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Let’s be real: I am not rollin’ in an exotic. My middle-class wheels get me from Point A to Point B with a little fun in between, but it’s not something that’s going to get any panties thrown at it (that and the fact that I’m not a wealthy middle-aged man). The closest I get to those amazing pieces of vehicular art is the same as most of you: at the auto show and, if I’m very, very lucky, the occasional track day at which I’m either working or to which someone has graciously invited me.

In the last couple of weeks though, I have seen some ridiculously hot cars driving around town. Maybe it’s because summer, traditionally the season for showing off one’s hotness, is upon us. Maybe it’s because for the past couple of years the filthy rich have been dialing it down a bit so they don’t seem too terribly gauche in the face of the recession, and just want to play with their toys again.

Whatever the reason, I couldn’t be happier. Seeing one of these beauties makes my day and, I imagine, it makes the days of everyone else that sees them. It’s like seeing a stunning woman or sunset – you do a double take, smile, and revel in the fact that you live in a universe capable of creating such beauty.

I have seen four absolutely amazing (and pricey) exotics in the last two weeks. All have been in the swankier parts of town. That’s how I roll (in my middle-class wheels).

These photos are not of the actual cars I saw but are representative. In some cases taking a photo wasn’t practical (like when I was driving and getting passed at 95 MPH) or would’ve been weird, like in the parking lot of a home improvement store with my hands full of insecticide.

Regardless, here they are. Enjoy the eye candy! (REM: Sorry, I had to lift the pictures from on-line sources. Need to protect my anonymity. No pictures of my neighborhood, sorry.)

The Bugatti Veyron

I actually know who owns this one – not personally, but I know who it is. He has made his considerable fortune in porn and also owns a Lambo LP640. Must be how he gets all those girls to be in his, uh, art films. I hear he’s a true car aficionado and brings his babies out to track days whenever his busy porn schedule allows.

The Porsche 911 GT3

Saw this sweet little number in the parking lot of a restaurant after downing a very strong margarita. I checked with my designated driver to make sure I wasn’t wearing the world’s strongest beer goggles and he confirmed it was, in fact, a GT3. I’m pretty sure the owner was among the group of men sitting at the table directly behind me; the place wasn’t busy and they had that air of Masters of the Universe about them. This one was electric blue, much like the beauty I saw the next day…

The Audi R8

The very next afternoon I took a trip to my local home improvement store to pick up some hornet spray. While walking in I saw this goddess of a vehicle pull into the spot across from me. I loved that the owner parked between two other cars and wasn’t one of those d-bags that pulls lengthwise across three spots. I wasn’t her only admirer; every stock boy in the place came out to gawk.

The Lotus Exige

I don’t know which Exige it was because it blew past me on the freeway going at least 95 in a 65; from a distance I thought it might be a Spyker. No such luck, but pretty damn cool anyway. I saw him coming up in my rearview and gladly moved over, mostly to gawk as he sped by. Made for quite the exciting trip to Target!

So yeah, I kinda dig my neighborhood. What sweet wheels do you see around your neck of the woods?

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28 Comments on “The Booth Babe Chronicles: These Are The People In Your Neighborhood...”

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    Visit southwest Florida. Between Naples and Sarasota you can see most of the exotics. (no Bugatti yet).Others are fairly common especially in Naples.The A-8 I saw on I 75 last week was a very strange green.

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      True. Bentleys are like Camrys along the gold coast. I was visiting a friend in Boyton Beach two weekends back. He drives a beautiful new M3, which is nearly invisible down there amongst all the exotica.

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    Just yesterday I saw a car which had a flashing light in the back next to the taillight that turned on about half a block before the car turned. Something you see once in a great moon in the Boston suburbs.

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    I like to take weekend hikes in the parks along the Potomac in Great Falls/McLean, VA. That tony area is prime supercar sporting territory. Last weekend I saw two F430s, an R8 V10, a new ZR1 and countless 911 variants, including a GT2. Heading out that way a little later today – can’t wait to see what kind of rolling sculpture is out and about.

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      Surprised you didn’t see any Ferrari Californias or Aston Martins. I know there are at least four of the former and three of the latter in the area.

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    One completely blacked out Maserati Quattroporte…on the side of I-65 North heading to Nashville…with the flashers on and the trunk open…

    Also, guy in a subdivision just up the street from mine owns both a Ferrari 308 GTS and a Mondial. Most nice weekends sees one or the other out and about.

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    Having got back from Le Mans it seems that most cars here at home are awesome as the French only seem to drive base model variants, albeit new ones and very fast, with very little in the way of interesting/unusual/high end to look at.

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    I live north of Atlanta and on any given day in Buckhead (south of me, still north of Atlanta) you can see Bentley’s, Maybachs, Rolls’s Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, Porsche Carrera GT (usually not plural), Porsche GT2’s and 3’s, Masserati’s…

    The list continues down all the way to my GTI, and then further down to a rusted out VW bus that had its rear shocks completely blown and was driving with ~1/2″ of clearance in the back.

