Tiger, Tiger, Not So Bright: Buick Pulls Cars From PGA

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

As GM’s CEO tires to find federal cash to feed his company’s conflagration, his minions are busy throwing furniture into the fire. The AP reports that Buick has yanked courtesy car provision from its PGA sponsorship. “Buick will no longer supply include the U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee, the AT&T National in Washington and the Transitions Championship outside Tampa, Fla. The Shell Houston Open remains hopeful of keeping its Buick courtesy car deal.” Talk to Larry… “We’re taking a hard look at everything right now,” admitted Larry Peck, golf marketing manager for Buick. Ah, the good old days… “In some cases, the company provided 180 courtesy cars and a cash donation, receiving spots in the pro-am for Buick clients, car displays throughout the golf course and hospitality tents on the 18th green. At the John Deere Classic, Peterson said Buick donated a car for auction in its “Birdies of Charity” program.” And now…

Gerald Goodman, tournament director at the Transitions Championship, said Tampa Bay is the 10th-largest market for Pontiac-GM-Buick dealers and he usually had more than 200 cars. Now he is working with 14 local dealers, hopeful that GM might still offer incentives for the dealers to provide them to the tournament, then advertise them at reduced prices with minimal mileage. Otherwise, he might try to strike a deal with a rental company, especially with the tournament coming less than two months after the Super Bowl in Tampa.”

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Simpson Simpson on Nov 18, 2008

    Well, I have to say some of the comments about the Buicks are guilty of seeing the GM of 20 years ago. I'm far far away from my 60's and gray hair but I just bought my first buick -- a buick enclave for my family. Old man's car? Are you kidding me....have you looked at that car? You can't be that blind... It's the most beautiful large car on the road. Check the interior..you won't find that on a Lexus or a BMW. And have you seen the new buicks coming? The concept Riviera and Invicta that is now going to be the new lacrosse. Did you see who desgined them? Young hip Chinese designers....No way you look at those cars and see a blue hair behind the wheel. If you don't like Buicks...that's fine for now. But with the Enclave and those coming after...you will.

  • Dastanley Dastanley on Nov 18, 2008

    highrpm: Hilarious! And true. In addition to Buicks, it's also those damn Lincoln Town cars that have been around since the 80s. My step-Grandmother lives in a retirement home in SC and the parking lot is full of Buicks, Lincoln Town Cars, or the odd older car that has never been traded in or scrapped, like a Ford Falcon or Chrysler Imperial with push-button transmission or something.

  • Nevets248 Nevets248 on Nov 19, 2008

    for what huge pile of $$$$ they pay Tiger, shouldn't they, (the BPG Group) whiz kids in marketing "re-discover" the "I'm Harley Earl and I';m going to build you a great car" campaign form a few years ago??

  • Shaker Shaker on Nov 19, 2008

    highrpm: "When I’m cruising along and start coming upon what I recognize to be a set of Buick tail lights, I roll my eyes immediately because I know that I’ll have to take action in order to get around the car (most likely driven by a very old person)." Around here in PA, a Buick with a "AAA" sticker trumps even that -- If you end up behind one on a two-lane, you're in for a slog...