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Dimmick, Chuck P.
born December 29, 1958 in Riverside, CA passed away suddenly on April 18, 2009 while attending a NASCAR race to watch his favorite driver, Jeff Gordon. Chuck was the loving husband of Kristen and devoted father of Dillon. Chuck was the Director of Marketing for the Lund Cadillac Group. We are sure he would still want all to know that 0.9% financing is still available on all New 2008 Hummer H2’s. A mass celebrating Chuck’s life will be held at 11:00 AM on Friday, April 24th at St. Patrick’s Church – 10815 N. 84th St. Scottsdale, AZ. Arrangements handled by Hansen Desert Hill Mortuary 480-991-5800. In Lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Dillon Dimmick Donation Fund at any Bank of America.

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17 Comments on “GM Selling Cars from Beyond the Grave...”

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    And for you Buick customers out there, be sure to ask about our “buy a Buick get a casket” program.


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    That does seem a little…tacky.

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    Yes, even by the low standards of car sales pushing Hummers in the Obituary pages is pathetic.

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    Wow, I guess we know who paid for this guy’s obit! Hell, if the turn out is good enough, Lund might even be paying for the funeral!

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    I have met guys who would have liked that said about them. It may be tacky, but I believe it’s the sort of thing this guy would have wanted. That’s how you honor someone, the way they would have wanted.

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    Landcrusher has a point. If the marketing director loved his job and his product, what better send-off? By doing this, he’s also supporting his coworkers. I would be surprised if they didn’t ask his wife for permission. But I can just hear Ed McMahon saying, YESSSSS! That’s wild stuff!!!

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    Truth be told, ALL cars sold with the GM label are from beyond the grave.

    Rest in pieces.

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    When I’m on my deathbed, surrounded by my family and friends, I’ll be sure to gently pull aside the tubes and weakly utter…

    “I wonder what they’re doing at work…?”

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    Despite his wishes, if that be the case, it is still stereotypically smarmy.

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    I can’t wait to see photos of his funeral with his logo plastered casket, just like a NASCAR vehicle.

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    Hey Farago, if you pay me enough [while I’m still alive] I’ll dictate that my obit have a mention and link to TTAC. How bout it?

    Man I think this is the future of advertising.

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    That is hysterical! Maybe those that knew him laughed out loud too.

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    There are a couple salesmen at my dealership who were not only born quite a few years before 1958, but were actually selling cars before 1958. From what I know both of them would be proud to have something like that in their obituary. Having devoted their entire lives to the profession, it is currently what they live and breathe. They both have families, children, grandchildren, and more than enough money to never have to work another day in their lives, but they continue to do it because it’s what they do, and they love it.

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    I drove by the Hummer dealership in Fishers, IN, the other day. Empty, idiotic looking quonset hut and one of each model sitting in an otherwise empty parking lot. Death…..

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    Joe ShpoilShport

    So, how ’bout this, then. I say have the viewing hours at the dealership. Anyone with one of his business cards and buys then, gets a free paint protector. Subject to availability, of course.

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    To everyone on this site, I happen to be a friend of Chuck Dimmick and his family. His wife wrote his obituary. With no help from the Lund organization. What’s sad is his 16 year old son will probably see some of these horrible things being said by people that have absolutely no idea what the intent was behind it. This was done to honor a man who was a genius in marketing. He put everything he had into what he did, professionally and personally. He always tried to think outside the box when it came to new and creative ways to advertise. Chuck, his wife, and his son were a huge part of our organization and had worked here for a very, very long time. He was loved by anyone who came into contact with him. If, by writing this, his wife was able to smile and possibly put a smile on the faces of those who knew and loved him, isn’t that what it’s about?? It’s certainly not about the mean spirited things being said here. Shame on you. God bless Chuck and his family. We miss you so much.

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    Read the obituary – Chuck was the DIRECTOR OF MARKETING for a multi point franchise. As I said, it was done as a tribute to his genius in his field.

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