By on January 6, 2009

According to the Daily Mail, you can now buy a microwave that plugs in to your car’s 12v socket. Because you need that hot pocket when you’re commuting. Because talking on your cell phone while driving is only so distracting. And because that cell phone only delivers minimal electromagnetic radiation risk. The $190 appliance made by Maplin Electronics is small enough to stash in the boot of car, features a robust steel construction with heavy duty handle and is operated by a LED touchscreen. According to a company rep, “you no longer have to worry about searching for places to eat as the microwave ensures you can plan your day as you want to and eat when you’re hungry. It gives you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy hot food wherever and whenever you wish.” Be still my fat-clogged, barely-beating heart.

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23 Comments on “Innovation Strikes! In-Car Microwave Now Available...”

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    This is just stupid. Now we will have people talking on their blue tooth, while texting, playing with their GPS system, and now they can cook a hot pocket all at the same time.

    Can we keep stats on how many of these cause deadly traffic crashes each year so we can start PAMIC (People Against Microwaves In Cars)

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    “The 12V appliance plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter and can cook a pie in four minutes flat or heat up a cup of coffee in six.”

    I’d much rather have hot plates on either side of my GPS on dash, but to each their own. If anything has ever cried for an obesity tax, it is this.

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    Are we placing bets on how soon a purchaser sues the manufacturer?

    “I was drivin’ my car and wanted to heat up my coffee. The box didn say nothin’ about not driving while heating up coffee. I put my AM/PM jug in there and punched up 2 minutes. Of course, as I was drivin’ I hit a Detroit trench in the road and when I opened the microwave, a gush of boiling coffee burned my hand and splashed into my lap! I’m suin’!!”

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    For travel this could be convenient, no longer are you enslaved to hunger when on the road! Just have a passenger pop something in and eat as you cruise on the freeway.

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    For the serious speeder, the unit should be roof-mountable, facing forward, with the door pried off.

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    20 car pile-up caused by scalding hot burrito…

    Actually for people with food allergies this could be very useful on a trip.

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    I’ve actually been looking for a microwave for tailgating. The lowest power microwaves still use too much juice for even the most powerful DC/AC inverters (the ones you have to clamp directly to the battery). Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be worth it (6 minutes to heat a cup of coffee)

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    Cicero, that’s a great idea! Time to burn some bacon!

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    Essen— you’re thinking too small man.

    Real tailgaters bring their own generators!

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    Microwave, smicrowave!

    I want a bidet!

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    Because we need more encouragement to get even more distracted while we drive and fatter at the same time.

    I thought car distractions reached an apex when 2 weeks ago, I had seen a guy driving South on the 405 playing a guitar, and steering with his knees.

    No joke.

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    “The in-car microwave can output a power of 175W when plugged into the car’s lighter socket. Alternatively, you can also hook it up directly to the car’s battery, which you’ll get a much higher power output of 660W. If you’ve got more raw food to cook in the car, you shall consider connecting it directly to the car’s battery to give you more power to ensure the food is well cooked. The device is also equipped with an LED screen that can handle touchscreen operation. When plugged into your car’s lighter socket, the output power is sufficient to let you make a pizza in only 4 mins and a coffee in 6 mins. This shall be fast enough to get your breakfast ready while you’re stuck in the heavy traffic in the early morning.”

    Well, 175W seems a bit low to “cook a pizza in 4 minutes” – maybe a small slice of room temperature pizza could be warmed in that time…

    I’d be a bit worried about the microwave leakage affecting the driver’s Bluetooth head(set), and the possibility of being carjacked by a ne’er-do-well attraced by the aroma of re-heating Chicken McNuggets on a hot summer eve…

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    I want a plug-in halogen lamp that I use to recharge my solar car, thermodynamics be damned!

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    Screw that, I’m waiting for someone to make an in-dash automated espresso machine. Preferably in an Italian car, alongside a grappa dispenser (closed course only, kids).

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    I love this site. I got a lot of laughs on this one. Thanks, Ed, and all the posters, too.

    I can’t make up my mind on this one though. I sorta like cooking with flame when I am camping. Even better if it’s a wood fire. OTOH, being able to have some quick, hot beverages would be a pretty big boon for folks in the cold and remote areas. I will likely pass, but I won’t blame the device for an idiot that uses it while actually driving.

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    That’s for poor people.

    I had a microwave built into my glovebox and an ice chest built into the center console.

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    I’d have to get rid of the hot plate.

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    Oh how nice, we can finally live in our cars AND still enjoy home cooking…

    next is a driver seat built-in toilet.

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    Screw that. Call me when they come out with the dash mounted kegerator.

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    Chris Inns

    Fortunately, if its as underpowered as other commentators have said there’s little chance of anyone suffering McDonalds-style lap scaldings.

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    I think it is a great product and wish I had one when I traveled all over the US as a (low budget) racer – living in my van going from race to race…

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    Yep, not bad for a camper van or trucker.

    Of course the Idiot Brigade will do something stupid with it…

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