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Yesterday, Cammy asked what could be the ugliest car. She said  “currently on market,” but that limitation that was soon forgotten. Being a customer centric blog, we opened it up to the ugliest of all times. And who knows, ugly as they are, they still might be  “on market,” looking for a buyer with a vision problem. Or a warped sense of humor. And with this, we present to you:  TTAC’s Top Ugly Car Picks Pics. The Best and the Brightest pick the worst of the worst.

Pgcooldad thinks: “This has got to be it! Hint … It’s a Fiat.” And because he was the only one to send in a video, he gets top billing. (The TTAC software makes it easy as child’s play to put a video on top, and you need to be an Advanced Nerd (promotable), to place a video into the text itself. That’s the real reason.)

Dukeboy01: “I vote for the 2010 Acura ZDX. It has the same goofy proportions and strange design elements, like a chopped down rear hatch and a nose piece that looks like it was styled by a chimpanzee with a dull tomahawk.”

Jpcavanaugh: “The ugliest US vehicle in production is the Chevy Colorado pickup.”

Bonus from Jpcavanaugh: “As for an ugly classic? Awfully hard to top the 62 Dodge Dart.”

croatoan: “For historical ugly, it’s difficult to beat the Saab Sonnets in any of their many iterations.” (TTAC Subminiature Award.)

Ingvar: “Without a doubt, the SsangYong Rodius. A car that makes epithets like “flying vaginas” sound like something coming from a church choir.” (Special mention for most outrageous language. Anything with “vagina” in it will get my attention.)

Jimmy7 says it short but not sweet at all: “STILL the Datsun F-10.” Picking  Curbside Classic: The Ugliest Car Ever? 1977 Datsun F-10 gets the “entry with the least effort” prize.

Joe McKinney adds: “Datsun had several ugliest car contenders. There was the F10, and there was also the 200SX.”

Ronnie Schreiber. “Hands down, a top ten contender for sure, the Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan.” (TTAC’s Arcane Knowledge Award.)

Flipper: “Amc Matador 4Dr 1975”

Wheeljack: “The coupe was hit with the ugly stick much harder.”

Stingray: “Fiat Multipla hands down. So ugly even my wife that don’t care much about cars told me when she saw it in Rome: that thing is fugly.” (Send a picture of your wife, and you will get an award.)

Jim Sutherland: “This 1961 Dodge wagon is so ugly that it’s beautiful. It was a real attention-getter at the show.”

IGB: “The 2011 Hyundai Azera. Even though it’s a current car…it’s not.” (Special prize for poetry in motion.)

That’s it! Thank you for the many nominations, and sorry that all the ones that did not send in a link received short shrift. It’s Sunday, and I’m lazy.

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41 Comments on “TTAC’s Little House Of Horrors: Top Ugly Car Picks Pics...”

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    Tommy Boy

    What? Nobody mentioned the Bangle BMW 5-series (the one that just went out of production)? A testament to baroque excess, that Bangle-butted, Dame Edna-fronted 5 series is one of the ugliest vehicles ever made. It’s almost as if it was part of a giant psychological experiment, seeking to determine that if the pull of a ‘prestige” brand name was so strong that lemmings would still plop down top-dollar for a hideous parody. Well, we now know the results of the experiment.

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      Agreed. When looking at the Multipla, I take into consideration that it was a brilliant piece of packaging that nobody apparently could figure out how to style. It was a real 6 seater with two rows of seats and more luggage space than a typical 3-row MPV has when carrying 6 people. The dashboard was unforgivable, but the exterior was at least bold. As for BMWs, it has been well proven that a three-box sedan with ideal proportions can be beautiful, so there is no excuse for the abominations BMW has been assaulting the tasteful members of the public with for the past decade.

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      i had heard that chris bangle was also responsible for the fiat multipla, but he left fiat 6 years before its release so that may just be an evil rumour…

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    Compared to the Mazda 3 the Acura is a thing of beauty

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      This wouldn’t be the case were it not for Mazda’s head of styling being tramatically effected by Jack Nicholson in Batman as a child.

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      +1. I have to agree. There was nothing more perfectly proportioned and balanced than the Mazda 6 wagon of a few years back. Last generation’s 3 was just “right” as well. And then “that” happened.
      Makes me yearn for the days of the first 626 2 door…..

