Chevy's 8 1/2 Foot Bed Longhorn Truck Hauls More Ass

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
chevy s 8 1 2 foot bed longhorn truck hauls more ass

Take a good look at this Chevy truck’s bed, if you can: six inches from the front of the bed, there’s a seam. That’s where the extra inches were welded on to make a Longhorn, America’s only 8 1/2 foot long production pickup. Why bother with six extra inches? To make room for one more Hooters girl, obviously. Weight distribution, for the ever larger slide-in campers that were all the rage back then. The C30 Longhorn could take a twelve foot camper, without the horrendous sway that was so common to see back then, with folks trying to haul camper and big families in their half-ton trucks. How many vacations turned (over) into nightmares? This nice truck with a 402 CID big block is available for sale, with an asking price of $14,500! Not to be left out, Ford had a solution to the camper problem too.

Ford went a different route, with their new 1973 model Camper Special, which had a longer wheelbase, but still kept the eight foot bed by relocating the rear wheel wells further back. That opened up an opportunity, to store the spare tire in a large opening compartment on the side, just ahead of the rear wheel. You can see the bottom of the spare hanging out below the bed. A very elegant solution.

Ironically, Chevy stopped offering an extended wheelbase pickup in 1973, just as Ford got into it, handing that limited market to Ford. Now that F-350 CS would really be just the thing when I go to the quarry to haul gravel. Two yards instead of one!

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  • Rcdickey Rcdickey on Apr 26, 2010

    I don't drink so I could care less what kind of alcohol Hooters serves. I do however like the food. It's no more expensive than any of the other restaurants with waiters/waitresses but the attitude of the servers is far better. Yes they are taught the act in order to sell more and get bigger tips. I'm aware and eat what I want and tip what is customary. If others are suckered it's their own fault. Some other restaurants could learn from them. The service at my local Hooters is outstanding and did I mention I personally like the food? Oh yeah, I did. By the way, some are corporately owned and some are fanchises. It makes a difference. I have visited some outside my are that were not as good.

  • Shiney2 Shiney2 on Apr 27, 2010

    I hate Hooters. Its like a corporate strip club for hypocrites, complete with committee planned fake wholesomeness so we can pretend they are not just selling T&A. It is beyond pathetic that they pretend to be a "family" restaurant and advertise business meeting space. What lunatic would actually schedule a meeting there? I hold real strip clubs and real strippers in higher regard, at least they are up front about the product they are selling and not trying to market themselves as a place to take the kids for dinner.

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