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My stash of old car magazines fell off the shelf in the craziness of re-arranging my office. It’s not very large, but time always stops when I open a C/D from 1963, 1967 or 1971. In just a few minutes, I encountered dozens of cars I’d like to find for CC. Some of them I’m sure I will eventually; others not too likely. A Glas 1700 GT? I had zero memory of that being imported to the US, and I tend to not forget obscurities like that. Here’s a few quick ones; if you like, we’ll do it again sometime.

The rest you’ll have to pick out from the gallery: (double click to blow up your selected pic)

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21 Comments on “Curbside Classics We’d Like To Find: Vintage Ad Scans As Temporary Substitutes...”

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    Funny as you look through old ads, the advertising hasn’t changed for over 50 years, just the prices.

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      I’m not a specialist on the PC boundaries of marketing, but something tells me that “It’s even prettier underneath” (see ’67 Barracuda ad) might not necessarily fly today…

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      Regarding the Audi ad, one thing that has definitely changed is that today, no other car brand would ever boast of an association with the Volkswagen dealer service experience!

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    Paul……………..I’m hoping someday you come across a Mercury LN7 — haven’t seen one in years.

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    “Funny as you look through old ads, the advertising hasn’t changed for over 50 years, just the prices.”

    …And the cars.

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    That Glas GT looks like a mini-Maserati.

    That Audi’s pricetag sure is a blast from the past.

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    FIAT ad: “full light windows all around” – all we get now is gun slit windows. What’s next? Peep holes in place of windows?

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    I’d like to see all the psychedelic cartoon Plymouth musclecar ads from the 1968-1970 timeframe, but if I can only get one:

    1968 Road Runner
    (accelerati rapidus maximus)

    2-page, color cartoon, Motor Trend, circa 1967.


    1968 Pontiac GTO in median crossover on Woodward Avenue
    1st page caption: “The Great One by Pontiac.”
    2nd page caption: “You know the rest of the story.”

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    I used to own a 1982 Ford EXP. I liked it! Check out this site for more info:

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    Like it very much Mr. Niedermeyer. Another score for you sir! MAybe you make something like this into a general fixture. The we could comment both on the cars and the ads. Loved this!


    Expecially the Peugeots ads. Very gutsy!

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    This is great! I love vintage ads, and I have quite a number of them, with several posted on a website. Feel free to message me for the link if you like, there are a number from the 70’s and 80’s in particular. Also, if you can find it, look for the book “Boulevard Photographic”, it shows a lot of the classic Big Three ads from way back, and gives a lot of history as well.


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    If you like vintage car ads, here’s a nice website I found recently:

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    the duke

    Funny you show the 1964 GTO Paul. A couple of days after you CC’d my Stude I was driving it in Portland on Foster Ave. and pulled up next to a guy in a…1964 GTO. We nodded and smiled at each other. Always a funny feeling when I pull up to another car that old, I tend to think to myself, “could these two cars have met 40 years ago on the street?”. Not that cars would likely recall such chance encounters.

    As for the Avanti, if my Dad ever gets one, I’ll let you know!

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    That GLAS GT is actually very attractive. They should make a kit car like that that fits on a Miata chassis.

    BTW, those Fiberfabs…are they still in business or not? Does anyone have any experience with them? Up until recently, there was one for sale not far away (VW-based…not mid-engined). Don’t know what they wanted for it…

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    I love pulling out my first Road & Track from 1970 and looking at those wonderful ads, but I always weep when I get to the back and look at the used car market: used 427 Cobra for 10,000 dollars, used Ferrari 250 for 7,500 dollars, and it just gets worse from there. Having grown up in a rural midwest setting, Road & Track was the closest I ever got to seeing exotic sports cars. Honest to gosh, I remember seeing a picture of a Talbot-Lago T150, and my world-view changed; the Boss Mustang, for all its glory, would never again be the car of my dreams.

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    Seems like I recall that David E. Davis (or someone from Car and Driver) used to write copy for mid-sixties Corvette ads.

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      It was DED. Prior to joining Car and Driver in 1962 he was a copywriter at Chevrolet’s ad agency, Campbell-Ewald.

      The DED Corvette ad I remember most is the one for the ’62 with the headline, “Some Guys Have It Tough.”

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    I want to see:

    71 RoadRunner
    63 Sting Ray
    67 Barracuda. It reminds me the Valiant my great grand father had. The one with the huge rear glass.

    You also reminded me why I should not trash my magazine collection.

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