Junkyard Find: 1977 Chevrolet Chevette

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1977 chevrolet chevette

The ’79 Monza wagon we saw last week was a choice specimen of Malaise Era misery, to be sure, but how did the [s]Vega[/s] Monza compare to the Chevette?

Let’s say it’s 1977, you’re a Chevrolet shopper, and you want something that doesn’t gulp the fuel like a Caprice or Chevelle. The Chevette Scooter listed for a staggeringly cheap $2,999, while the cheapest possible Vega sold for $3,249. The Chevette had a 57 (!) horsepower engine, while the four-cylinder Vega/Monza packed a somewhat mightier 84 horses under the hood.

The Vega handled better, the Chevette got better fuel economy, and both looked most appropriate in 70s brown paint.

I’m just shocked that an early Chevette stayed on the street long enough to see the second decade of the 21st century before getting crushed.

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  • AndyGee AndyGee on Aug 02, 2011

    The Chevette is european in origin as early as '72 IIRC. Vauxhall had their own hot hatch versions that were quite the rally beast the HSR and HS. I've also owned about half a dozen chevettes over the years as winter beaters.

  • GinoXB GinoXB on Jan 20, 2013

    Why can't any of the junkyard near me have anything like this? Where are these junkyards?!

  • Kwik_Shift It was an annoying feature on my 2018 Nissan Sentra SV. Bugs, leaves and snow would disable it. Should have been a better design .
  • Master Baiter A regulator's job is never done, so yeah, bring on the next level of regulations.
  • DedBull The automatic braking system in my wife's 2019 Tiguan is easily defeated by the slightest amount of solid precipitation, which is not uncommon here in western Pennsylvania. Fortunately we have regular speed-holding cruise control, because the active cruise control uses the same sensor and becomes inactive in the same conditions. It was infuriating in our loaner. I've had a few false-positives over the years, plus a couple where it didn't like my rate of deceleration. Interestingly it did not intervene at all when I had a deer strike a couple years ago. I don't mind the application of the tech, but I think they are setting a pretty high bar going forward. I'm also cautious of over-reliance on tech in vehicles.
  • FreedMike The AEB system on my car has actually engaged only once in the two years I've owned it, mainly because I actually pay attention. But not everyone does...thus, this proposal. If everyone was as diligent as I am, I'd say there's no need, but we all know how that movie ends.if it keeps some moron in a Tahoe who's busy f**king around on TikTok from laying waste to my car from behind, I'm all for it.
  • Lou_BC I've seen photo's of plates that spell "azzhole" when viewed in the rear view mirror. There was a fellow in Canada who's last name was "Grabher". They wouldn't let him have that plate.