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This coming week is the week when all car manufacturers wish they would have a split personality.  The New York Auto Show and the Shanghai Auto Show will take place in the same week. Jack Baruth will take Manhattan. (Hey, Jack: The famous Headquarter’s “Steakhouse” is right next door to the Javit’s Center.  Scores is just a few blocks south.) I’ll take Shanghai and my camera. I’m sure Jack will come equipped. Maybe.

As a special service to the Best & Brightest,  YOU can put in requests for what we shall take pictures of – apart from the obvious.

We’ll try to fulfill all requests – to the best of our abilities.

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23 Comments on “Shanghai & New York Autoshow: Ask, And You Shall Receive...”

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    Shanghai assignment: photograph this and this, plus document the ensuing war between Germany and China.
    Funny, I thought I had dispatched Jack to Dubai this weekend. Oh well, I suppose the NYIAS will do.

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    Hey, see if y’all can get Jack B. to hit up the Nissan stand at NYIAS to find out what’s up with the Cube’s future. There’s rampant speculation over on Nissan Cube Life forum that it will be discontinued for North America within the next year or two since they pulled that trick in Europe. Also, wouldn’t hurt to get the scoop on what’s up with the future of the Versa while he’s there.
    Also, would love someone to confront Ford on the discontinuance of the Ranger. Check out’s size comparison of the “old” U.S. Ranger, the new “Global” Ranger, and the current-gen U.S. F-150 for a little ammo before the show. It appears to be purely a marketing move at this point, as many of we small truck enthusiasts have been saying all along– they want to sacrifice the Ranger (and their share of the small truck market) in order to force Ford truck buyers into the F-series to further pad its “Best Selling Truck In America Eleventy-Billion Years Running” ad campaign.

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      Car shows (except Geneva) typically are bad for picking up scuttlebutt. Chinese shows are awful for getting any info that’s not in the catalog. The babes are just for show, and the counter personnel gets  frightened  when you ask a question, I don’t know why they bother with press days at all.

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    1. Subaru Impreza (hatchback preferably).
    2. Volkswagen Beetle
    3. Kia Soul
    (Kind of boring, I know, but I’m interested in these as possible future purchases.)

    p.s., Could you also check to see if there are any hints about Jeep’s proposed B-segment vehicle, as well as the replacement for the Caliber.

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    At the Shanghai show, can you please take pictures of the new HongQi limo?  Is that thing really going into production?  Also, why do the Chinese get Buick’s new minivan, but we don’t??? It looks Oddyessey-like in execution. 

    What about the whole bunch of SAIC offerings that are supposedly going to flood Europe’s shores in the next five years?

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    Jack Baruth

    A mild plug, which Ed is free to remove if it irks him: As with most major auto shows in the past two years, I will be providing same-day video remarks for the nice people at LeftLaneNews on Wednesday and Thursday. Watch as I waste the time of gorgeous autoshow models and show off my voice, which has been compared to that of Van Morrison and Kermit The Frog, depending on your point of view.

    And I should stress that I am paying my own way to the show. Ford and GM are reportedly paying the bills of several dozen bloggers to bring them to NYIAS. Not me. I will be investigating that story as well as covering the show itself.

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    Jack Baruth

    Also, V. Mc.B. and I will be hitting the Iridium, Vanguard, Blue Note, Birdland, and Bar 55 during the week. Drop me a note if you want to pick up my bar tab. Don’t bother trying to pick up Vodka’s unless you made more cash out of Facebook than both Winkelmann twins.

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    Don’t look at me.  I’m just here for the babes.

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    Athos Nobile

    Malibu pics. Exterior, interior, engine if possible.
    whatever hot mopar is there. A challenger would be fine.
    Any Hello Kitty wearing Chinese weird car also is valid.

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    How about some Wulings? Always hear of then, never see them.

    Lifan, Changhe, Jinbei and Hafei. They’re all in Brazil so it interests me. Particularly the little work vans which seem to be carving up a nice little market for themselves. Also heard a rumor QQ will be faclifted soon. Could this version possibly be on show there?

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    I request coverage/photos of (if around):
    1. Regal GS
    2. FT-86
    3. Cadillac ULC (please ask GM what they are smoking)
    4. Geely GE
    5. VW Phaeton
    6. Buick GL8 interior

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    The identity of the Booth Babe.  (Just kidding.) 

    How bout a comparison gallery between the babes at each show? 

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    How about you take a serious look at the fit and finish of a BMW 3 Series, paying close attention to body seams and interior dash materials.  Then. go to the Buick display and do the same thing.  I did last year and was quite surprised with the results…

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    Maybe a follow up picture gallery from your Beijing article on the exclusion of EV’s from the lottery.
    One gallery showing what EV can be purchased now and another gallery for what is in the pipeline (or pipe dreams).    Extra points for having models included.

    I visited a few EV suppliers and automakers engineering this week.   No one seemed to be up to speed on the Beijing news and no sense of OMG what is the new strategy.   

    I always wanted to put together a picture segment on the performance street scene here in China.  (no time0  It would probably evolve into a collection of cars with various stickers and rally routes on them  :^)     
    You could have a whole other series just on auto interiors, especially the air fresheners.  Get Murilee a visa and an airline ticket now! 

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      I predict just about every manufacturer having something electric at the show – and nothing I could buy the next day. I am having the same impression that Chinese makers have been blindsided by the Beijing decision – if it even has filtered down. Foreign makers have yet to realize the importance.
      This was a plan put forward by the “Beijing auto industry” (read BAIC, owned by the city of Beijing). They had kept it under wraps.
      The western press is totally oblivious to the story. They are busy covering church services held in parking lots. They did not get the importance of people in Beijing not being able to buy cars, and they don’t get it when the only car they can buy is electric – but there is nothing to buy. Good for us, then we own the story.

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    John Fritz

    Please take pictures of everything with rear wheel drive. Thanks.

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    1. Ford’s WRC motion simulator. My company made it. I’m actually remoted into their computer right now to help set it up…

    2. I don’t care about anything else.

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    Schmitt: Interior shots of the new M5 please. (& no more angry self portrait).
    Baruth: Vodka McBigBra please.

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    Jack, could you find out if Ford has plans to bring Focus wagon to our shores? It was shown in Detroit among C-Max and future Fords.

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    I’ve seen a lot of photoshops of the new Audi A3.  Would like to the real thing. 

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