Giant Loads, Vintage Road Trains, and Push-Pull Trucks

giant loads vintage road trains and push pull trucks

Truck Saturdays is when I can safely indulge my love of big rigs. And BigLorryBlog is the place to do it. Here’s a few selections picked for your truck viewing pleasure. This is described as a 325-ton transformer and 6000hp of go-power courtesy of five 8×8 Tractomas monster pullers and a 10×10 Tractomas pusher up the back crossing a bridge. Here’s another view:

On to what seems like a dinky toy, the vintage Australian road train:

Australian road trains always fascinated me as a kid, given how restrictive truck lengths used to be in the east coast (one 40′ trailer max.). But going way back, Australians pushed the envelope with their multi-trailer road trains, like this quad from the sixties. Of course, things have changed here too; in Oregon, triple trailers are now allowed, although I generally get the hell away from them as quickly as I can, given the sway I sometimes see on the last unit.

Here’s a couple of vintage British Scammell trucks hauling what was described as the “British Space Probe to the sun”. Which came with the question “How will it survive the heat?” “They’re going at night”. Corny.

This un-photo-chopped truck is what the Mont Blanc Tunnel fire department uses, for pretty self-explanatory reasons

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  • Lynn Ellsworth Lynn Ellsworth on Jan 11, 2010
    Especially if these government and environmental assclowns succeed in jacking the cost of fuel way up above market value. Let me try to understand things better: bankers give credit to people who shouldn't have credit then bet they can't pay off their loans, our government gives gifts to the health care industry, we start a war in Iraq while the bad guys are in Afghanistan, OPEC lies about how much oil is still left, we spend billions on a fence to keep cheap labor from being able to get into the U.S. and keep our food prices low, GM management runs their company into the ground, and the environmentalists are at fault. Have I got it all figured out?

  • AndyinMA I like these a lot, of course they will sell.
  • KOKing My parents bought 2 new Datsuns By Nissan during this time, albeit neither was a 810 (81 510 2dr 4sp and 82 720KC 5sp). A schoolmate's dad had the 810 diesel. Nowadays the crankshaft from one is the most valuable at $1-1.5k as they're used to make strokers for Z cars.
  • ScarecrowRepair I've seen both "Magentic" and "Magnetic", as you have here. Which is it?
  • TyL As listed actually.
  • Ajla I assume these will be Lincoln Black Label style "themes" rather than trims. "Celestiq Mist" sounds like a something from a skin treatment infomercial in 1998.