Flash! Mazda To Introduce Brake Override

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
flash mazda to introduce brake override

Mazda doesn’t want to get caught in a “what did you know and when did you know it” and has decided to put brake override systems into all models to be launched anywhere in the world from now on, reports The Nikkei [sub].

Mazda also plans to put brake override systems into existing models when they get a refresh. A reflash of existing cars on the road was not mentioned. According to the Nikkei, Mazda “has not received any reports or complaints on problems or accidents stemming from faulty brakes or unwanted acceleration.” They decided do it “amid the growing worldwide interest in vehicle safety.” Any connections with Toyota are purely coincidental.

Speaking of Toyota, they will also equip all their models with brake override systems in the future. They will also reflash some of their existing models. Vehicles from Nissan already have the system.

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  • CarPerson CarPerson on Mar 09, 2010

    Toyota seems to have put a lot of thought into their proposed brake-throttle interlock algorithm (or "schema") so it is entirely transparent in normal use. This includes starting on a hill, getting the vehicle un-stuck, precision driving like up a ramp or onto a car lift, etc. Let's hope Mazda is thinking along the same lines as Toyota.

    • Robert.Walter Robert.Walter on Mar 09, 2010

      If the NHTSA were on the ball, they would be convening an industry round-table, similar to what they did with EDR back in about 2000, they would be able to develop an industry-wide set of minimum specifications (think sequences and timing) and standards (think PRNDL) and, as per normal FMVSS Standards, the actual design solution would be left to the OEM.

  • Midelectric Midelectric on Mar 09, 2010

    OMG, is this why my Mazda suddenly and unexpectedly slowed down while I was on the highway this morning!!? It was terrifying, I kept pushing the accelerator frantically but the car kept going slower and slower!!! It's like it was possessed or something!! I barely had enough time to call my congressman and plead for a hearing before I was stranded at the side of the road, and with coffee spilled all over my pants!

    • Carfreakkk Carfreakkk on Mar 10, 2010

      No, it sounds like your timing belt is about to snap, I would get it checked if I were you. This would have nothing to do with your breaks.

  • Craig Blome Craig Blome on Mar 09, 2010

    Ever used a poor man's limited slip? (power braking to climb a slippery incline) I have to do this to get our Odyssey up the rhino ramps if there is any precipitation on the ground. Useful trick on the boat ramp too. How's that supposed to work if brake overrides are mandated?

    • Robert.Walter Robert.Walter on Mar 09, 2010

      Early-reports indicate Toyota's new brake-override system takes this into account. As well as situations where people are trying to rock a car out of snow, etc.

  • Pacificpom2 Pacificpom2 on Mar 09, 2010

    It will end up like this, Scene: A Car showroom Characters: A purchaser, A salesperson Salesperson: Welcome Sir/Madame, and thank for purchasing our SXV5000 SupuDupa Mobile Purchaser: Thankyou for your kind words, can I take my car home? Salesperson: No problems, just show me your licence to operate this vehicle and you can take it home. Purchaser: Licence to operate? why do you want to see my drivers licence? Salesperson: No, not your drivers licence, your operators licence to prove that you have had instruction on how to start, steer, brake and shut down this particular vehicle. Purchaser: Whaa??? Salesperson: Well, back in the early 21st century a large car producer was brought down by drivers who didn't know the basics of operating a large moving mass of metal and plastic. So they decided to actually educate and teach people how to operate said vehicles. Now you must know how to operate this vehicle, not mearly drive it........