Soviet Limousine: Our Favorite Oxymoron

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
soviet limousine our favorite oxymoron

The best thing about the Soviet Corvair, aka Zaporozhets? The original idea was to rip off the design of the Volkswagen air-cooled engine for its powerplant, but Soviet engineers made their air-cooled four a V4 so that the cylinder heads would be more accessible when working on the engine in a mud-floored lean-to in Kemerovo (no doubt using tools made on the spot from melted-down kitchen utensils). So why not make a limousine version?

Once again, English Russia comes through for the lover of arcane Soviet road machinery. Sure, the site is backed by all manner of scurrilous/lowest-common-denominator advertisers, but seeing limo-ized ZAZs, Volgas, and Ladas makes the irritation of sleazy pop-up ads a small price to pay.

English Russia

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  • Acubra Acubra on Dec 22, 2010

    Stretches like the one shown were only popular in Cuba, as far as I know. None existed in the USSR (not street-legal) or Eastern Europe. For the ZAZ concept/inspiration one should not look any further than West Germany, actually, and its NSU Prinz 4. Running gear was drastically simplified though. A few talking points about a ZAZ: 1. Owning one was (even in the USSR) was deemed not too graceful. There was a popular joke refering to commuting in a ZAZ - about arriving to work after "15 minutes of shame". 2. With air-cooled engine, the cabin heater run on gas, making it possible to heat the car even with the engine off. And to die an unpretty death of carbon monoxide poisoning. 3. The accelerator pedal acted more like an ON/OFF switch, making for a very jerky progress. 4. These vehicles were detested in towns but favored by country and fishing folks, as a ZAZ with its flat underbelly, high ground clearance and light weight, along with overloading of the rear wheels, had some astonishing off-road prowess. It could also be bought right away, without waiting for your turn for umpteen years as it was with a Lada.

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    • Acubra Acubra on Dec 22, 2010

      ...that’s because they’ve been converted into building material or fenders for a ’57 Bel Air by now... Yeah, good riddance! :) Although fertilizer seems to be more realistic to me. As you would not believe how these things rusted away. Back in Soviet times folks would try just about anything to stop the rust. The most trasured one I remember was the so called "gun fat", a military water- and whatever-proof conservation compaund that worked in a huge temperature range, was stick as hell, had some corrosion inhibitors in the mixture. You'd have to warm it up to melt it and then spray in sills or any car body cavities. With numerous holes and tacky sealing the stuff would leak out. So cars after the treatment would pick up any dust and dirt that you could not remove with water, only with gasoline or similar solvent.

  • Pleiter Pleiter on Dec 22, 2010

    Looks to me like a clip job raised to the 2.6 power.

  • Tommy Boy Tommy Boy on Dec 22, 2010

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  • FJ20ET FJ20ET on Dec 23, 2010

    Corportism works pretty darn well. Ask Japan and (South) Korea. The state and the market are not opposed to one another. As for the "A BLOO BLOO SOCIALISM MASS MURDER" the USSR didn't kill all that many people after Stalin's death, I daresay the US killed more. But don't reduce all the victims of the 20th century regimes to numbers. 1 or 1 million unwarranted deaths are tragedies. The Soviet Union died 19 years ago,it's not returning(sorry Wolverines) why is it constantly brought up in EVERY political discussion.