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You’ve read Ed’s writeup of last weekend’s 24 Hours of LeMons race at Infineon Raceway, and now we’ve got more photos of the fender-bashing, engine-trashing action for you!

If our gallery here doesn’t satisfy your LeMons jones, you can always see 1,500 more in the official Über Gallery; if you want to feel as if chunks of Bondo are being hurled right in your face, get out your 3D glasses and check out the 3D Sears Pointless gallery, with 500 stereo photos.

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18 Comments on “Make Your Screen Throw a Rod: More Sears Pointless LeMons Photos!...”

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    I’m curious how that cherokee did.  I’m assuming it was a 4.0 RWD, no?  Should be pretty tough.  They handle better than you’d expect, too…I think most car mags were getting well over .8g on the skidpad out of 4wd’s with stock tires!

    They have crap brakes though- that’d definitely be the weak link.

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      I remember a guy coming in to my parts store asking for brakes for a Cherokee, then he told me they were on a Hummer H1. He’d come in for brakes for it about every 4 months.

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      Kosher Polack

      Me too. I’m always curious about how the trucks do, even if they usually do pretty bad. I don’t know why, on paper they should have everything they need to survive a lifetime of abuse followed by a winning stint on a racetrack…after all, they’re trucks. If that S10 has the 4.3 V6 or that Cherokee has the 4.0 I6 then they won’t even be that slow, but maybe the rigors of constant cornering will starve the engines of oil or the increased weight (no matter what you do pre-race, that S10 will always be a fatto) will blow up transmissions/axles/brakes… Anyone care to weigh in?

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      The Petty Cash Racing Cherokee is indeed a 4.0 RWD truck. It is surprisingly quick around a road course, but threw a couple of rods early on Saturday. The team managed to score another engine at Pick-N-Pull just before closing time, thrashed all night, and got the truck back on the track for the green flag Sunday morning. 114th place out of 173 entries, with a best lap time of 2:23 (compared to 2:10-2:15 for the quicker cars).

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      As for our S10, it worked great. We placed 105th overall with a fastest lap time of 2:27. We are running a ’67 Chevy 283 V8 and a Turbo 350 trans. Stock brakes and stock rear end. We had exactly 0 problems all weekend. Oh, except our amplifier driving the high range 6×9 speakers blew out, so we only had the 1000 watt subwoofers working on Sunday. That affected out lap times negatively for sure.
      It was pretty slippy in the rain, but once things dried out, it handled really well. It surprised the hell out of me, and I never thought I would own an S10… let alone race one at Infineon. It only weighs 2600 lbs ready to race. Our stereo system added another 120 lbs to that, but all in the bed which actually helped the rear wheels stick.

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      Oddly enough, the brakes work great. Good enough for 1st in class and 33rd overall at Button Willow. The laps turned at Sears were done with a now dyno confirmed, tire twisting, 123hp! As for handling, we’re not quite sure how we did it. Even the shocks have 200k miles on them. Although i missed Sears, Matt and the guys really did pull together and get a (new) 245k mile engine in the Team Petty Cash Jeep and ran all day Sunday without a hitch. Certainly not the first Lemons midnight engine swap, but admirable none the less, and a truely heroic effort. Thanks to everyone for all the support and encouragement. See you all at RENO!

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    Loved the 85 Civic hatchback lurkin’ around, I owned one many moons ago and simply loved it that car. Now I’ve got the modern day version – Volvo C30
    Also the ’80s-themed mini truck (S10) is brilliant. I too went thru a massive pinstripe tape phase where heart beat graphics and hundreds of thin lines over the tail lights ruled the day. I even “taped” up my girl friend’s Chevy Caviler but it didn’t help (the looks or the speed).

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    MM, I see in this pic your 3D camera: Can you give some more info on it? I think I see a USB cable going from one to the other. Is that somehow getting both cameras to select the same modes and take the picture simultaneously? I’d appreciate any info you could pass along on how to make a 3D camera like this.

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      Murilee is using Canon Powershot cameras running Stereo Data Maker, a hack of the Canon OS by a Japanese guy named Muttyan  that lets you do stereo (including zoom sync), time lapse, lenticular and other cool stuff. The USB cable you see is from the triggering switch.
      Here’s the page for SDM:
      Here are other apps that Muttyan and his associates have developed. You’ll need Stereo Photo Maker to align and save the image pairs in a variety of 3D formats.

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      I’ve been shooting stereo 35mm slide pairs for many years, so I was glad to have a reason to start doing digital 3D.
      The cameras are Canon A460s, the same model I use as the timelapse camera that gets many of the on-track shots. The A460 is available on eBay for $30 or so, and the bracket I use was hacked together from random garage junk in about an hour. The USB cables into the cameras get a trigger signal from a 3-cell AAA battery holder through a switch, in order to sync the cameras. Following Ronnie’s links will get you the software info you need to shoot 3D.

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      Thanks you two, I’ll take a look at that info this weekend.

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      Hi you two again. I started on this stuff this weekend, I’ll make a camera after I am done building the balsa control line airplanes with my sons. (BTW those little engines are neat, though I guess not ttac material like the gasoline – really alcohol – ones use a catalyst instead of spark, the diesel – not really – mixes air/fuel and adjusts compression with a screw, the carbs aren’t, etc.) I’ve figured-out how to use that software. For the cars in depth web site is there some way to avoid that flash thing for viewing the gallery. For example I wanted to see MM’s last lemons pics. There seemed to be 5 pages od that flash thing. My computers just choke on that (2 year old netbook or 9 year old mac). It would be really neat if there was simply a gallery with thumbnail jpegs. Then any image that was interesting you could just click on and it would load the big stereogram (hope that’s the right term – the style that is on the beginning of his gallery post for example) image. MM does galleries just like that on his site for example. My kids got a Nintendo 3D ds and that’s what I am using to view pics. So my idea was to just save the images that looked interesting to me and use the software to create mpo files to view on that doodad. It’s really hard ATM. Phew, anyway, thanks again for the info and work!

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    What’s with the woman hammering the nail up her nose?  All these photos do is raise more questions…

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      That’s Amy, Judge Jonny’s (aka Jonny Lieberman of Motor Trend) wife. She works as a sideshow freak (really) and helped out with the LeMons Penalty Box. Basically, she hammers a nail up her nose, walks on broken glass, gets staple-gunned, etc., and the bad driver must follow her example. My advice: don’t spin out!

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      I should have known, LOL!  Now that’s the ultimate “LeMons Simon Says” penalty.  “Here, just watch this woman, and do whatever she does, okay?”
      BTW, have you made it to Red Rocks, Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, or the Cheyenne Mountain Complex (NORAD) yet?  You know, your wedding anniversary is coming up in a few months.

      Also BTW, that’s a great PillarCam shot on with the water spray, the CRX and the scoring tower in the background.

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    Ian Anderson

    That S10 is pure AWESOME!

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    Still nothing about Italian Stallions “Flying Spaghetti Monster” Fiat X1/9???
    We’ll fix that!

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