Curbside Classic Clue Make-Up Session

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
curbside classic clue make up session

In my (probably failing) memory, yesterday was the first CC Clue that went un-identified. It was hard, being so dark and all, because you’re anything but clueless. So I’ll throw in a Friday bonus CCC, which we normally don’t do. But it’s a make-up session, so it’s still dark and finny. But not nearly so hard. Here’s your chance to pull up your grade!

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  • Texlovera Texlovera on Jan 08, 2010

    After my magnificent fail on the last CCC, I think silence is the better part of wisdom...

  • Jrderego Jrderego on Jan 08, 2010

    Datsun, but I say B-210

    • Robert.Walter Robert.Walter on Jan 08, 2010

      If you read my earlier post, I was troubled by the vertical side of the lense, because I don't remember the Gremlin having an angle by the screw, or an exposed screw ... then I was thinking of the B210 I had for Driver's Ed., but I don't think that is right either.

  • Getacargetacheck Getacargetacheck on Jan 08, 2010

    Datsun F-10.

  • Jeffer Jeffer on Jan 08, 2010

    There was actually a picture for yesterdays clue? All I saw was a black rectangle! I have to say Datsun F-10 also.