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When Ford sold Aston Martin to Prodrive, Ford retained a small stake in Aston Martin. But that isn’t the only venture in which Ford and Prodrive work together. Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) is a joint venture between Ford and Prodrive based in Melbourne Australia. And they’ve just announced a range of supercharged V8 engines. Ford? Prodrive? Australia, home of hoon-mobiles? You have our interest…

Automotive World reports that on the 7th of October FPV will launch the FPV GS and GT model ranges. These cars will be powered by Prodrive developed engines which, according to the article, are “all-new lightweight 5.0 litre supercharged V8 engines producing 315kW (428bhp) and 335kW (455bhp) of power and 545Nm (401.97 lb/ft) and 570Nm (420.41lb/ft) of torque, respectively”. The engines are based on the Coyote Ford Engines introduced to the US in the Mustang.

Bryan Mears, Prodrive’s Asia-Pacific managing director, was very proud of these engines, “The new supercharged V8 engine program represents FPV’s biggest-ever investment in the Australian market, and has been the most extensive and exhaustive development program we’ve ever undertaken. The outcome is phenomenal … these engines are brilliantly responsive, their performance is sensational, and they will take our next generation of FPV models to a level that’s simply unmatched by anyone else.”

Further details of these new engines include a double overhead cam, 32 valves and an all aluminum design. It is also Euro 4 compliant. But although the engine comes in kit form from the United States, Mr Mears was keen to downplay that fact, “It’s important to emphasize just how Australian these engines are. Although the basis of the engine is imported, all the components utilized in the supercharged configuration are locally sourced, and the engines are completely hand-made by the team at FPV in Melbourne.”

In conjunction with this V8 monster, an uprated ZF Sachs automatic gearbox will be mated to it. The gearbox will have a 7-plate clutch pack and 4-planet planetary gear set for higher torque capacity. But don’t fret, a stick will be available.

It is unclear if this powertrain will go stateside. Maybe emission laws will forbid its entry to the United States? But if Alan Mulally is serious about his “One-Ford” policy, he will bring it to America. After all, the next Focus will be a global car, so why can’t this be a global engine?

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7 Comments on “Ford And Prodrive Supercharge Australia...”

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    Carpoint says the production is already sold out for 3 months.

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    I really can’t see what the excitement is all about considering Ford is already making similar power out of the naturally-aspirated Coyote in the new Mustang Boss. It seems like a lot of work went into something that doesn’t end up with much of an advantage over the starting point, yet has added complexity, meaning more parts that can break.
    Maybe if they announced it as powerful as and as a replacement for the Cobra’s 5.4 SC , it would seem worth the effort, otherwise, meh.

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      They’re keeping some HP up their sleeve for a) the inevitable one upmanship from Holden, and b) for the release of the GT-HO.
      As for your reasoning about more parts than can break over the Mustang, I suppose you could also apply that logic to the Falcon’s IRS….

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Should have found a way to drop that engine into a series of comemorative Panther platform vehicles.  Crown Victoria 5.0, Mercury Grand Marquis 5.0, & Town Car 5.0 – talk about a send off for the platform and for Mercury as a brand!

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    I don’t see much benefit from the charger, I think I rather have the more responsive NA engine, or 6.2

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    its not the horsepower its the torque 420.41lb/ft starts at 2200 rpm and flat lines all the way to 6000 rpm these moters will be fantastic,  god i love australia

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    Ford didn’t sell Aston Martin to Prodrive, but to a consortium headed by Prodrive’s chairman David Richards.

    Interestingly it was Prodrive acquisition of Tickford in 2001 that ultimately gave it an international presents including the FPV (formally Tickford Vehicle Engineering)

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