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relive the seventies

We’ve wallowed in Bobcat inspired seventies nostalgia (or nausea), but that was just a little turd. If you really want to know what the seventies were all about you have to experience a taste of the huge wave of fine original artistic coach-crafted cars that enticed us. Perhaps the grandest (and most originally named) of them all was the Bugazzi, which contrary to a subversive and vicious rumor, had no connection whatsoever with a mere 1972 Lincoln Mark IV. And it can now be yours! The seller promises: “you will not be disappointed in this truly magnificent Barris creation!” All the gory details and pictures of its fine interior appointments follow: 

b&w tv, but where's the web?

From the Hemmings listing:


Finished in stunning 30 coats of custom, hand-rubbed Pearl lacquer with 24-carat gold leaf hand laid pin striping. Interior features include: Gold suede upholstery, Persian rugs, Italian marble, television, wet bar, and more! This Barris creation was sold new for $29,500 – nearly 3 times the cost of a Lincoln, and $10,000 more than a Rolls-Royce. It was marketed as the finest motorcar in the world to select celebrities such as Danny Thomas, Pia Maria, Enzo Stuarti, and Jack Hennesey just to name a few! With only 12 built, this unique Bugazzi is among one of the most sought after collectible motorcars of modern times. We are proud to offer this piece of motoring history to the most astute collector, investor, enthusiast, or museum who truly desires one of the greatest motorcars of all time. Buy with confidence—you will not be disappointed in this truly magnificent Barris creation!


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48 Comments on “Bugazzi: Relive The Glorious Seventies For Only $99k...”

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    Sweet!!!  It’s Superfly’s dream car.

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    Oh, there’s so much to appreciate.  The TV mounted on a chrome pipe between the seats.  The door assist handles that look like toilet paper holders. I wonder how the marble inlays would handle a crash?

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    Of all the faux coachbuilts, Barris’ crap was probably the most pathetic.
     Huggy Bear wouldn’t be caught dead in this thing. Neither would the pimp from the opening of Magnum Force…

    Start with a tacky car, don’t do anything to the body and just throw expensive crap inside. The DiNapolis and such were bad enough, but at least they did some body mods.

    And yeah, the seller is smoking crack. While on acid.  It’ll be hard to find a chump for this turd at $9900.   $99K? Only if there’s 80 Troy ounces of gold plating in it…

    UPDATE: Thought I recognized the verbiage, but I had to check. Danny probably paid $8500 for that thing. Or less. Ahh, the stories I could tell about this assclown. But, those kinda stories are for the offline world…

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    I couldn’t figure out what it was when I saw the movie, but this might be the car from The Mack

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    Oh my friends, there’s an ass for every seat.

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    Rarely has a car so fully captured all that must to be forgotten about an era. Wow.
    It’s not a bad deal at $99K if you consider that you’re getting the entire history of the worst aspects of a decade in one, mobile unit. Impressive.

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    The $4.99 wal-mart steering wheel cover is a nice touch.  I installed the same one in my grandfather’s Reliant wagon when I was in high school… it brought the total of that 15 yr old POS to an astounding $40,000… AT LEAST!

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    Pardon me while I puke!

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    I couldn’t figure out what it was when I saw the movie, but this might be the car from The Mack          Answers to most of your movie car questions. And a great way to waste time…

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    Via Nocturna

    Oh, dear Lord. My apologies to the more chronologically gifted on TTAC, but this sort of thing makes me beyond glad I was born well after the ’70s were over. All that’s missing is a miniature chandelier hanging from the roof, a la Top Gear.
    Side note: I think TTAC may have inadvertently unearthed the next aftermarket trend: oriental rug carpeting!

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    In 25 years we’ll be looking at Cadillac Escalades in the same vein. Gaudy, tacky, and lacking in any taste whatsoever.

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      +1 on that. I imagine in the 2020s people will look at the SUV and seriously question our collective sanity over the past 15 years.

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      Hardly. The Bugazzi is a mashup of styling fads by a “kustomizer”. The Escalade has had some very talented people who understand design work on it. You may not like big SUVs, but to say that the Escalade is lacking any taste whatsoever betrays a rather closed mind. It may not be to your taste, but for what it is, it’s tastefully designed. I suppose the Range Rover may be more understated, but the Escalade isn’t ugly. You want ugly? Look at the big Toyota/Lexus SUV.
      Now if you want gaudy and tacky, look at the Lincoln Navigator’s front end. The double row chrome grille is reminiscent of rappers with silver and gold braces on their teeth.

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        I’m posting this three years later, but…

        I just returned from the Boston auto show. Didn’t see the Lexus version of the new Land Cruiser, but did see the 2013 Land Cruiser itself. I know Toyota likes to compete in all vehicle types, but $79,000 for the LC. I’m not at all sure that a Lexus version should bring that much, but a Toyota for $79K is totally absurd. This is Range Rover territory, and aside from Toyota reliability, how can Toyota market the LC against any RR(Range Rover) and succeed?

        In the olden days when a Land Cruiser station wagon went head-to-head with the Land Rover Defender 110, I could see them attracting the same customer, both in the spare content and rugged build area. Today, the LC is a poser in the luxury SUV class(except in price).

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      My guess would be that there already (is?are?) more than one Escalade with carpeting from a casino in it.

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    Cammy Corrigan

    Holy Hell! What the bloody hell is that?!

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    “Hello.  My name is Tex, and I lived through the Seventies.”

    How I introduce myself at weekly meetings of Seventies Anonymous.  Kids, don’t let this happen to you!

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    Would look right at home in “Escape from New York” !

