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The first Japanese manufacturer that dared to enter the luxury segment and stand against the US-EU traditional players now dares to follow them in blasphemy. I guess we’ve all seen by now the photos of the heavily camouflaged Acura Sports CUV. A particular good thing about the spyshot business is that it eases the shock of the official release. Remember the launch of the BMW X6? I don’t even want to image how that might have felt if it was a total surprise. So, Acura is developing a Japanese X6 in their effort to… I wonder what that effort might be? Keep up with the trend? Go where the money are? Speaking of money I’ve seen a lot of X6es lately in the street. Which puzzles me deeply (and makes my eyes ache), but proves that this, well car (I guess) is a money maker. Now really, back to the topic. I’ve rendered this new model from Acura taking the proportions I’ve seen in spy photos and adding to those the details that can be guessed under the camouflage. Count here the sloped cabin, bulged wheel arches, door handles, mirrors. The rest is recreated using what we see in a regular Acura dealership, lots of edges and angles, a fancy grille featuring at least three different materials and a touch of SUV in the side skirts and front bumper. To make the thing look aggressive I added those evil LED eyes. Speaking of aggressive and eyes, an important component of this recipe is the eye-offending X6ish silhouette that gives that special touch to the car. To be seen soon parked next to the closest X6.

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22 Comments on “TTAC Photochop: New Acura Sports CUV...”

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    the entire “crossover vehicle” market is the epitome of repulsive. good to see honda is just as guilty …

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    Robert, you are probably on the money with your photoshop skills, but this thing is really hard to look at. Just like X6 and its occupants.

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    Okay, I don’t get it. I’m the primary demographic that Acura should be courting with it’s reliable near-luxury products. Yet we get a crossover sedan instead of an Acura badged Euro-Accord sport wagon? Just like the X6, it’s the answer to a question that no one asked. If Acura wants to be considered in the same breath with the entry-level German offerings (and me thinks they do) then they need a Wagon variant of at least one model.

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    It looks like an inflated Civic. Which I’m sure is both the intent and the reality.

    The Acura grill is hideous, though.

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    I was part of a car clinic, which showed the early prototypes of these things, maybe 2 years ago. I thought it was abysmal — and said so — but must have been in the minority.

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    Wow that grill is just awful.

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    .. cough, cough… Azteck… cough.

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    Ick. X6 anybody?

    Which reminds me – I saw an X6 in person for the first time pulling into a Safeway parking lot. What a massive, godforsaken beast of a vehicle.

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    Go Cheese Grater! Go Cheese Grater!

    Not those horrible lumps over the front wheels like the Mazda 6 and the Ty-ota Matrix again.

    This has started showing up everywhere it seems. And it never looks any better no matter who trys it. The lines simply look like they’re on the wrong end of the car.

    Looks like the start of a terrible trend or the continued effort to out Bangle BMW’s Bangle …… How do you conjugate “Bangle” ? Bangle Bungle Bungled ???

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    DweezilSFV :
    November 4th, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Go Cheese Grater! Go Cheese Grater!

    That’s a funny!

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    When Acura starts imitating the Toyota Venza, you know they’re out of ideas.

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    Nice looking vehicle for this class, although I think all SUV’s, CUV’s etc. are heavy, high and daft.

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    looks too much like the ugly new TL, and as far as X6’s, i’m in the burbs of DC and have yet to see even one

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    Someone should have told Saab that all they had to do was jack the 900/9-3 up six inches and fit over-large tires.

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    As always, I am impressed by the TTAC photochop. Always an excellent interpretation on whatever it is ya’all happen to be interpreting.

    That being said:

    What the [censored] is going on at Acura/Honda? Did they have some kind of internal design contest to see how ugly/bloated/sick they could make their designs? Now, we are witnessing the winners of those contests.

    I really liked the Honda designs. The entire model run of the CRX. The 92-95 Integras, the same year range 2-door Legends. The late 90s Preludes/2door Accords were OK too.

    Then, oops, trainwreck. I don’t really know what they’re thinking with that front end on the new Acuras. Coming from a chronic Dodge apologist, that’s saying something.

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    Soichiro is spinning in his grave (on the VTEC cam).

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    Sport CUV? Rubbish.

    When I think of a true CUV, I think of vehicles like the Forester, (original) CRV, and the Allroad Quattro. Those all perform very well their function of being sensible, capable, and economical (the Audi not so much) utility-oriented cars (Car Utility Vehicle?) with some off-road capability. Despite not being sporty in any way, cars like the CRV and Outback seemed to sell quite well within their market segment. People bought them simply because they served their function well. So why do manufacturers feel they need to make vehicles that perform the duties of every vehicle? When you try to design a vehicle that rides smoothly enough for a grandma, carves corners like a sports car, has the ground clearance of an SUV and the utility of a truck, along with the power and luxury of a Lexus, there are only two outcomes: the all-season tire effect, where compromise in all areas leads to mediocrity in all areas, or something that costs so much that nobody who would buy it for any one of its virtues would dream of spending that much money to perform that one duty. Vehicles like this are simply insensible.

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    There are simply no words to describe this. May God help us all.

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    I with Pariah on the Subaru Outback being the OG of CUVs.

    It was marketing genius to add some plastic cladding, a few inches of lift and some nifty advertising with Paul Hogan and viola! Presto Chango your AWD car wagon is now a SUV in the eyes of the public and able to command a premium price.

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    What is Acura thinking these days? The RDX has been an absolute bomb of near RL proportions. Rather than do this, they should scrap the RDX and start over with a V6 powered version that can actually compete with the X3, Q5, GLK, and EX35. Acura X6 = FAIL.

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    Brian E

    So, did someone steal this rendering?

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    Didn’t American Motors try the all wheel drive hatchback thing about 25 years ago? It just goes to show that if you don’t learn the lessons from the past, you are doomed to repeat them (or something like that).

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