LaHood (Sort Of) Slays Distracted Driving Again

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

With the second annual Distracted Driving Summit underway, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has announced his latest cure for what he terms the “epidemic” of driver distraction. According to a NHTSA presser

In kicking off the 2010 national Distracted Driving Summit this morning, Secretary LaHood announced that he is initiating a new rulemaking to prohibit commercial truck drivers from texting while transporting hazardous materials. In addition, Secretary LaHood announced that two rules proposed at last year’s summit have now become the law of the land. Rules banning commercial bus and truck drivers from texting on the job and restricting train operators from using cell phones and other electronic devices while in the driver’s seat have been posted today.

Another year, another public display of governments inability to actually make progress on its overly-ambitious campaigns.

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  • Carguy Carguy on Sep 22, 2010

    As much as I want to see all cell phone use banned for anyone driving a car or truck, this is more of a state issue than it is federal. While I applaud his intentions, I also don't agree with the notion of federalizing all traffic laws.

  • Contrarian Contrarian on Sep 22, 2010

    Considering that the only people who have a chance to see what big-rig drivers are doing is other big-rig drivers, how does LaFool LaHood expect to have this law enforced? And why only

    • Contrarian Contrarian on Sep 22, 2010

      and why only hazmat trucks? Isn't any 40 ton semi a dangerous object?

  • Jkross22 Jkross22 on Sep 22, 2010

    Ray LaHood - the man who will ensure that common sense, practicality and wisdom never enter his domain.

  • Nonce Nonce on Sep 22, 2010

    nonce is now a fan of: distracted driving