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    I really don’t think that Fiat looks much worse than say a Nissan Cube, but then the Juke is coming soon and that for sure looks just as messed up as the Fiat. ;-)

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    The Daimler Dart (SP250) has always reminded me of a warthog with fins.

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    Fiat Multipla is the winner, but i quite like the 1961 Dodge wagon.

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    Poor little unloved Multipla. I’ve always had a soft spot for the (pictured) Mk1s but the midlife restyle took away all it’s love-it-or-hate-it bottlenose character and made it just an ungainly looking box… largely because the “hate-it” side of that equation were so vocal.

    Shame really.

    Give me ugly over bland any day.

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    What? No Pontiac Aztek?

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    Send a picture of your wife, and you will get an award


    She said… why he wants that?

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    M 1

    The Multipla and Aztek, definitely. Also, ANY “woody”. They all look like the designer forgot what he was doing and accidentally designed a porch. PROTIP: Paneling goes on the inside.

    The Honda Insight is a god-awful little abortion of smugness, with the sole benefit being that the driver’s chances of surviving a collision are near zero.

    Every car ever to carry the Citroen logo belongs on this list.

    All GM “bubble” cars are fairly awful, but I think the Buick Roadmaster Wagon from about 1990, complete with faux-woodgrain applique siding, has to top the list. The “design language” clearly included the words “pregnant” and “bovine”.

    I’ve never understood the fascination with VW Beetles. They could very well be the only car that actually looks worse as a convertible with the top down.

    But on a pure dollar-for-dollar basis, the winner has to be the Ferrari Enzo. Generally speaking it doesn’t belong on a “worst” list until you figure in the cost.

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    The current Nissan Z-cars belong in there somewhere — they look like the post-WW2 windup toys that were made from recycled SPAM cans. Also worthy of mention are the Lexus SC4xx coupe and all new fastback 4-door CUVs that have lost their utility and back seat room. Flared wheel arches? They were sorta cute on my 1974 Toyota Corolla SR5, although they lost their appeal when the rust blisters started to pop out.

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    I still say the AMC Pacer. I went blind when I saw it. Antithesis, the Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black. Brought my vision back by it’s mere presence.

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    None of the above!!! None of the above!!! Well, maybe the Multipla, although when the ugliness is cute, I think that reduces the ugly score. Cars that merit such an award should be pure ugly, not ugly-cute.

    I think those superannuated Chrysler products are actually very interesting looking, and not ugly.

    As for pure ugly, here are my picks, not necessarily in order, except for the Caliber

    1. Dodge CAliber
    2. Subaru B9 Tribeca
    3. Nissan Murano
    4. the fish-faced Ford Focus
    5. the Cayenne. Well, let me amend that. It’s not THAT ugly, but coming from Porsche, its level of ugliness is a far, far bigger disappointment than, say, the Caliber.
    6. the Matrix/Vibe twins
    7. Oops! almost forgot the Aztek. Probably because it is such a cliche of ugliness.

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    Those old Datsuns are so much better looking than a lot of contemporary cars

  • avatar

    Honda Crossturd

    Nissan Junk

    KIA Amanti (Oprius)

    Toyota Echo sedan

    Jaguar S-type (it’s grill)

    BMW M-Coupe (Z3 based)

    Nissan Box (cube)

    Honda Box (Element)

    All beak-nosed Acuras

    Chevy Spark (looks like humpback whale)

    Lincoln Hearse (MKT in black), btw I love the look of Flex

    Lincoln Navigator (it’s grill)

    Subaru Flying Vagina

    Infiniti QX56 (original and new)

    Infinity FX

    Lexus SC430

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    We did this 2.4 years ago (March 2008).
    I’m sticking with my answer from that time:

    The Gawdawful SUZUKI X-90

  • avatar

    This is a better list than Bloomberg’s “50 Ugliest Cars Of The Last 50 Years”. That was done by a freelance writer who specialized in design and innovation – he knew nothing about car history. He described the Thing as a basic Beetle in an unfinished box – no mention of the kubelwagen; he called the Yugo ugly only for it’s mechanicals, describing the straightforward design as reminiscent of same-era VWs, ignoring that it was a Fiat design; and he was puzzled by the headlights on the Nissan S-Cargo, totally missing the “escargot” joke and its snail-like features. That last one, and the inclusion of the Escalade, Hummer and El Camino indicate he didn’t limit the choices to cars.

