By on July 8, 2009

A passionate plea against government involvement in the automotive industry as imagined by either Borat or Kim Jong Il. Hat tip to Benoît Fortin!

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    Jenkouye? That’s clever. :)

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    Hmmmm… How far can they get a reworked Scud missle to go? If that is thier idea of a high tech auto plant,me thinks,we got no worries.

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    The car’s name in Korean means “whisper”

    Kinda appropriate since you can hear a whisper on the roads in NK; very little gas is available and no one has any money anyway to buy it. Check oout Google earth shots of Pyongyang,no cars to speak of on the streets and they have those goofy electric buses from China. You can see the yellow line road exclusively for KIm Jong Il (KJI) to drive on, don’t get caught using that lane.

    The car should be made edible so the starving population can eat one in a pinch. KJI doesn’t own one of these, he prefers Ferrari’s. He also likes cognac and 15 YO girls of a specified height, weight and shape. It’s nice to be leader for life and have a country at your disposal. Literally.

    I wonder what small car they copied to build this with? Gotta love that 3 cylinder 600HP mill in there, I bet the street tuners can’t wait to get to work on one of these babies.

    The radio was shown turned off. That is because radios in NK only receive one station, the official channel for news and songs singing the praises of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Jail awaits anyone caught listening to broadcasts from abroad, after all you can’t have Juiche (self reliance)if you are yearning for things you don’t have and the rest of the world has.

    We need to take this tin pot dictator out before Penske starts selling these deathtraps in Saturn retailers.

    I would love to see one hit a wall at 35 MPH. It would probably burst into flames.

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    @GS650G….I counted 4 plug wire’s

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    That’s an older Fiat design developed exclusively for third world markets a few years ago, in its original form. If you go to Fiat Brasil and Fiat Turkey websites, you’ll see the newer facelifted versions. Note that there is still a Fiat logo on the hood.

    Kinda begs the question, what the heck is Fiat doing in commerce with NK?

    I know, stupid question. They probably got the tooling via a third party.

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    The engine is a Fiat item; the Fiat logo is clearly visible at 2:21. Is the rest of the car a Fiat design? (uh-oh, it could be the new Dodge Neon). Actually, the body and interior remind me a bit of a Daewoo Lanos back when they were sold here.

    The double-folding rear seats are a nice touch, though they would add a lot more to the utility of the car if it were a hatch rather than a sedan.

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    Question What country produces Hunter alignment/wheel balance equipment?

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    Yes, it’s a FIAT built (for whom, I have no idea; as mentioned there’s no money – gas – etc) in North Korea. My 2008-2009 Cars of the World book says that the car is a license assembled Fiat Siena (as built in Brazil from 1997-2000) with a 1.6 litre 4 cylinder (yep, there are 4 spark plug wires). This presumably means the dies and tools are second-hand from Brazil after the car was replaced or upgraded there… pathetic. Oooohh, it has a cassette radio! I guess that’s for when you’re secretly fed-up with listening to the ONE legal radio station continually going on about the Dear Leader. (Kind of like our own American media constantly going on about the One…..)

    Wow, the Italians will sleep with ANYBODY for money, won’t they? (Lada – Russia; FSO – Poland; Zastava aka Yugo – Yugoslavia/Serbia…) There’s a name for that… rhymes with “constitution”.

    Wow, Chrysler; you’re liable to catch a social disease….

    Hunter is American, believe it or not. Sadly.

    I can sum up North Korea by sending to a link showing it at night. It’s dark. In more senses than one.

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    Tooling? North Korea probably only imported some spare parts from Brazil as knock down kits to build the exact number of cars seen in the video. Hell, North Korea could have just imported a couple fully built cars and one crate engine from Brazil, no actual assembly is shown in the video.

    If an American company, Hunter, managed to get some of North Korea’s very short supply of money then good for them, less to go to nukes. I can’t see much dual use in a wheel balancer.

    The Italians can be rather loose, I would be worried that outdated car designs are not the only thing they’re selling the North Koreans.

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    Not impressed.. I will continue to drool over the cars over at instead.

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    The announcer sounds so enthusiastic!

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    This explains a bit about the factory, Pyonghwa Motor Plant in Nampo. Of note, the business is a 70/30 joint venture between the NK-State (is there anything else?) and a Church?! And yes, the cars are CKDs Fiat Sienas.

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    Don’t we sometimes wish our roads would be that empty?

    Did someone tell the US government that Sergio cohorts with the axis of evil?

    Italy’s Berlusconi like his girls young also, btw. Nice fit.

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    Rdeiniar: Can’t get any weirder. That “church” is also known as the Moonies. Sun Myung Moon was sent to US prison for 18 months on tax fraud (the usual method to silence “churches” that step over the line.) They also own UPI, by the way.

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    A is A

    Why in heaven they choose to produce (or show) a sedan?. Why not a hatchback or a Wagon. This Fiat was conceived as a hatch, and there is a Wagon (“Weekend” in Fiatese) version

    Iranians and Venezuelans also produce sedans (Peugeot 405s) as “National cars”.

    Why “axis of evil” nations prefer sedans?. It is part of some short of conspiracy or what?. A sedan is a nearly useless vehicle when you need to haul cargo.

    (I am fascinated with the social and psychological fixation with the sedan shape, a shape that limits what you can do with a car)

    I deleted some lines I wrote about the video once I realized that someone could be shoot in North Korea as a result of my comment. Seriously.

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    Wow – 4 cars on the road in NK – that must be considered a traffic jam.

    Why a sedan? Easy. So they can stuff the (dead or alive) body of a dissident in the trunk so they can’t be seen or get out.

    All hail the glorious leader.

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    70 Chevelle SS454

    That’s a Fiat, which reminds me, will the new Chrysler/Fiat be subject to U.S. trade sanctions? Will Fiat show its thanks to the American taxpayer by selling stolen, rebadged Chrysler designs to Iran, North Korea, and Syria?

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    70 Chevelle SS454

    Oh, and speaking of U.S. trade sanctions, the Hunter wheel balancer shown at 5:58? Yeah, Hunter is an American manufacturer in Missouri. I hope for Hunter’s sake that the North Koreans got their technology through a foreign, third party distributor, because if anyone at Hunter was involved, selling that type of tech to Kim Jong Il was 25 years in the slammer.

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    First, how long until we see a rebadged GM version(Buick Dictator?)?

    Second, wouldn’t 4 cars in Pyongyang be gridlock?

    Third, if Kim Jong Il was to actually drive one, wouldn’t it need a booster seat?

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    Hey man i’m proud…im found that youtube clip yesterday and bang! it’s on today…i’ll send other things as soon is i found it! Thanks TTAC

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    I bet this car could go 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene!

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    Will Fiat show its thanks to the American taxpayer by selling stolen, rebadged Chrysler designs to Iran, North Korea, and Syria?

    Those are third world countries so they will use obsolete technology when the price is right but even for them Chrysler design is to historic

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