TTAC Project Car: Northloop Hosts A Sierra Homecoming

Mike Solowiow
by Mike Solowiow
ttac project car northloop hosts a sierra homecoming

Dave Garrad personifies the word “hoon”. When I first met him in the smoke and beer filled haze of the Gemutliche Ecke (Translation: Comfy Corner) in Adenau, Germany, he was attempting a maneuver called The Lunge. There’s never a dull moment around Dave. Naturally, I immediately considered him for the last English caretaker of TTAC’s Ford Sierra project, before its journey to Germany and (ultimately) Houston. Upon our (Panther-lovin’) man Dereck’s delivery of the Sierra to his abode northeast of London, Dave remarked at how glorious the brown upon brown scheme truly was. His wife Helen refuses to ride in the chocolate-toned thing, lest her unborn baby develop unnatural tendencies.

Dave also remains the only person I know able to four-wheel drift a Peugeot 106 1.1L through a traffic circle, so when the question about drifting the Sierra surfaced, the answer was, “would be rude not to!” Cue the ultimate English corner carving forum, and their Holiday Extravaganza in Milton Keynes: the epicenter of entertainment outside the M25 orbital. The “Northloop” caravan of several Fords, from the new Fiesta, Focus ST, Mondeo, and TTAC’s Sierra (and some other non-cool Euro types) departed towards the gleaming Mecca of Milton Keynes for an evening packed with hoonery and tomfoolery.

And in that moment, our Sierra Ghia was on full display, while a 2010 Ford Fiesta 2.0CDi Titanium served as chase/camera car. While side by side on the M25, the similarities and differences in the two emerge, as if looking at a time capsule of the entire hopes and dreams of the Ford engineers of two different eras. The Sierra looks low and narrow with the latest computer design that brought you the original TRON movie. The Fiesta exhibited the higher stance of two decades of thoughtful ergonomics that maximize space and efficiency. However, when Ford dropped the Ghia name plate, they left behind a legacy of supreme tasteful elegance evoked by the Northern Italian countryside for the cold, dull grey reality of Titanium. Weaksauce.

Exiting the motorway, Dave found his chance in the slightly damp weather. Accelerator floored, a Scandinavian flick to the left, and then a hard right stepped the Sierra’s tail out in a full on 2.0L carbureted powerslide. A dab of opposite lock, and he was away! The Sierra was formally introduced to its future life as the ultimate in brown automotive awesomeness. Minutes later, the Northloop Crew arrived at their venue, but our Sierra is still impatient.

It’s destiny at the Nürburgring awaits, anxious and eager under that subtle Ghia trimming and earthen paint. And that’s where I shall let it shine, personally. Stay tuned.

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  • Sinistermisterman Sinistermisterman on Jan 06, 2011

    Oh that first photo brings back such memories. I've owned two Sierra's (an 86' and a 90') and the wonderful combination of owning such a cheap and fun RWD car on Britain's road network (ie not a straight line to be seen and roundabouts EVERYWHERE) led to hours, days and possibly months of fun driving. Incidentally I think the line 'Gleaming Mecca of Milton Keynes' is lost on most people. Gleaming and Mecca like that place is not - filled with roundabouts it is.

  • Teffers Teffers on Jan 06, 2011

    Big Dave is lucky I didn't take the Mighty Mi16 to Milton Keynes. Your mom loves the back seat of the Mighty Mi.

    • Mike Solowiow Mike Solowiow on Jan 06, 2011

      I know she does, because you drive it so gently past the Swedish Cross.

  • Sgeffe Why on Earth can’t you just get the torque specs and do it yourself if you’re so-inclined?!
  • Sgeffe As was stated in another comment, the FAA nominee went down in flames. But the NTSB chairwoman certainly didn’t, and she’s certainly not qualified either!Lots of this kind of stuff going on both sides of the aisle—Ben Carson would have arguably made a better Surgeon General than HUD Secretary under Trump, for example.
  • Art Vandelay Interesting, the Polestar 2 I had as a rental utilized Android Automotive which is what GM said it is going to exclusively, yet it still offers Apple CarPlay according to this. Wonder if GM will do the same.
  • Stuart de Baker EVs just aren't ready for prime time for those with a single car and who take road trips. Being able to charge as soon as you arrive at a charging station, and even the chargers working on your car is a crapshoot. In the former case, you could have to wait for nearly an hour while someone else is charging.I also don't find EVs particularly fun to drive (I've driven a Tesla Model S and an Ionic 5.) I LOVE driving my '08 Civic (stick). I love the handling, the feel and responsiveness of the engine, the precise steering (the Michelin Pilot Ultra Sport tires help, but even with the snows on, the car is a joy). I have 152k on the clock, and hopefully another 25 years or so of driving (I was born early in the Eisenhower Administration and I have exceptionally healthy habits), and I'm going to try to keep the Civic for the duration.My Civic causes a less global warming emissions than some of these humongous battery operated trucks.
  • FreedMike They should throw in a Lordstown pickup with every purchase. Make it the “vapor twofer.”