  • avatar

    A couple weekends ago on a Saturday evening I had to go up Telegraph to Bloomfield Hills and then returned via Woodward. Not counting some pretty rare muscle cars cruising on Woodward (like a real ’69 RS SS Camaro) I saw an R8, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a R-R Phantom Drophead Coupe, and a Ferrari 430 plus a couple more mundane Bentleys.

    Closer to home, I don’t live in a fancy neighborhood, but there are about a half dozen big footprint homes on my street owned by people that can afford to pretty much live wherever they want to but want to live within walking distance of a synagogue. One of them, an oral surgeon, is a bit of a car guy who bought his wife a M-B G-wagen and recently I noticed that he is using an Aston-Martin Vantage as his daily driver.

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    My own neighborhood tends toward ’65 El Caminos, but I saw 3 Bentleys out playing together Wednesday on the road to Mt. Lemmon in Tucson. Two coupes and a convertible; might have been hot weather testing, might have been bored rich guys.

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    Acc azda atch

    Ya know..


    Ive seen enough of the cars above, with pics on my phone to know.. these dont impress me. Only the MC-12 raises an eyebrow for me.

    Ya REALLY do ya self a SEVERE dis-service when talking down about the car you drive.. and the exotics.

    The cars you have pics of.. are north of the 55g line, with I believe the Lotus Elise being the cheapest.. and most take a HARD depreciation within 3-4yrs.

    YOU CAN.. drive BETTER and have more FUN cars than the middle class stuff that gets you from A – B.

    I know you have all kinds of knowledge into the automotive industry. There are DOZENS of really nice and expensive cars that you COULD be driving.. and not have to eek out a tiny amount of fun..

    I don’t count SUVs / CUVs to be sporting.. or to have any fun. ya don’t drive these things around for fun.. its for driver’s own inadequate protection.

    Here is a nice little list.. of FUN CARS to drive.. which tells ya.. ya don’t need to be driving ANY of the cars above.. to enjoy the experience.

    Driving is not about Point A – B.

    Mazdaspeed3 come to mind.
    The last Mazdaspeed6 come to mind..
    RX8 also comes to mind.. in the top sport edition.. if ya can go to Japan or Europe.. a anniversary one is there

    Removing all elements of SUVS / CUVS / Vans and or barges..

    M5 comes to mind..
    Europe has the M5 Wagon
    M3 is decent.
    Take the 1 series.. and load it up like the 2002ti.

    If ya can stand GM (and I cannot)
    The G8 GXP is a big deal.
    Solstice / Sky in the GXP were decent (If you can stand GM and their b.s badge jobs)

    Impreza WRX STI is decent.. with the hatch if at all possible.
    Evo is decent, even if the company blows ass.
    Legacy Spec B from the last gen is what Id go for, in the wagon (screw the bloated top heavy domestic mass mess.)

    Nissan has the Z in Nismo mode, and the Maxima in the 3.5.. but the Altima was available in the SE-R mode in blue with the stick.

    Honda. No.

    Ford has the Stang.. and has the Focus RS for Europe.

    Porsche always has the 911
    I discount the Cayman / Boxster cause of their lack of point. They both have enough badge an tape jobs to kill me from the press releases. And they both have the same customer driving.
    Their *cough Toureg cough* SUV is gutless
    And the sedan is pointless.

    VW has the GTI or the Scirocco. They also have the Passat or Jetta in a sport model and or a wagon.. (could be possible to get the right color with the right actual sport options.. in the wagon)

    Chrysler.. no.

    I wont even mention Hyun / Kia.

    Toyota.. No.
    Ya dont buy a sporting car from Toyota.

  • avatar

    Not more than 1/2 an hr ago I drove right by a Bricklin. Besides the fact it was white. . . it was like seeing a ghost.

  • avatar

    I’ve seen all of the above and tons more at the Cars and Coffee get-together in Irvine. If you live in southern Cal check it out sometime, it happens every Saturday morning. Not an ‘organized’ car show, just hundreds of enthusiasts showing up with their amazing cars, to be around other amazing cars and the people who appreciate them.

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    About 100 miles west of Houston, the most exotic cars are in my garage. Unless you think some 4×4 truck is special.

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    I can’t believe how many ferrari 16ms and carrera gts I saw while walking through shops at legacy one day. I’d say that’s a rare occurrence, but the next time I was there the pick of the day was a black lp640 valeted at the front of one of the restaurants. I used to have a neighbor who drove a newer quattroporte, the sound alone of which brightens the otherwise mundane trek through suburbia. To say I see GTRs somewhat often around here wouldn’t be out of line. If you wanted to see a bentley you wouldn’t have to look too far. This abundance of exoticism makes the infuriating lack of general driving intelligence around Dallas all the more strange. I have seen many a ferrari, but I couldn’t tell you what a ferrari turn signal looks like.

  • avatar

    I live in Leesburg, Va, and there is an exotics dealer about 10 minutes away in Sterling. That, coupled with the upper class nature of the area, leads to quite a few sightings. I see a Lambo, Ferrari, Maserati, or some other high-end vehicle about once a month or so. And someone in my neighborhood drives a yellow GT3, though I haven’t seen it in a while.

