Ask The Best and Brightest: What's Your Winter Tire Plan?

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
ask the best and brightest what s your winter tire plan

To every tire —Turn, turn, turn

There is a season — Turn, turn, turn

And a wheel for every tire

In your garage

A time for max g — A time for low mu

A time for low profile — A time for thick chine

A time to enter turns sideways

A time to refrain from entering turns sideways

I’ve had winter tires for at least one car in my mini-fleet for ten years now. I only really “need” them about ten days a year. For at least three months each year, however, they provide security, confidence, and personal travel flexibility that more than justify the expense. A quick check of my fellow Ohioans’ tread patterns shows that I’m in a clear minority, unfortunately. For those of you who aren’t blessed with a San Diego, Phoenix, or Miami ZIP Code… what are ya’ll doing to prepare for winter?

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  • Grzydj Grzydj on Sep 29, 2010

    All season tires are a sham. Sure, even a FWD car will get around just "fine" which is you'll be able to do is get around just fine. Slap on a good set of dedicated winter tires and you'll get around great, which is usually the difference between making it up that snowy and icy hill or sliding underneath the bumper of that pickup in front of you because you couldn't stop. Fine and great, big difference.

  • Headroom Tommy Headroom Tommy on Sep 29, 2010

    NE Ohio here, been driving RWD Panthers for I think millennia :), I love driving in bad weather, never get stuck, never miss work: old fashioned studded snows on the back, good thick tread all seasons on the front, and a modicum of good sense (translation - slow down!). Hello snow! Meet your master :grin: Tommy

  • Headroom Tommy Headroom Tommy on Sep 29, 2010

    I live in NE Ohio too, and I love driving in bad weather. I've driven RWD panthers forever. I use studded snows on the back, and good all seasons on the front. No getting stuck, no missing work! Tommy

  • JeremyR JeremyR on Sep 30, 2010

    Drive the Porsche less, drive the Honda more. The Honda currently has summer tires too, but that will have to change before too long. Will probably pick up a set of wheels+winter tires. Or, since I will be trading my daily commute for an occasional trip to the airport, I may get away with not making any changes...