Inside GM: Gooooood Morning Service Department!

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
inside gm gooooood morning service department

While GM finishes its 40-year rush to judgement, heading for its June 1 date with a bankruptcy judge, there are still such things as GM customers. You know; millions of people who own GM products. And these people are—shock!—still buying cars and getting their cars serviced. And there, on the sharp end, dealers, salesmen, service managers and technicians are all attempting to come to grips with the competitive, financial and psychological dangers implicit in a GM C11. To calm these troubled souls, GM’s North America Vice President of Vehicle Sales and Service has been Bob Marleying these forward troops, telling them that every little thing’s gonna be alright. To that end, last month, Mark LaNeve announced the launch of a “weekly conversation” with GM dealers: “reinventing GM.” There was one e-mail communication on April 3.

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  • Amadorgmowner Amadorgmowner on Apr 15, 2009

    You're right nudave, anyone who would buy a GM car at this point does need to have their head examined. After GM and GMAC screwed my long-time local GM dealer out of business, I won't be so stupid to replace my 2007 Yukon XL Denali with another one (although I do really like the truck). When GMAC was going down in flames last winter,they cut off the dealer's credit lines (causing him to shut down)and refused to re-negotiate with him even after they got their bank holding status and bailout. And GM didn't lift a finger to help a dealer who, over the last 35 years, sold 1.5 million cars and trucks for them. So you know what, my next purchase will be a Toyota. GM doesn't give a shit about their customers, or for that matter, their more productive dealers. And, to budskisnm, why don't you go work for a dealer who doesn't sell GM/CHrysler? If I was as bitter as you are (and I am towards GM/Chrysler) I sure as hell wouldn't sell their cars anymore.

  • Dougfixit Dougfixit on Apr 15, 2009

    The lease on my sister's 2006 Malibu expires in one month. Overall it was a very good car that didn't give her any problems. However, unless she gets a very good deal on her next lease, she will never deal with GM again. WHY, you ask? They sent her a nastygram one day before her final lease payment was due, threatening to report her to TRW. However, she has made every lease payment on time. There's even a 10 day grace period if she was late. Anyway, she wrote back to GM with some choice words like "no wonder you people are going bankrupt."

  • Tosh Tosh on Apr 17, 2009

    "However, unless she gets a very good deal on her next lease, she will never deal with GM again." So she's still willing to sacrifice her dignity and morals for a price? Then maybe there's still hope for GM.

  • Tosh Tosh on Apr 17, 2009

    Leadership Messages (1 new) Marketing (22 new) Order (0 new) Doesn't that just about sum up the last 25 years?