  • avatar

    If I see any car that I consider fun, it always brings a smile to my face, whether an old muscle car or a new go-faster. However, there’s a car I keep seeing around the GM’s Milford Proving Grounds. It’s black, and I’ll notice from a distance that it’s not a typical car (and certainly not from GM). I stare at it, with my mind whirring through profiles of cars, like in the old show Airwolf. I keep drawing a blank until it passes by me, and I realize it’s a Nissan GT-R.

    I actually like this car, but at the same time, I guess it’s hard to get excited about a car that you can’t recognize.

  • avatar

    Eh..Not many exotics to see around here, unfortunately. I saw a California a few months ago, and a white Quattroporte along with a white 996 cab last summer. Also an E60 M5 sometime in the last year too.. And a guy at work drives a really nice 911(964) that i see at work most weeks in the summer.

    Does a Fiero count? I saw one of those few days ago *funnyhaha-smiley*.

  • avatar

    I just love seeing SRT8 and RT Challengers. I’m bored of (seeing) Mustangs and Camaros. Something about the real muscle shape and the 20″ rims just eats at my heart. The sound of the HEMI is just pure lust to me.

    I actually prefer giving a ‘thumbs up’ to a driver of cool mid-level performance cars rather than exotics simply because they already know people love their car. It’s good to show appreciation to those who are putting all their pennies (even if its not as much) into something fun… a fast (as you can afford) car.

    Also, I’m from Ottawa, Canada so we dont have many exotics up here besides a few Ferraris and Lambos. Need to go to Toronto or Montreal to see more.

    Nevertheless, cars rock :)

  • avatar

    The most impressive thing I’ve seen this week was an old Jaguar Mark V at a wedding. (Obviously the bridal car). One of the guests came in a riced-out R34 GT-R, with a big, boomy muffler and ridiculously thin tires.

    I see a few exotics every now and then, but somehow, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or a Ford GT doesn’t excite me as much as seeing an old Bentley Turbo R, a cherry BMW 2002ti or a Volvo 850 T5R.

    I’m funny that way.

    I will admit that I always give Porsche 911s admiring glances. Especially if they’re a GT3RS or a GT2 and they’re “booking it” down the highway. But then, a 911 is a dinosaur, after all.

  • avatar

    In Oakville, Ontario, there seems to be more sports cars than regular cars. Since I’m a garbage collector, I get to see these cars up close. Last week, for instance, I saw:

    A restored (probably) 50’s Rolls Royce
    A 50’s or so Bentley
    A couple Audi R8s
    A number of Porsche 911s
    A Maserati of some sort
    Lotus Elise
    Several Corvettes
    Ferrari Maranello
    Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari 355
    Lambo Murcielago
    Lambo Diablo

    And probably several more that I’ve forgotten already.

  • avatar

    I saw a Ferrari this weekend in traffic. Last weekend I covered a car show and found a mint 1974 Celica. The Celica absolutely captured my attention because they are not common in pristine condition.I live in a small western Canadian city of slightly less than 100,000 people. Upscale trucks are very common here,Ferraris and other exotics exist in small numbers in my community. Mint 1974 Celicas simply don’t exist in my area,so the little Japanese sports car gets my vote.I’m not a real sophisticated guy though.

  • avatar

    Living in Western Michigan, the opportunities to spot exotica are mostly limited to this time of year. In my own neighborhood in the southern Suburbs of Grand Rapids, I have commonly seen an old 308 GTS(?) roaming around down here.

    We’re deep into GM territory, so old GM muscle cars are old news. We have Berger Chevy, which puts out special editions of various hopped up Chevy models (with the help of companies like SLP).

    If I go out towards the Eastern Suburbs (closer to the home of Amway), it’s not unusual to see all kinds of exotica. I have seen Astons, Lambos, Rollers, many AMGs, tuner Porsches, and Loti.

    Unfortunately, the printing business has not been very good to me, so I will have to remain content with my Pontiacs.

  • avatar

    I don’t usually see many fancy cars out and about in my neck of the woods(norcross, suburb of atlanta), but 3 months ago, I saw a bentley coupe stopped to look at a house for sale in our neighborhood.

    If we assume it was the cheap one, thats still 40k more cost in the car than they were asking for the house. I just figured he was a drug dealer.

  • avatar

    The Beltway around Washington, DC on Sunday mornings. On sunny days year-round, the DC swells exercise their exotics in a leisurely loop around the 64-mile Beltway. I find myself looking for excuses to jump onto the Beltway on Sunday mornings. I’ve seen everything, though a favorite remains a green first-generation 911 in rally livery.

    I dare anyone to think of any OTHER reason to get on the DC Beltway.

  • avatar

    Around here (Northern NJ) I see a guy on Rt. 287 about every other day in a Lotus Elise, so it must be his daily driver. I really admire his sense of style, and willingness to take a risk. His practicality, not so much.

  • avatar

    Not many exotics in my area, but there is a guy a few blocks from me who occasionally has a bright red late 70s Lotus Esprit in his driveway. Love that car.

  • avatar

    Cycled by a BMW M3 Lightweight parked in my garage on the way to work today…

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