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This Legacy wagon is ready for snow (how do they do that?),  if only there were any, here or in Vancouver. While the East is inundated, we’ve had the warmest January on record, and Stephanie is out planting in the garden. But its good to be ready, even for the unexpected:

I see the distinctive pointed tips of skis on the roof of this Isuzu Amigo. So he’s ready for snow too, as well as other unforeseen events.

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21 Comments on “Curbside Classic Outtake: Ready For Snow As Well As Alien Attacks Edition...”

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    I grew up with a 91 Legacy just like that. Maroon red with a tan interior, and the air suspension. I loved the interior of it, it was light and airy and the bits and pieces were lovely compared to the 4000S quattro we had before it.

    The front air suspension exploded one day on a rough road. Both bags blew up simultaneously. Instead of spending more than the car was worth repairing them, my dad took them out and threw in some springs off a Camaro. Crude, but it worked for a few years before we sold it. And I still see it on the roads today, about 10 years after we got rid of it.

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    That Amigo appears to sport Washington state plates (the Mt. Rainier default plate), so its not even your garden variety Oregon nutbar usually featured here.

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    Wasn’t this particular car Audi’s Test Mule for the Quattro AllRoad??

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    Seth L

    Hey, when did you hit the ‘couve? I’ll buy you a drink!

    Be sure to check out the “1st amendment LTD” up on 78th street in Hazel dell.

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    I had that exact same Legacy wagon…a 90 model, but same color. Was great in the snowy icy winters of Appalachian Virginia, but then the automatic tranny died at 120k. My 85 GL-10 wagon (2wd, stick shift) was better…ran it up to 190k and gave it away still running, though the timing belt was hanging by a thread.

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    Not all the East is inundated. I’m in upstate NY and have seen more dandruff on the shoulders of bald men than snow on the ground this year. Seriously, we had one 3 incher a month or two ago and every other storm has been south and east of us since. My poor kids couldn’t build a snow cockroach, much less a snow man.

    Good thing I spent all that money on new tires.

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    Yup. Got a 1991. Have 244,000 miles on it so far. Great in the snow. Bought it for 500 bucks. I love it.

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    The photo shows the maximum height of the air suspension-equipped first-gen Legacys. We enjoyed ours – a ’90 Legacy LS AWD automatic, with different alloy wheels than this ’91. My dad had bought it new and gave it to us 8 years later, having replaced one air shock and all the tubing. We replaced two more air shocks ($400-500 each at the dealer – not the sort of thing we’d trust to our usual shop) over the next 5 years. In February 2003 (the last huge DC-area winter storm until this year) it suddenly started to overheat, coolant was discovered in the tailpipe, and we bought the car we’d wanted all along: a new Legacy wagon, of course, but with a 5-speed. This winter especially, we’re glad to have it.

    To my eyes there’s only one Subaru-like car still sold by Subaru of America: the Impreza five-door 2.5. I liked the previous Forester and Legacy just fine, however.

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      “To my eyes there’s only one Subaru-like car still sold by Subaru of America: the Impreza five-door 2.5. I liked the previous Forester and Legacy just fine, however.”

      From one Subi owner to another: Sad but so true. (Although the WRX and STI still count too…) Although even the Imprezas have abandoned the wagon form factor because “Americans won’t buy wagons” (An unlikely story at best…) But yes, the new Forrester is a horrid CRV wannabe, and the Outback has devolved into god-knows-what.

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      To each his own, but if the Forester was not “CRV/Escape/RAV4 like” we’d have never considered it. The old “wagon look” didn’t do it for us. We have a ’10 Forester Premium and love it. With few exceptions, on specs alone it beats these competitors in my mind. With the heavy snow fall this winter we are glad to have it.

      Given the increase in Subie sales it appears the motoring public agrees with the direction SOA is going with it’s line.

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      I understand perfectly the attraction the new larger Forester has for people who may not have considered a Subaru before, such as our neighbors around the corner who got a new one last month when their 7-year-old Passat sedan died. But coming up from smaller cars as I did (’83 Civic 1300 with 12-inch wheels), the four generations of Legacy wagons, 1990-2007, were the ideal combination of utility, build quality,* and the fun that can be had – even on dry roads – with AWD and a low center of gravity. Even the pre-2010 Outback (we’ve had a few in my extended family) felt too high up off the ground for that sort of driving enjoyment. The Impreza is the only non-tall Subaru now sold in the U.S., and although I’m glad Subaru is thriving, it assuredly has left behind some of its adherents (going back to 1986 in my family’s case).

      *Well, OK, the air suspension turned out to be a bad idea and was scrapped after the first generation.

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    A friend of mine has an 89 DL wagon 4×4 5spd with something like 250k on the clock, with the org. motor and trans. It runs great and we both love it!

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    Steven Lang

    Back in 2000 I bought a 1989 Subaru GL/DL (don’t remember which) for $425 at a public auction I worked at. It was literally the only vehicle I ever bought from the place because the quality of the cars was so terrible. I used to call it ‘The Red Light District’ because everything sold under the red light which means as/is.

    Anyhow, I replaced the water pump on it and used it as a beer run vehicle for my hasher get togethers. The version I had was FWD and had about 109k if I remember correctly.

    I later sold it for $2300 to one of the most bizarre souls I ever met. He was a stockbroker, supposedly trying to help these teenage drug addicts and literally asked me one question before buying the car, “Is it a good car?”. No test drive. No look under the hood. Nothing.

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    I have a 1993 Legacy L AWD wagon with 272k miles on it. It is still running. Original 2.2 l engine (never apart), clutch, and transmission. With KYB AGX struts all around and a dollop of negative camber this car is perfect for my commute over mountain roads, even if it’s snowing.

    On the strength of the ’93 I bought an ’05 LGT wagon 5MT, and that car is everything I wanted: all the solidity of the ’93 but with way more power. It will have to last as long as the ’93, at least, but it’s doing fine so far.

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    Damn global warming.

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    The funny thing is, these two vehicles were probably assembled in the same plant in Lafayette, IN.

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    A thousand miles or so south, I’m shoveling deep snow here in the San Bernardino mountains. Big Bear should have hosted the Olympics this time. One of the funniest things I’ve seen this winter is a WRX on summer tires attempting to drive on my street in the snow. AWD is worthless with a low air (snow) dam and the wrong rubber.

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    That… is the kind of Subbie I dream about.

    Then I wake up.. and see it chest pumping against Escapes..

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