    I have to defend the ’62 Dodge Dart though. I bought one with 183k miles on it, a slant-six and pushbutton auto. It was ugly outside but beautiful mechanically. I took it from San Diego to Boston and back, twice. My biggest cost of owning it was re-doing the seatcovers, door panels, headliner and adding carpet. It had 244k on it when I sold it in 1978, and it was still on the road six years ago.

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    Has no one heard of the Citroen Ami?

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    I still vote for the be-nostriled “Beauty Leopard.”

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    When I was in england last fall, I saw a multipla as my host and I were driving, and gasped in horror, “oh my god! What -is- that thing?!”. He laughed and said, “oh, right, you haven’t got those, have you?”

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    I can’t believe nobody has offered up the Saab 96. I had one and it was a great car, but butt-ugly.

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    The Hyundai Azera is in no way ugly. Bland, yes, but ugly?

    Also, the Multipla is pretty homely but I for one find it awesome because of that. The facelift took away alot of the exterior’s appeal, though thankfully it left the equally insane interior intact.

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    Have not seen this one mentioned:

    Saturn Ion

    Maybe it has a cult following, but have always thought that it was quite ugly.

    Also the jelly bean shaped 96-99 3rd gen Taurus. Maybe for the shear disaster of taking the best selling car in the US and replacing it with that styling experiment.

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    While its not in the same league a the Bangle Butt Bimmer or current atrocious Acuras the Jeep Compass and Dodge Avenger merit an honorable mention.

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    The pure unadulterated gut-wrenching ugliness of the AMC Matador 1975 or 1975 can not be appreciated via a photograph; it needs to be viewed in real life, from the front, rear and side.

    My psyche and persona was permanently impaired when I viewed the automocritter those many years ago and the mental impurities created expanded ever since.

    Didn’t quite qualify for permanent disability via Social Security, though.

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    Mark MacInnis

    An old friend ages ago would tell me, “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, but ugly cuts clear to the bone….”

    My nominee of the UCOAT (or should it be the UVOAT?)….the early 90′ Buick Skylark…that grill would scare a Predator….

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    Jnik. Citroen is almost in its own class, sort of the Burgess Shale of automotive design. All those novel shapes and appendages that appeared suddenly, but were evolutionary dead-ends that left no descendants. It would be unfair to pick out just one.

  • avatar

    Wow. No Bangle? That was hideous. And Fiat Multipla…never seen it before….but it looks like a goblin shark. Google it. It does. Funny.

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    I know Pontiac is dead, but the Asstech deserves to be in the top 10. hell top 3 of all time ugliest cars.

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    No Citroen Ami?

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    Colorado pickup! Lol please. Apparently you never saw a Pontiac Aztek, a Scion xBox or a Honda Element. I’ll give you a far worse looking pickup truck. The Toyota Turdra. With it’s mishapen front doesn’t match the back, it’s silly half closed in rear window on the extended cab models, it’s phantom of the opera two mask look dash that puts certain controls so far out of reach the passenger must activate them and the massive oversized grille that tries to out Ram the Dodge. Oh and lets not forget the rear door handle that is totally different than the front door and the silly goofy steering wheel that has controls on one side and not the other that reminds me of a car going down down the road with a headlight out.
    As for the current most ugly atrocity of a vehicle look no futher than the Nissan Cube. A better choice than the Azera would be a current Acura sedan with the meat clever front end.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    I still vote for the corporate twin of the Aztek, the Buick Rendevous. Thought the Acura ZDX is near the top as far as new vehicles. The worst thing about it is when you look at it, it’s hard to decide is it a coupe,a 4 dr hatch or a CUV or a jacked up 2 dr CUV?

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    google the pictures of suzuki swift dzire

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    What? No mention of the Reliant Robin? Or the hideous Mercedes R?? And I third and fourth the opinion of the Bangled Beemers! Even though he quit two years ago, his debris still contaminates the new models.

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