Renault Threatens Denmark With Project Better Place Pullout

Cammy Corrigan
by Cammy Corrigan
renault threatens denmark with project better place pullout

Denmark is keen to show the world, especially after the Copenhagen Conference, that they mean “green.” Denmark is setting up an infrastructure to support electric car recharging, however the other side to this grand scheme are throwing their toys out of the electric car. The Copenhagen Post reports that Renault are threatening to withdraw the electric cars which they were supposed to supply to “Better Place”, the company monitoring the installation of the electric car infrastructure. The reason behind this shocking behaviour (see what I did there?) is that Renault believe that the Danish government are not giving enough favourable car tax breaks to electric cars. The government’s policy is to give electric cars exemption from normal vehicle registration tax of 180%* until 2012.

But previous Climate and Energy minister, Connie Hedegaard hinted that an exemption or a tax reduction would be extended until 2015, but no clarification has been given. ‘If we don’t get a clarification, then we at Renault want to focus on other countries for the first electric cars,’ Henrik Bang CEO of Renault Denmark said. Mr Bang also added that Renault wanted the issue resolved within six months. Jørgen Hostmann, an expert in electric car technology at the Technical University of Denmark, is telling the government to take Renault’s threat extremely seriously. “If Denmark wants to be a testing ground for electric cars, it will have to create a base for new companies and open up greater opportunities for existing companies. Without clarification on the tax issue, there is doubt,” Hostmann said. The current Climate and Energy minister, Lykke Friis, said that the issue was “complicated” and that the government was working with the stakeholders in the project to resolve the issue.

It’s looking like the French government might be starting to enjoy mixing politics with their car industry a bit too much. Maybe the Danish government should speak to BMW… the Bavarians have some experience snatching contracts away from Renault.

* = That’s right, you didn’t misread. 180%. In researching this article, I went to to compare prices. A base model Toyota Prius costs 385,041 Danish Krone. Which works out to be, roughly, £45,000. Or roughly $73,000. Never mind burning rubber (not that you could in a Prius), what about the hole burnt in your pocket? [Editor’s note: a recent discussion of European car price comparisons can be found here]

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  • Nullo Nullo on Jan 24, 2010

    @ FromBrazil: Words to live by indeed! I just couldn't sit tight and listen to Adub spew out lies and misconceptions. @ T2: We both teach at private schools so...anyway...we earn pretty much the same as public school teachers. And yeah...we're organized in a are +95% of Denmarks work force.

  • Larshvelplund Larshvelplund on Nov 23, 2010

    A lot of studies indicate that Danes are one of the happiest people in the world. And that's gotta be the best way to measure how good a country is doing right? Maybe happiness does not come from buying a large 4-wheel drive or seeing a big fat pay check every month. We are (in DK) happy to support each other and making sure that our neighbour is doing all right. It gives a certain satisfaction not to see homeless people on the street (the only homeless people in Denmark are people who've individually chosen to be so=almost none) plus knowing that no matter who you are and what your income is there's a place for you in a hospital. That Denmark owe their freedom to the US is just absurd. That belief represent the attitude that such a big part of the world can't stand. Americans, gods people, are above all. Best regards, Lars Hvelplund

  • Tassos VW's EV program losses have already been horrific, and with (guess, Caveman!) the Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory growing with leaps and bounds, the future was already quite grim for VW and the VW Group.THis shutdown will not be so temporary.The German Government may have to reach in its deep pockets, no matter how much it hates to spend $, and bail it out."too big to fail"?
  • Billccm I had a 1980 TC3 Horizon and that car was as reliable as the sun. Underappreciated for sure.
  • Inside Looking Out I did not notice, did they mention climate change? How they are going to fight climate change, racism and gender discrimination. I mean collective Big 3.
  • Lou_BC I'm not too picky about gloves. If I'm concerned about heavy oil or grease contamination, I'll donn nitrile gloves. Heavier work and I'll use "old school" leather gloves, fake leather, synthetic or whatever is available.
  • Dusterdude Getting the popcorn ready . May be a good plan for strikers to make sure they own good winter jackets for future pickets .