Ask the Best and Brightest: What Was the First Car That Blew You Away?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

That’s my lawyer’s kid, exiting a McLaren F1. I’ve not heard if young Master Gleason pronounced “How sweet it is!” whilst exiting the seminal supercar. Or if this “boy meets Big Mac” moment will inspire Hayden to follow his dad down the road to riches, singing Mack the Knife every step of the way. But I do know the first time I fell in love with a four-wheeled object: the day my father took me a for an inaugural ride in his Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3. Dad owned a lot of dirty sexy cars leading-up to this German beast—including a black Olds Rocket 88 and white Ford Thunderbird (whose electric roof froze in an obscenely horizontal position on sports day). But the big Benz’ rumble and MASSIVE acceleration began a lifelong love of all things automotive. I remember a journey from Little Compton to Logan airport in the 6.3, when one of my friends was late for a flight. The speedo touched 100 mph— and stayed there for over an hour. Cars zipped backwards as if pulled by the hand of God while my friend slept comfortably in the back. We arrived with plenty of time. So, how did your automotive passion begin?

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Tyler D Tyler D on Oct 13, 2009

    Just about anything from the mid-nineties that had pentagram wheels.

  • ZoomZoom ZoomZoom on Oct 13, 2009

    Okay, which was the first? Was it the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Hey, it could fly, I loved that one. I had the one from the box of Trixs. Or was it Honey Combs? Maybe it was the Mach 5. That car could jump, cut down forests, and even go underwater! And Speed Racer was cool. I was too young to get into Trixie; but I soon learned! My siblings and I thought Spridle and Chim Chim were dumb and undesirable, not unlike "Scrappy Doo". I vaguely remember "My Mother the Car"...but that didn't turn me on to cars. James Bond had some cool wheels throughout the years. The underwater Lotus; the what was it...Porsche? You know it, that one with the ejection seat button concealed in the shifter ball! What was that Saturday morning cartoon that had the races? Each cartoon character would have his own car, and each week somebody else would win. I think Yogi and Booboo had a car. The Pink Panter, too. How about the Batmobile from the 1960's television show? With fire coming out the back! Later there were the movie versions, but I was already driving a Trans Am by then. My Trans Am was used, but I thought it was great to have a red T-top version of Kitt. And that brings me to my first "real" car. I had driven my dad's Chevys and Pontiacs, and a rickety old Dodge wagon. *yawn* But my first real car was the Olds Delta 88 I bought. Cushy and comfortable, it was my first taste of freedom and adventure; at least until it overheated one frigid December morning. It drove like a couch on wheels and the Alpine AM/FM/Cassette head unit was wonderful, even moreso after I paired it up with good sounding aftermarket speakers. Then about two years later I finally got that red version of KITT, and I never looked back, GM design insanity aside.

  • VanillaDude VanillaDude on Oct 13, 2009

    A 1992 RX7 convertible. Perfect, just perfect. It ran rings around the Corvettes I previously drove, and was so well connected to my mind, it felt like what I thought robo-sex would feel like. Awesome and addicting. Radio off! I don't want to be distracted!

  • Mark Mark on Oct 14, 2009

    In 1974 at the age of 6 riding in the back seat of my friend Murray's dad's 1969 Mustang 390GT on the way to McDonalds for his birthday party. We kept squealing every time his dad would downshift and floor it with the exhaust roaring just below our seats and the rear end kicking out. I think an '11 Mustang with the 5.0L Coyote motor may just be the mid-life crisis car for me in the next few years.