Quote Of The Day: McCain Calls Out Chrysler Edition

Cammy Corrigan
by Cammy Corrigan
quote of the day mccain calls out chrysler edition

The Detroit News reports that Senator John McCain (remember him?) has declared Chrysler unlikely to survive. Mr McCain, who was serving as grand marshal of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series race at the Phoenix International Raceway, even went as far as to argue

No, I don’t think we ever should have bailed out Chrysler and General Motors. We should have let them go into bankruptcy, emerge and become viable corporations again. It was all about the unions. The unions didn’t want to have their very generous contracts renegotiated so we put $80 billion into both General Motors and Chrysler, and anybody believes that Chrysler is going to survive, I’d like to meet them.

The Detroit News goes on to recount some of McCain’s more anti-bailout Tweets. “‘Chrysler finally filing for bankruptcy! Wish they would have done it months ago as I called for — could have saved taxpayers $26.7 billion!’ he wrote May 1. “UAW eventually owning 55% of Chrysler stock and the U.S. Gov owning the rest — if that isn’t socialism, what is?” he also wrote. And you thought Bob Lutz was the only septuagenarian blogger.

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  • Pgcooldad Pgcooldad on Nov 16, 2009

    I think MacCain and Dieter Zetsch need to sit down and have a heart to heart about the fate of Chrysler. Anyone know a good psych ward?

  • Mattstairs Mattstairs on Nov 16, 2009

    McCain's been more consistent on this than you think. He basically cost himself the Michigan primary when he said that the auto jobs lost weren't coming back. Mitt Romney talked some sunnier talk and won. I would do whatever I think needs to be done to help our automotive industry. That is very subject to interpretation. He could always say, whatever I think, short of a bailout.

  • Mullholland Mullholland on Nov 16, 2009

    Move along, nothing to see here. McCain has been exercising "questionable judgement" instead of leadership since his Keating 5 days.

  • Russycle Russycle on Nov 16, 2009

    How refreshing to see a guy married to a 100-million-dollar heiress criticizing UAW workers for making too much money.