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    Love those toilet bowl whitewalls, haven’t seen any for years. They used to be quite popular in that era on urban pimpmobiles. The comment that the seller is smoking crack while on acid is dead on. Hard to believe anybody bought one of these and it wasn’t just a one off creation (or more accurately abberiation). One of the most humorous cars I’ve ever seen.

    George Barris definitely knew how to wreck what was at the time one of the classiest cars on the road.

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    Someone from the Islands (Staten, Long) is going to buy this and love it.

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    That may be the ugliest, most useless piece of machinery ever shown at TTAC.  I want my money back! :)

    If I want to relive the Seventies for $99k, I’ll take a 1970 Plymouth Superbird!

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    That, friends, is awesome.  It’s a shame I was born a few years too late.
    Check out the expanded photo gallery here:

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    I don’t know, I think the Stutz was the grandest.

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    Inspiration for Chrysler designers for a 300 coupe or perhaps the rebirth of the Cordoba?  I kid, I kid.  Actually I’d rather by the Cordoba I found on eBay today for $5,300 “buy it now” price.
    +5000000000000000 to those who say that future generations will look sideways at our Escalades, Navigators, and Denalis.  A few will collect them like those who drive Mark Vs today but they will be oddities and attention getters for the wrong reasons.

    PS: And just yesterday we were talking about Bob Lutz and chrome window surrounds.

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    Cant quite make out the TV in the pic. Is that LCD or plasma?

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    You gotta love the Kmart-quality switch panels, clock, and (?) radar detector thingy.  I grew up in the 70s. They sucked.

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    While we all take a collective verbal dump on this visual abortion,  let’s not forget that there were some truly gorgeous coachbuilt or low production cars in the 70s.
    Sadly, none of them were built in the US.  But, you could get sexy hi-po rides from Monteverdi, Bitter, Lamborghini, Maserati, hell even Citroen’s SM was gorgeous.

    OK, one fun story about Danny (the seller’s) dad, the legendary Charlie Schmitt. Charlie was the RR dealer to the stars especially during the late 70s early 80s. From LA to NY  people bought RRs from Charlie. In STL. Needless to say, this was because he was a wheeler-dealer and the kind of guy who would get into a costume to close the deal, as well as knock a few grand off the price – which was not looked fondly upon by other dealers (Back in the day he sold more RRs to Beverly Hills denizens than Bev Hills RR did…)

    Anyway, despite the top shelf product and ad verbiage, cars is cars and dealers are dealers. Charlie was rollin’ back odos (like pretty much everyone else back then) and he f’d the wrong guy. Long story short, Charlie ended up doing a bit of fed time for that little miscue…

    He still moved enough product that RR kept him as a dealer. At least until he went on a cruise/meeting. At one of the island dinner parties, Charlie was getting a bit of crap for being a convicted criminal RR dealer and decided to punch the besmircher in the mouth.

    Unfortunately, the person giving him shit was the pres of RRNA (yes, Charlie knew who it was…).  Charlie was not allowed back on the cruise ship. And the paperwork rescinding his RR dealership was already in process before Charlie ever got off the island. But he still sells cars out of the same location.  

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    Holy blind spot, Batman!  If they wanted to make a car look like a tacky, baroque living room inside, why would they make it a two-door.  Two door means something you drive, rather than something you’re driven in, and this does NOT look fun to drive.  I agree- overpriced by 1000%.  For 10 grand someone might at least buy it for the irony.
    I wonder if it comes with a big hat and a cane?

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      Don’t forget, it’s supposed to be “personal” luxury.  Sedans don’t say personal luxury.  (Rolls eyes.)  Any Lincoln owners want to do top speed and mpg estimates after adding all that weight?

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    I love the headlight bezels, they look like they’re made from Arborite covered plywood.

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    Folks will same the things about the wacky chopper craze that we all witnessed.
    At least a 100K gets you four wheels with this “thing”…

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    Personally, I prefer the Caddy with the chandeliers from “Escape From New York”. Anything Isaac Hayes drove is too fly.

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    When I was in elementary school, I bought one of the Scholastic Book Club’s featured books, Stars and Their Cars, by George Barris. This was probably in 1975 or so.

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure that one of these was also built for Barry White, who had the entire car – interior and exterior – done in white, as a tribute to his last name.

    The funniest chapter in the book was the last one…an interview with Donny Osmond, asking him what he would want in his future car. If I recall correctly, Mr. Osmond declared a preference for bench seats over buckets, because it would allow his date to sit right next to him.

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    The Dirk Diggler of motordom.

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    I’m now glad that I was not born in the ’70s.

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    I grew up in Cleveland in the 70s. Every other car looked like this.

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    All you need is a mirror veneered baby grand piano in the trunk, a candelabra on top of the piano,  Liberace and a one way ticket to Las Vegas.  Bad taste is bad taste no matter what decade.

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    I was going to say there’s so much to depreciate, and then I saw what Porschespeed had to say. He and various others have said it all.

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    Where’s my floopy hat and can of Drano for the unruly ho’s

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    Wow complete with Aladdin style flying carpets! The essence of tackiness.

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    PS.  For that kinda dough, the schmuck could at least give you a nice oriental rug, instead of the Bradlee’s special.

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    In addition to the Walmart steering wheel cover, the aftermarket switch panel screwed into the top left portion of the dashboard speaks volumes about the true value of this POS.   And then there are those two other mystery gadgets mounted atop the dashboard.   What are they, a bubble compass and flip-chart digital clock combo pack?

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    Oh wow…now I’m gonna pat my triple black 1972 Mark IV on its padded roof for looking so cool without needing all of THAT!

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    This thing is the stuff of nightmares, but I’d gladly take that gorgeous single-headlight Bentley coupe lurking in the background.

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