.

    BTW, while the bar is indeed in a valley (of the Rouge River’s middle branch), copper country is 600 miles north of Detroit in the Keewenaw Peninsula.

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    Is someone buying the first round?

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    It would be a nice little 5 hr cruise for the Mustang. However its not looking like top down weather.

    Maybe next time eh.

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    I’ll be there.

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