Motown's Dirty Little Secret is Out: Detroit On the Brink of Collapse

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

We’ve said it before. We’ll say it again. Before The Big 2.8’s bailout begging blitz, the average American had no idea how close Ford, Chrysler and GM were/are to bankruptcy. And now, today, they do. So when it comes to buying a new car, well, it’s either a sympathy you-know-what (as if) or “Maybe we should look at a Toyota this time.” As much as Detroit’s sales sucked in October, the numbers will be nothing (something?) compared to November. By December, a black hole will tear-open the time-space continuum above Detroit and swallow The Big 2.8 whole.

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  • Taxman100 Taxman100 on Nov 19, 2008

    Bankruptcy of all or any of the Big 3 means liquidation of that operation. No carmaker has even come of out of bankruptcy as a functioning entity. Liquidation means they will no longer be around to slam, which means this website will lose it's reason for existance.

  • BostonTeaParty BostonTeaParty on Nov 19, 2008

    taxman100, that thought has crossed my mind alot recently, as RF has been plugging mainly GM to have a business plan for their scenarios. i hope RF has his in place. A look at the content on here, take away the bailouts, and the death watches, what you left with these days? Whats the next step RF? I'm not trolling/flaming i'm genuinely interested in where you see the site going if everything goes the way it looks for the autos?

  • Npbheights Npbheights on Nov 19, 2008 looks like a Renault deathwatch is in order.... Probably ttac will follow the demise of the current worldwide automobile producers until cars come from the only land where it is cost effective to build them. Then expect artful, informative and entertaining reviews of the latest and greatest vehicles from SAIC, Great Wall, Dongfeng and others. Can't wait.

  • Fallout11 Fallout11 on Nov 20, 2008

    You guys may not have been around long enough to know it, but TTAC existed before the deathwatches ever started, and it will still be here long after the Detroit 2.3 cease operations.