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Toyota’s recall of 2m vehicles in Europe isn’t doing much to clarify the chaos surrounding the unintended acceleration panic that is enveloping the company. Eight models are being removed from Europe’s roads, including Auris, Avensis, Aygo, Corolla, iQ, RAV4, Verso and Yaris. The fact that two of these models (iQ and RAV4) are built exclusively in Japan (European Corollas are built in Japan and South Africa), seems to suggest that the problem is not limited to gas pedal assemblies supplied by CTS, which has been blamed for the US recall. The other models are built in France (Yaris), Turkey (Auris, Verso), the Czech Republic (Aygo) and the UK (Avensis, Auris). According to Automotive News [sub], the recall affects these models built between Feb. 2005 and this month, even though

Toyota lengthened the arm of the friction lever and changed its materials on all vehicles produced in Europe using the subject accelerator pedals starting in mid-August 2009

Curiouser and curiouser…

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16 Comments on “Toyota’s Recalled European Models Revealed, Includes Made-In-Japan Models...”

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    I may have missed it but I have not seen anyone including Toyota blaming CTS for the recall. I have seen a CTS executive unequivocally state the pedals were manufactured to Toyota’s specifications.

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    Mr Carpenter

    Sounds to me like there is going to be a “Ford-Firestone” sort of permanent divorce going on with supplier CTS and Toyota before long.

    I suspect that given that the damage is done, Toyota execs figure they may as well recall everything possible all at once and get it all over with.

    The big Honda recall doesn’t hurt Toyota’s feelings, either, I suspect.

    I once read that Malcolm Bricklin was always sort of annoyed that everyone thought the Yugo cars he imported into the USA were “disposible junk” cars. He once was interviewed and reminded the interviewer that NEVER was there one single recall on any Yugo sold in the USA.

    Naturally, this doesn’t make them good cars. But Bricklin’s engineers had obviously done their jobs well (and of course, it is a darned sight easier to improve one very basic design and make it right compared to hundreds if not thousands of different automotive variations, that’s a given).

    But it’s interesting nevertheless.

    Anyone else old enough to recall the first ever huge recall? Chevrolet motor mounts would tear, allowing the engine to move under full throttle – trapping the throttle linkage at full throttle – it was millions of 1960’s Chevies.

    The recall fix wasn’t the replacement of the motor mounts. It was the addition of a chain to keep the engine from moving very far when the motor mount tore!

    Nothing new under the sun, apparently…

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      Malcolm was either interviewed before the cars were launched, or he was smokin’ dope at the time of the interview, or he convinced him self that not all recalls are recalls.

      To wit: 1986 Yugo GV, 86V022, 12k units, Seat belt mountings front and rear.

      Not so different from a year ago when Auto News interviewed the CEO of Smart USA … CEO: We had a flawless launch; AN: No recalls either?, CEO: No recalls, perfect launch, we are great yada yada! Problem is, CEO dude forgot about 08V390, 43 units where the windshield frame was repainted consequence being the windshield could pop-out during a frontal collision causing loss of structural integrity.

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    What in God’s name is that abomination in the photo? It looks like someone did an accidental click-and-drag in the solids modeler before they sent the files to the die maker…

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    They started fixing the problem last August?

    SO much for doing the right thing.

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    My co-worker just bought a 2010 RAV4, but when inquiring about the recall, her dealer informed her that her car was manufactured in Japan (according to the VIN) and does not have the faulty pedal. I guess the Euro RAV4 made in Japan differs from the sold-in-U.S. RAV4 made in Japan.

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      Cammy Corrigan

      Mr bmoredlj,

      I’m guessing that you’re from Europe (UK?). The dealer is correct. Euro RAV4’s are made in Japan. North American ones (at least) are made in Canada.

      But I’d tell your colleague to try again with the dealer. Japanese built RAV4’s are being recalled.

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      i live in new york and recently leased a 2010 Rav4. According to our VIN #, we do not have the faulty pedal, but we have experienced the accelerator problem. Did you have the same experience?

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    The Toyota folks didn’t wake up one day and say “there’s an accelerator pedal problem”. And then wake up the next day and say “here’s the fix”. It’s a complicated problem and the solution involves careful investigation and solutions. It’s an unfair characterization to say “it’s one of those d*mn American vendors”. Rushing to a solution that will cost millions of dollars which may not fix the problem or even cause different problems will not be productive.

    The “Ford-Firestone divorce” is one way to solve that problem from a public relations standpoint. “We got rid of the bad folks”. But you’d better actually fix the problem – like Mr. Ford don’t endorse very low tire pressures to improve the ride of your Explorer truck.

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    With the Matrix on the recall list, where does this put it’s (NUMMI built) platform sibling, the Pontiac Vibe?

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    Does the Corolla part of the recall include the Corolla Rumion (wagon)? 2008-2010 Scion xB owners might be interested in that information…

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