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The 2011 Dodge Charger’s unofficial debut came in the form of a police cruiser which mixed things up at the Michigan State Police trials this year. And though they’ve showed off a few teasers of the new full-sized Dodge, the updated Charger’s official debut won’t come until the annual Las Vegas tuner-fest known as the SEMA show. Which begs the question: when will Dodge start marketing this car to consumers that are neither law enforcement officers nor criminals? We kid… sort of. Meanwhile, this rendering gives you some idea of what Dodge’s less-classy customers might do to their own 2011 Charger. Still interested?

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27 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Tuners To SEMA New Charger First Edition...”

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    About half of the Dodge Chargers and 80% of the Chrysler 300s I see are pimped to this level, and with a lot less class.
    I’m all for offering something like this. It’s like how clothing stores put an outfit together for you so you don’t incorrectly mix-and-match and come out looking like a complete dork.
    “Yes, I’ll take four of the 22″ chrome wheels at $99/month and 12 of those stick-on fender vents.”

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    I guess fake door vents make about as much sense as fake fender vents.  I still think of Homer Simpson’s “speed holes”…

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    I normally don’t like “tuner” versions, but that looks great.

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    Aside from the wheels… YES, that is hot.

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      Thomas Kent

      I agree. Never could understand the reasoning behind such wheels on cars that have to navigate public roads.
      They would make sense on a well-groomed race track, but not on roads with pot holes and expansion strips!

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    You don’t have to be a criminal to want a hot American sedan, maybe your just not an arrogant tight ass prick that thinks only German cars are worthy of your consideration.

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      FYI, that was a dig at the tuner crowd, not Mopar or Detroit.

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      The Guvna

      You might want to tell those idiots at Chrysler that, then. Unless, of course, the non-arrogant-tight-ass-prick-German-car enthusiast buyer to whom you’re referring actually does want a car that looks like Liberace’s most ridiculous camp nightmare. And if you actually DO want a car that looks like that, then I’m not sure that you’ll want to be throwing stones from that particular glass house, chumley.

      It was a joke. You see, they have these things called jokes. In this particular case, it’s a joke informed with a strong dollop of truth, because the lion’s share of the attention paid to these cars is indeed paid by either cops or those they make a habit of pulling over for looking like perps. And if you happen to fit neither of those two buyer profiles, then that’s seemingly news to Chrysler, who (unless you are being willfully myopic) plainly are courting them. If you don’t happen to favour German cars, you know what works as an equally handy arrogant tight-ass prick early warning signal? Overreacting to harmless asides. Get over yourself. And if you really are the LX builder that your name signifies, build better f***ing cars, for Christ’s sake. People didn’t start buying German cars en masse by accident…

      (The cruel irony, of course, is that German cars have been if not more trouble-prone then at least more costly-maintenance-intensive for years now. The trade-off is that by and large, they are miles more involving to drive than their American counterparts)

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      Hey Guvna, if you really are a Guvna I’ve seen German quality in a couple of self destructing VWs and one pretty p*ss poor Porsche a buddies Father owned. Don’t think thats the reason people are running out to buy them. No it must be their tight asses …relaxe its a joke you get those don’t you?

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      The Guvna

      “No it must be their tight asses …relaxe its a joke you get those don’t you?”

      Well, intermittently…providing my tight ass relaxes sufficiently (rimshot). For what it’s worth, by the by, as I noted in my post-script the quality of German cars these days is by no means superior, vis a vis reliability—like you, I know all too well of VW horror stories (two different friends, continents apart and completely independent of each other, each had Vee-Dubs they christened “The Crippler”; one a Golf TDI, the other a Passat 1.8T), and the Audis I have first hand knowledge of are not exactly set-it-and-forget-it, either. Yes, the interiors are beautifully built, and they don’t tend to squeak and rattle even with starship mileages on them.
      But unless it’s an air-cooled 911 or a pre-1997 Merc of some stripe—one early E-class I know of, for example, has more than half a million on the clock and is still, without a word of a lie, every bit as taut, as quiet and as well screwed together as it was in the early 1990s—it’s likely going to be a headache. Zee Chermins have that weird paradox going on whereby it *seems* like all is well, because the damned things just feel so solid and unburstable, but in reality you find yourself replacing absolutely every bolt and screw on it over time, usually at eye-watering expense. Talking my dad out of a 7-series Bee-Em and into a Lexus GS some time back was probably the kindest thing I’ve ever done for the old biffer. What he lost in handling dynamics he more than made up for by not having anything go wrong. Ever. Not even after an accident. And one hundred and sixty thousand miles on top of that. And yeah, the electric everything still works. Spooky. No sir, if you want something built to last, buy a fat-content era Japanese car. The new ones are sort of like The Who, sans Entwistle and Moon: Trading on a legendary name and faded glory.

