By on February 3, 2009

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17 Comments on “Health and Human Services Nominee Tom Daschle Needs Cash for His Clunker...”

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    That particular Pontiac is about 30 years old. When was this video taken? It mentions the car as being 15 years old.

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    Update: Now former nominee. He called it quits.

    beken: that’s obviously an old from one of his former Senate campaigns.

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    beken: 1986


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    tesla deathwatcher

    It says that the car is a 1971 Pontiac, and that Daschle had been driving it for 15 years. If he got it new, that would put this commercial in 1986. He ran that year for Senate and won, leaving the House where he had been for 8 years. Also it was 2 years after he had married a Washington player after divorcing his first wife. Upgraded the wife, it seems, but not the car.

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    I figure if he made 5.3 mil last year and didn’t pay his taxes he could at least upgrade to a G6.

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    So is this the beast that Daschle got pinched for back taxes on?

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    “A penny saved is a penny earned”

    Uh, so would that count as earned income that you need to pay taxes on?

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    It’s because of cheap dudes like him that don’t buy new cars that the industry is collapsing! ;O)

    btw, Based on the smoke out of his tail-pipe, I think I am justified in also blaming him totally for global warming and the death of the global coral reefs.

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    Now I see why this poor frugal fellow had a car & driver supplied to him as a “gift from a friend.” I’m glad he bowed out, what a distraction, lousy no-tax-paying jerkbags. I wonder how this commercial would play today? I think Robert.Walter is on to something here – people would boo hoo and cry about how he was only getting 10 mpg and burning oil. 20 years ago, that was a virtue, dammit. Kids these days.

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    A penny saved is $0.014 after tax.

    Isn’t it Daschle that would do a corpse in exchange for a cheesburger?

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    There is no basis to brag about driving a ‘clunker’.
    Sen. Diane Feinstein has co-authored S.247 to ‘junk’ these vehicles in exchange for $4,500 vouchers for ‘greener’ vehicles or transit credit. Funds would come from the stimulus package If Daschle is as cheap as he claims, and cares about the environment, he’d junk it!
    “Vehicle Retirement Program Considered For Stimulus”

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    Robert Schwartz

    That was a campaign commercial. 18 years later in 2004, when he lost, he had declared his house in Georgetown to be his primary residence. Bet you he was driving a Beemer by then.

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    He was supplied a Cadillac and driver by private equity firm InterMedia Advisors LLC since losing his Senate seat in 2004. He was also paid a $1 million per year consulting contract. He apparently was not provided a form 1099 for this car and driver and therefore he did not report it on his tax forms. He claimed that he was used to having a car and driver in the Senate (as majority leader) and didn’t think about it when he left the Senate. The taxes and penalty were about $140,000.

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    “Isn’t it Daschle that would do a corpse in exchange for a cheesburger?”

    I think you are referring to Tom DeLay, and if you call him a two-bit whore, watch out that he doesn’t hit you over the head with his bag of quarters.

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    Daschle is payed millions to talk politicians into spending billions of taxpayers money on peoples pet projects. Do you wonder why the country is falling apart?

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    He claimed that he was used to having a car and driver in the Senate (as majority leader) and didn’t think about it when he left the Senate.

    Hey, that’s what I call settling in. He figured everybody had a car and driver supplied for free. Yeah, I’ll buy that.

    He’s been a sleaze ball for years.

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    Obama did well to kick him to the curb allow him to withdraw. Unfortunately, it shows that the “revolving door” is still well-greased in the “halls of power”.

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