We Interrupt Sales Numbers With This Vintage Daytona Shelby Z Ad

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer

And for anyone wanting to relive the past further, here’s a link to a MT Daytona IROC R/T review. Don Sherman’s comments (at the bottom) are the best (brutally honest) part.

Paul Niedermeyer
Paul Niedermeyer

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  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Jan 05, 2010

    Is this the Daytona with the broom bristles under the door sills to make it look lower? And does ANYONE pay full price for a Detroit product? Why? Wait a few months and they'll be on sale...

    • Thalter Thalter on Jan 05, 2010

      Actually, they weren't bristles, but rubber skirts, as I recall. They were supposedly for ground effects, and weren't limited to Daytonas (IROC-Z Camaros had them too, IIRC).

  • Robert.Walter Robert.Walter on Jan 05, 2010

    Thanks for that blast from the past. Best part of the commercial for me, however (despite the hair-flipping brunette), was the last 4sec when I heard the voice of our late-great and much beloved J.P.McCarthy of WJR-AM radio (dude was the coolest and best connected guy on Detroit radio, and instead of music, he did news, weather, talk and interviews ... if you wanted to hear the Detroit movers and shakers doing their best huckster routine and spreading schmalz and hubris, this was the station to listen to (even now, I remember snippets of Lutz, Runkle, etc. interviews) ... must have heard him on the radio every morning from 5-36 years of age (until I moved away, and he later developed acute myeloid leukemia and too quickly died.)

  • Jjd241 Jjd241 on Jan 06, 2010

    That guy does not know how sport a mullet. Now back in the day I can assure you my mullet was worthy of a car like this.

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Jan 12, 2010

    Thanks lady for flipping your hair and sprinkling fuzz all over my food. Hairnet please!!! LOL! It's easy for me to see how cars go from run of the mill stuff to classics though. It's been so long since I saw a nice 80s Chrysler product that I'd look one over pretty closely for a few minutes at a car show. Still don't want one but time has eased my bad feelings about them. I remember riding all over with a friend in his WELL-worn Daytona. It had been hit on both ends and the driver's door overlapped the body at both ends of the door. It drove and rode a little funny too. He didn't have a clue until I pointed it out. He paid on the car for 6 months or so but had so much trouble with it that he GAVE it back to the dealer. Did not try to negotiate a deal to recoup any of his payments. ?!?!? Car prob lived a very hard life from the moment it drove off the delivery truck so I don't fault it. After that we rode all over in my well worn '66 Mustang that about 30 different people had owned and driven hard before me. It had it's own problems - like rust and a howling rear axle.