      By the way, although it’s sadly a typo, spelling relax with an “e” suffixed to it makes it sound like the trim package of a 1970s Detroit tank.

      “Is that an LTD or a Brougham?”
      “Nah, man…it’s a Cordoba Relaxe!”

      I think if they used Relaxe as a trim level on a car, I’d actually buy it. Sounds…relaxing. And for what it’s worth, although I do indeed have a great and well-earned distain for American cars, I was nevertheless a bit too harsh in laying the blame for the wretched LX cars at your feet. I apologise, my good man. I meant what I said, as far as that goes, but the sharpness of your response to Ed brought out my latent rage at American cars, and in turn I responded perhaps more sharply than I should have. So hey, let’s both just relaxE a bit here, huh?

      Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk…

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      Never intended my response to be directed at Ed, it was more like me lashing out at the constant negativity that people tend to use on the internet car sites in regard to American autos in general. 
       I’m talking about readers comments more than writers comments. The Charger is popular with the Cops (to some degree) and with the Tuner crowd (hoodlums) but there are also plenty of happy Charger owners that are everyday family folks. And then theres the guys that like a traditional American car with V8 power and rear wheel drive that can not be found anywhere else. (since GM chooses to off and on dabble at this time) I find that the all knowing internet car sites and more so the readers of those sites, are rather flippant in the way they disregard the thousands of American car fans as sometime lesser than the German sedan fan. If I choose straight line grunt and reasonable handling over a more balanced handling less powerful German sedan, it does not mean I’m wrong or a fool. It means I like something diffrent than the German car buyer, and maybe I choose to send my cash to the USA rather than Germany.
       And for both those choices I am proud, long live the American muscle sedan.

      (Almost forgot to say no offfence taken in regards to me building LXs, I work hard and with pride in my job and product every day. Anything I have control over at work is done 100% correct, that my friend I promise.)

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    It never hurt the Mustang’s ‘cred’ to be associated with law enforcement or gangsters/thugs, probably added to it. OK but what’s going to happen when Chargers start replacing Crown Vic taxis? Weren’t PT Cruisers and Scion Xbs cool for about a minute and then started popping up as taxis?

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    I hate those phoney door vents.  They’re just as bad as imitation stick-on Buick-style portholes.   Things like that always make me think of a kid’s crayon drawing of Superman- such a crude representation of the real thing. 

    The only worse example are the fake rear brake cooling ducts on the new Camaros which are copies of the fake rear brake cooling ducts on the 69 Camaros. 


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    When sidewalls are outlawed, only outlaws will have sidewalls.

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    Looks a whole lot better on the official Chrysler video:

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    Matthew Sullivan

    The phrase “begs the question” does not mean “raises the question”.

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    I’m with most of you, the wheels are turrible.
    The rest of the car is okay, but I like the Challenger better. The 2011 Challenger SRT8 is going to have a 6.4 liter Hemi with 470 horsepower, and should be at the SEMA show, too.

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      Here’s the 2011 Challenger SRT8 392 edition.
      470 HP from a naturally-aspirated 6.4 liter Hemi, and the paint-and stripe job reminds me of the classic Viper look…

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    I can see it now:

    “Buick” stick-on portholes, “B” pillar chrome stick-on trim, Stick-on chrome “shark fin” trim on the back doors, Wheel well chrome half-rings, neon lighting, any other you-name-it piece of garbage you can waste money on to bling this thing out.

    Other than that, it looks like an improvement over the current boxy-looking edition.

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      The pillbox windows seem to have been improved on somewhat.  This is a car I’ve always wanted to like, even sat into a Dodge Magnum before buying my current car.
      Given that I felt too claustrophobic to actually drive it, I couldn’t imagine putting a 10 year old in the back seat.

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    Me gusta.

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    I actually appreciate cars like these and the aforementioned pimped out 300’s.  It’s blatant and obvious advertising of exactly who you are dealing with.  This way, you can quickly decide if you want to avoid them or manipulate them to your liking.

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