More Panamera Pics Released

more panamera pics released

Might be growing on me. How scary. It’s still “sacrilege,” and overpriced, and I still think the 300 horsepower 3.6 liter V6 is inappropriate, and I’d still contend it weighs too much for a Porsche, whatever that’s supposed to be. Anyway, more pictures for your enjoyment.

Also, we now know that AWD will be optional on all models, that there are at least three engine options (the V6, a V8, and a turbocharged V8), and that a six speed stick or seven speed dual-clutch auto will be available.

And Lieberman is right, brown is the new black.

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  • Alex Kambas Alex Kambas on Nov 26, 2008

    So what is the Panamera? It's not a four dour coupe, a) because it actually has five doors (it's a hatchback) and b) because it is obviously not a coupe. Did I mention the doors with frames? What's up with that? What it really looks like is a squashed Cayenne and such a description can be hardly taken as a compliment. One could argue that apart from the 911 which is after all a 50 year old shape and some moments of clear thinking (928) Porsche designers cannot really put together a beatifull car (I would consider Boxster/Cayman too similar to the 911 to count as different designs). So who is Porsche now trying to compete with? The Cayenne took the brand opposite the likes of Land Rover, but the Panamera is unlike any other car. It's not a Quattroporte nor an S-Class. 911 purists will hate it as they did the Cayenne, so what kind of customer is Porsche addressing with this one? But that's the price you pay when you want to convert. Porsche actually calls itself nowdays a "premium car manufacturer" rather than the previous title of "sportscar specialist". So it's not only a matter of a "peculiar" car, such as the Panamera, but rather that of a peculiar brand. After all which other manufacturer sells 100.000 units a year but owns a group that sells almost 80 times that? Which begs the question: does Porsche really need the Panamera to succeed? They could cease production of their cars and still be hugely profitable on their share of VW. So who really cares what the Panamera does? If they don't, why whould we? Strange huh? That's Porsche.

  • Michael Ayoub Michael Ayoub on Nov 26, 2008

    300 horsepower 3.6 liter V6? Did I read that right?

  • Inside Looking Out Why EBFlex dominates this EV discussion? Just because he is a Ford expert?
  • Marky S. Very nice article and photos. I am a HUGE Edsel fan. I have always been fascinated with the "Charlie Brown of Cars." Allow me to make a minor correction to add here: the Pacer line was the second-from-bottom rung Edsel, not the entry-level trim. That would be the Edsel Ranger for 1958. It had the widest array of body styles. The Ranger 2-door sedan (with a "B-pillar", not a pillarless hardtop), was priced at $2,484. So, the Ranger and Pacer both used the smaller Ford body. The next two upscale Edsel's were based on the Mercury body, are were: Corsair, and, top-line Citation. Although the 1959 style is my fav. I would love a '58 Edsel Pacer 4-door hardtop sedan!
  • Lou_BC Stupid to kill the 6ft box in the crewcab. That's the most common Canyon/Colorado trim I see. That kills the utility of a small truck. The extended cab was a poor seller so that makes sense. GM should have kept the diesel. It's a decent engine that mates well with the 6 speed. Fuel economy is impressive.
  • Lou_BC High end EV's are selling well. Car companies are taking advantage of that fact. I see quite a few $100k pickups in my travels so why is that ok but $100k EV's are bad? The cynical side of me sees car companies tack on 8k premiums to EV's around the time we see governments up EV credits. Coincidence? No fooking way.
  • EBFlex "I'd add to that right now, demand is higher than supply, so basic business rules say to raise the price."Demand is very low. Supply is even lower. Saying that demand is outstripping supply without providing context is dishonest at best.