Joke of the Day: Hyundai Excel on EBay Motors

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
joke of the day hyundai excel on ebay motors

This one is dumber than a box of hair. While my countless hours spent trolling have come up with some really crappy, world class pieces of junk, this is crazy on a new level. The Hyundai Excel was one of the worst cars sold in America in the last 30 years. It’s so bad, in fact, that we used to say it Excelled only at breaking down. So when I saw this one on eBay with 195,000 miles, I was positively shocked. I never thought an Excel could survive for so long. But then the part that really floored me: the seller – a Chevy dealership – is asking $2799 for it. I think the Kelly Blue Book value of $1500 is about $1250 too high, so this dealership is riding off into the sunset of delusional country.

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  • Confused1096 Confused1096 on Dec 07, 2008

    Does it come with $2,500 in the trunk?

  • Rmwill Rmwill on Dec 07, 2008

    Hey, its Asian. It has got to be a great car.

  • on Dec 07, 2008

    The dealer wants to make up for some big losses on their Chevy Franchise. If they actually sold some cars they might be able to sell these high margin POSs faster.

  • Brettc Brettc on Dec 08, 2008

    These guys seem determined to put someone in this low mileage Excel TODAY! There's one picture that was taken from about 500 feet away, and the list date is August 2 while the end date is December 30th. What is this, a job posting? Doesn't seem like an auction to me. Even though this Chevy dealer doesn't know how Ebay works, this car is still a better deal than a 2009 Aveo. The lucky buyer will probably get more life and better fuel economy out of the Excel.