TTAC's Little House Of Horrors: Top Ugly Car Picks Pics

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt

Yesterday, Cammy asked what could be the ugliest car. She said “currently on market,” but that limitation that was soon forgotten. Being a customer centric blog, we opened it up to the ugliest of all times. And who knows, ugly as they are, they still might be “on market,” looking for a buyer with a vision problem. Or a warped sense of humor. And with this, we present to you: TTAC’s Top Ugly Car Picks Pics. The Best and the Brightest pick the worst of the worst.

Pgcooldad thinks: “This has got to be it! Hint … It’s a Fiat.” And because he was the only one to send in a video, he gets top billing. (The TTAC software makes it easy as child’s play to put a video on top, and you need to be an Advanced Nerd (promotable), to place a video into the text itself. That’s the real reason.)

ttac s little house of horrors top ugly car picks pics

Dukeboy01: “I vote for the 2010 Acura ZDX. It has the same goofy proportions and strange design elements, like a chopped down rear hatch and a nose piece that looks like it was styled by a chimpanzee with a dull tomahawk.”

Jpcavanaugh: “The ugliest US vehicle in production is the Chevy Colorado pickup.”

Bonus from Jpcavanaugh: “As for an ugly classic? Awfully hard to top the 62 Dodge Dart.”

croatoan: “For historical ugly, it’s difficult to beat the Saab Sonnets in any of their many iterations.” (TTAC Subminiature Award.)

Ingvar: “Without a doubt, the SsangYong Rodius. A car that makes epithets like “flying vaginas” sound like something coming from a church choir.” (Special mention for most outrageous language. Anything with “vagina” in it will get my attention.)

Jimmy7 says it short but not sweet at all: “STILL the Datsun F-10.” Picking Curbside Classic: The Ugliest Car Ever? 1977 Datsun F-10 gets the “entry with the least effort” prize.

Joe McKinney adds: “Datsun had several ugliest car contenders. There was the F10, and there was also the 200SX.”

Ronnie Schreiber. “Hands down, a top ten contender for sure, the Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan.” (TTAC’s Arcane Knowledge Award.)

Flipper: “Amc Matador 4Dr 1975”

Wheeljack: “The coupe was hit with the ugly stick much harder.”

Stingray: “Fiat Multipla hands down. So ugly even my wife that don’t care much about cars told me when she saw it in Rome: that thing is fugly.” (Send a picture of your wife, and you will get an award.)

Jim Sutherland: “This 1961 Dodge wagon is so ugly that it’s beautiful. It was a real attention-getter at the show.”

IGB: “The 2011 Hyundai Azera. Even though it’s a current car…it’s not.” (Special prize for poetry in motion.)

That’s it! Thank you for the many nominations, and sorry that all the ones that did not send in a link received short shrift. It’s Sunday, and I’m lazy.

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  • Nishant Sirohi Nishant Sirohi on Sep 13, 2010

    google the pictures of suzuki swift dzire

  • Redscarab Redscarab on Nov 10, 2011

    What? No mention of the Reliant Robin? Or the hideous Mercedes R?? And I third and fourth the opinion of the Bangled Beemers! Even though he quit two years ago, his debris still contaminates the new models.

  • Tassos Before you rush to buy this heap of rusty metal, maybe you should wait a day or two.I hear Tim will have an Model T next time.
  • Redapple2 I d just buy one already sorted. Too many high level skills (wiring, paint, body panel fitment et. al.) that i dont have. And I dont fancy working 100 s of hours for $3 /hour.
  • 28-Cars-Later I'm actually surprised at this and not sure what to make of it. In recent memory Senator Biden has completely ignored an ecological disaster in Ohio, and then ignored a tragic fire in Hawaii until his handlers were goaded in sending him and his visit turned into it's own disaster, but we skipped nap time for this sh!t show? Seriously? We really are through the looking glass now, "votes" no longer matter (Hillary almost won being the worst presidential candidate since 1984 before he claimed the crown) and outside of Corvette nostalgia Joe doesn't care let alone know what day it happens to be. Could they really be afraid of Trump, who AFAIK has planned no appearance or run his mouth on this issue? Just doesn't make sense, granted this is Clown World so maybe its my fault for trying to find sense in a senseless act.
  • Tassos If you only changed your series to the CORRECT "Possibly Collectible, NOT Daily Driver, NOT Used car of the day", it would sound much more accurate AND TRUTHFUL.Now who would collect THIS heap of trash for whatever misguided reason, nostalgia for a much worse automotive era or whatever, is another question.
  • ToolGuy Price dropped $500 overnight. (Wait 10 more days and you might get it for free?)